Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor episode 4

I need to remind myself that DTB Gemini only has 12 episodes. Yet the story just getting better and better by the episode. More new characters introduced though it seems that DTB is going back to its usual niche of having several filler characters and to mention that they’re back in Tokyo. Not sure if the FSB are at their tail but I can see that all the main players are in the story. So Hei is trying to train Suou into a formidable contractor while Misaki is trying to edge closer to the truth behind BK201, Section 3 and the Syndicate. More after the jump.

Mrs. Holmes got it all wrong

Synopsis: Suou, Hei, Mao and July are making their way to Tokyo while Misaki is recruited and introduced to the rest of Section 3 members as Ichinose Yayoi. Their boss, Kobayashi, pointed out their objective to capture Hei and Suou whom they still think to be Shion. Afterwards, Misaki called Saito but was interrupted by Hazuki who told her that it was pointless get information outside Section 3 as they are the ones who receive any intelligence first before any other agencies in Japan. While at it, she forwardly revealed her feelings for Misaki though it was obvious Misaki rejected it. Meanwhile, Hei decided to train Suou into an agent in order to survive as a contractor. This means sharpening her sniping skill. Hei made it very tough for Suou, almost in an abusive way. With his alcohol addiction, he looks like a lousy drunken dad. Suou could not take it and pointed her rifle at Hei but he swiftly brought her down. Mao however reminded Hei that she is still a child. Taking a break, Suou, Mao and July went out to have lunch when they ran into Norio and his gang. It was love at first sight for Norio as he set his eyes on Suou. Later on, they proceeded to a love hotel where they will be staying. In the room, Suou queried a lot on Hei and the people he’s working for but Mao deflected by asking her why she did not run away. She revealed that she needs money to do that, which brought her to the point of eating an expired instant ramen in the fridge. Elsewhere, Misaki meets up with a hired information though he was not much of a help. Instead he told her to see Madame Oreille, a legendary informant.

Oh? Hazuki is into girls?

Smiling is not part of my programme

Sniping practice with Hei is tough

Norio and his not-so-important friends

Hei continued training Suou and this time, on hand-t0-hand combat. He noticed a flaw in her movement and pointed the flaw at her abdominal muscles. However Suou could not continue further as her stomach ached from eating the expired ramen earlier. Coincidentally, Norio and his gang noticed them from far. This gave the opportunity for Hei to test Suou’s skill and ordered to her to approach them. She managed to handle them at first but the gastric pain failed her. Luckily for her, a police patrol was heading their way and all of them made a run for it. While July aided Suou for an escape route, they eventually ran into Norio. She asked him to move away but he didn’t. This brought out the contractor side of her and used her ability to stop Norio. Somehow they made their way where they stumbled upon the transsexual whom they met earlier. She offered to help Suou on her gastric pain when suddenly, Norio stepped in. It turns out that Norio is the transsexual’s son. She then realized that the feeling she had from Norio is the same as from Nika, except that she did not have a feeling for Norio like she had for Nika. Mao rationalized that because she is now a contractor but she added that she became a lady as well. Back at the hotel, Hei was not happy that Suou used her power. Later that night, Suou told Hei frankly that she hates him but he ignored her. She however reminds herself that she needs to get back to Shion. Meanwhile, Misaki went to the now abandoned National Observatory where she meets Madame Oreille seems to know her real name despite her alias as Yayoi.

Not only Hei is an alcoholic hobo, he’s also into young girls

Suou’s first scum test

So that’s what Mao/Pecha is for

And the money shot of this episode

Gotta have tranny

Thoughts: This episode reveals a brief view of the aftermath of Tokyo Explosion, which is pretty much everything in shambles. It was also interesting to note that the writers are trying to bri us to experience of transforming into a contractor from Suou’s perspective. I find it more interesting to see how Suou retains some of her feelings, or from a contractor’s point of view, rationale objectives before she became a contractor. For example, she hates Hei very much and wants to see Shion again. Even Hei himself is quite a mystery because he’s probably the only contractor who does not remunerate for his ability. Well, it was previously believed that he eats a lot for his remuneration but it’s not. In fact, he no longer eats much unlike last time but drowned himself in booze instead, as Mao had pointed out. Perhaps Suou is not the usual contractor after all. Having retain her hatred towards Hei, she seemed to be able to cry as shown in the next episode preview. It is possible that the reason why Suou was able to have a contractor ability is because of the meteor core she’s wearing. Call it a coincidence but even Hei lost his power around the same time Suou discovered her contractor ability. I’m keeping my hopes up for DTB Gemini despite having the filler characters. Why shouldn’t it be? These characters actually interact closely to the main character, namely Suou. Only a few animes I’m been trying to follow religiously. Since Gundam 00, none kept me interested to get new episodes weekly, not even FMA. FMA Brotherhood is good but I’m following the manga, so I lost the thrill to watch the anime altogether. DTB Gemini restores my faith in anime but I hope it won’t turn out to have an illogical ending or a forced one, like Code Geass. From how the story progress, the logic is similar to JJ Abrams, which is not good because it’s only good at the beginning before falters badly at the end. But hey, there’s still 8 more episodes to go.



10 Responses to “Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor episode 4”

  1. 1 November 2009 at 9:19 pm

    It wasn’t the ramen that gave her stomache, crossdresser daddy gave her pads for her period and 2 pills for the pain.

  2. 1 November 2009 at 11:00 pm

    Ok, differential diagnosis. Stomach pain can be food poison from the expired ramen she took. But yeah, it could also be the periods. But she seemed to specify her tummy though while menstrual pain is mostly abdominal–below the stomach. Sorry, I’m playing Dr. House here.

  3. 2 November 2009 at 7:18 pm

    Hm, better run some blood tests just in case, could be inflammation of the intestines by bacteria from the food. Keep her on steroids, will help build up her muscles as well. Do a MRI of her abdominal just in case, Dr. James Wilson here.

    p.s. I’m up to episode 20 of season 1.

  4. 2 November 2009 at 7:33 pm

    Steroids? Risky. Possible liver damage since it’s an abdominal pain. MRI for liver cirrhosis and biopsy the liver in case of liver cancer.

    LOL! Love role-playing Dr. House here. And I warn you, I have some medical background. BTW, am at latest season already, season 6.

  5. 2 November 2009 at 8:41 pm

    woah, blood tests came back…she’s pregnant! Stop the biopsy! Looks like Hei screwed her life in more ways than one.

    I finished Prison Break at last and KIVing smallville, Heroes and flashforward until they finished a season, so I love watching House since it’s episodic and doesn’t have an overall plot…I have no medical background but I have many undergraduates training to be doctors…

    The only time I have now is to watch House MD on omniaHD while travelling to and fro from school…2 projects, 1 lab report datelines, 2 quiz coming up within these 2 weeks..final exams in 3 more weeks….”Somebody saveeeeeee meeeeeeee”

  6. 6 takertoe
    7 November 2009 at 11:54 pm

    i am really missing the “old” Hei … in this anime all he seems to be like is a guy who has given up on life (after something happened to Yin?!) and become a loyal dog, whereas before he had a really compassionate character-streak that really blended with the dark settings that surround contractors … in episode 5 they get my hopes up when he finally started to eat a bit again …

  7. 8 November 2009 at 2:30 pm

    @takertoe: You got that right. Hei is as good as dead and like you, I keep my hopes up after seeing him eating again. The fate of mankind lies on Hei’s appetite!

  8. 11 November 2009 at 1:29 pm

    I love Darker than Black. I’m a huge fan of Hei, and I’m glad he’s still a main part of the second season. It’s just sad he isn’t THE main part of the second season, but oh well. Still a good watch.

  9. 5 January 2011 at 6:09 pm

    now and then and I’m happy to report this recent statement is actually sort of good quality and quite more beneficial than 1 / 2 the various other worthless junk I read today

  10. 10 Jack
    3 September 2017 at 1:11 pm

    Hei is not into young girls

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