Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor episode 3

If you think Misaki’s return to the show is exciting, try watching this episode to get the full thrill. I literally screamed like a fangirl to learn that another familiar character comeback. Unfortunately, the exhilaration ends with the horrible BGM. Well, there were some good moments but most of it failed to sync to the mood of the scene. I know that I’m late for this review but put the blame on my local ISP. Now there’s episode 4 to catch soon. More after the jump.

Synopsis: Hei was trapped inside the force field created by the MIAC agents but the reaction to the meteor core (as what I would guess) broke the force field. Because of this, Suou’s look changed somewhat ghost-like (by ghost, I mean, observatory ghost like Yin). Then a familiar voice told her to run, which she did, bringing along Hei with her. The agents arrived as they escaped. Not wanting leave any witness alive, Shizume killed the unconscious November 11. Afterwards, the MIAC trio are resting in their hotel room as Shizume remunerates his power by getting moxibustion. Meanwhile, Hei regained consciousness and immediately had Suou bound and tied up. She began to question Hei for his actions and what had happened. Hei tried to not care at first but when Suou said that he won’t have a problem to kill his loved ones, he snapped and gave her a slap. At the break of dawn, Hei is taling to that voice earlier. By now, I was squealing “Mao” over and over again. Hei added that Mao’s ability allows his memory to be outside a body, thus retaining his life. When Hei asked him who he is working for now, he gave a vague answer of how he is still at his side as if giving the idea that they both are still working for the Syndicate. Nika, on the other hand, pursued Tanya and caught up with her. Though she told him that she got confused over what had happened and intends to be together, he did not know that Tanya was bluffing. Back to Hei, a phone call woke Suou up and Hei quickly made a lookout. She noticed a whale origami on top of a book, saying “I’m waiting”. She figured that the message is from Shion and giving a clue to meet at Ikebukuro, Tokyo, which is within the Hell’s Gate. Hei then proposed to bring her along to Japan. The phone call earlier was from Nika and checked with Tanya that Suou did not pick up the phone. Without his knowledge, Tanya received the order from the colonel that her cover is over after they have managed to triangulate Suou’s location from the call trace. Sure enough, the army stormed into the hideout but Hei and Suou managed to escape.

They both made their way to the train station and Hei tried to neutralize the security forces there without using his ability. Suou meanwhile ran into Tanya who demanded for Shion but Hei managed to make a move on her. Hei somehow tried to electrocute her but failed to use his ability. Immediately, Hei took Suou away and made a run for it. Hei braced himself for an arm-to-arm fight, realizing that he cannot use his ability, and told Mao to take care of Suou. And guess who Mao turned out to be. Pecha! That adorable squirrel is Mao. From a distance, the MIAC agents saw the commotion and decided to do something about it. Shizume drove a train for a head-on collision to the taxied cars at the station while Hazuki directly confronts the FSB troops. Hei escaped the crash but was cornered by Tanya. Suou stopped her but Nika who is injured, tried his luck to bring back Tanya. It was futile as Tanya made a killing move on him. The trauma of losing Nika and everything else that had happened awakened Suou as a contractor. A sniper rifle appeared out of her body and her sniping ability quickly subdued everyone there as guided by July who is nearby. She was about to shoot at Tanya but Hei stopped her. In just a snap, Hei, Suou, Mao and July walked away from the scene. Doesn’t quite makes sense to me. In Paris, Mr. Smith made another meeting with Madame Oreille who is an intelligence broker. In Japan, Misaki currently settles as a station police chief after being removed from the Foreign Affairs office. She was on the phone with Saito who is still working for the Foreign Affairs when she was approached by Kobayashi Gorou from the MIAC. He revealed the truth about Section 35, having the MIAC as their cover, and their objective to bring down the Syndicate. He added that BK201 is still alive and that they know where to find him, while offering Misaki a position in Section 35 despite being warned by Saito not to trust them. On a ship heading for Japan, Mao asked Hei about Yin. He could not tell him a straight answer but said that he wants to kill “that woman”. It was also revealed that Suou’s remuneration is folding paper cranes. Riiiight.

Thoughts: The opening scene already got me jumping with sheer joy. I thought the voice was awfully familiar. I mean, Suou got that dead-looking eyes as if she turned into a ghost, like Yin. So there, I thought, she’s turning into a ghost. Or maybe Yin took over her body. Then, that familiar male voice. It was Mao, as I thought then. So maybe, Mao took over her body. Then I recalled Mao can only snatch an animal’s body, not of a human. Still, I did not expect that Suou became a contractor, not until the end. But the real deal for this episode, to me, was that Pecha is actually Mao. Since episode 1, the production team teased us with that black cat and immediately, Mao comes into mind. More like, I wished that it was Mao. But indeed, he was. It was then he jumped into Pecha’s body and only to reveal himself in this episode. Cheeky fellow that Mao, or cat or squirrel, whichever he is. As for Suou being a contractor, it turns out that her and the sniper rifle in the OP sequence made a lot of sense already. The rifle is her ability though a weird one. It is almost as absurd as the short-lived Magician. The rifle just appeared out of her, out of nothing. But being a contractor just now, she is also one bad-ass sharp shooter. Call it a coincidence but I suspect that she got the power (or probably just borrow temporarily) only after Hei seemed to have lost his ability. It is as though his power got transferred to Suou. So what now for Hei? Hopefully, not as pathetic as he seems. You know, looking like a hobo doesn’t really help his case of being helpless. At the end of the episode, Hei mentioned that he intends to kill “that woman” (or girl, I hope not). Not quite sure who is he referring to but from what I can tell for now, he probably referred to his sister. I mean, not much is known about his sister. She is presumed dead but hey, anything can happen for DTB. Heck, even Mao was previously presumed dead.

I’m quite sure that many begin to think that the plot is getting more complicated, which is the real draw to this show IMO. Just to get this clear, the Syndicate still exists. That’s what Kobayashi from Section 35 said. So now, Section 35 is trying to eliminate the Syndicate and uses the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication as their front. In short, the ministry is Section 35. From what we know, Hei is no longer works for the Syndicate but instead, collaborates with the CIA. MI6 used to be dealing a lot with Hei, infamously known as The Black Reaper. Given that most of their contractor agents are dead and July siding for Hei, MI6 should be out of the picture at this point. This gives the CIA for their entrance opportunity. Already, we have Mr. Smith into the picture and as I’ve said earlier, Hei cooperating with the CIA. Apparently, even Section 35 is trying to get Hei, probably because he is linked to the Syndicate. The turn of events as of now rattles the FSB and now, even the Russians are involved. There’s no telling if Section 4 or Foreign Affairs (whom Misaki used to work for) is still involved but it is safe to say that they still keeping an eye on BK201, and so is the Meteorology Department. But oops! BK201 star is missing. So far, there is no word on PANDORA but I dare to say that Evening Primrose (formed by Amber) is totally out of the picture. Despite having many organisations or agencies involved in this matter, they all revolve around the Syndicate and Hei is at the centre. The only problem to this story now is that almost nothing is known about the Syndicate. Furthermore, the aftermath of the Tokyo explosion failed to solve any mystery surfaced from the conclusion of season 1. Hopefully, the writers will be clear on getting to the answers in this season.



1 Response to “Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor episode 3”

  1. 1 toink
    31 October 2009 at 3:07 pm

    I do hope that the writers would be able to clear everything up in this season (or not, somehow I want a third season). They seem to be throwing more enigmas here and there, my head is going crazy. All the more reason to watch DTB2, haha.

    The rifle Suou was using…it’s an anti-tank rifle, right? I found that scene very cool, with July mumbling instructions as to where she should point the gun.

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