This is not a season preview, this is just a rant

Chartfags amazing chart came out the other day as I’m sure most of you know by now. My thoughts while looking at it were ‘quality over quantity’, which is totally the opposite approach to the current season. Instead of the usual sequel laden nonsense that often appears, we have a season full of original ideas and recognised talents taken the helm. And yet, as fucking usual, we get everyone saying ‘god this looks crap, all moe-fanservice rubbish’. Now there is nothing in anime fandom I hate more than oldfags complaining that everything was better back in the good old days. This proclaiming that the latest season is rubbish is just a tangent from this thought-process. This year will obviously be crap because it’s further away from those years when I was wearing rose-tinted specs. So now, for your convenience and viewing pleasure, I’m going to explain why this upcoming season is not a failure. I stress, this is not a season preview. That will come at the end of this month. This is an angry Irish otaku person who likes anime. Enjoy.

Durarara: Thankfully, this appears to be the one anime that people are actually admitting ‘might be worth checking out’. Thank you Chartfag for being a Baccano fan and including the little line about this being from the same creators. I might have burst several blood vessels in my body if people said that this was more moe crap.

Dance in the Vampire Bund: It has a crazy vampire loli and loads of blood in the preview picture. What’s not to like! It’s Shaft for fuck sake, they are rolling in money after Bakemonogatari and they’re doing a bloody action series, how the hell is this more moe rubbish.

SoRaNoWoTo: Leaving aside the ‘K-ON joins the military’ aspect, this is an anime original project. Do you realise how badly the anime industry needs these things to prevent the horrible sameness that so often occurs? This is the pilot project in a timeslot devoted entirely to anime original projects. You should be fucking praying for this to succeed. And if you happened to like K-ON, then what? Are you simply KyoAni fanboys and nothing by anyone else lives up to their standards, even if it actually has better animation and a message behind the story as well?

Hanamaru Kindergarten: I’m a bit confused by this too but come on, it’s Gainax trolling everyone by making an anime about little kids. They even went the full way and hired the director of FMA for this. And for gods sake, this is NOT moe. This is cute little 3 year old kids that you go awww when you look at them. Moe is cute that you make hundreds of japanese doujins out of. Big fucking difference there.

Nodame Cantabile Final: Oh for fucks sake, it’s Nodame fucking Cantabile, the single best romance series in existence, according to my totally biased views anyway, and yet I haven’t seen a single person even remotely excited about this series. What the hell, how can you not have watched all that mukya and a little bit of that Gyapo!?! Leave now and educate yourself. Actually don’t leave just yet. Let me rant at you for a bit longer. Then go educate yourself.

Katanagatari: Wonder why the name looks so similar to Bakemonogatari? Because it’s Nision, the same fucking author. You didn’t like Bakemono you say? Well you suck and have no taste, go read Death Note: Another Note. Hey guess what, that awesome book is written by the exact same guy! Guess what? This will also be awesome and you suck for not realising that. However now that you have realised it you have been saved. Hurrah for you. Now add it to your plan-to-watch list.

Seikon no Quasar: This is the one about breast milk. But guess what? This is actually a feminist anime. One symbol of female repression, childbirth and breast milk, combined with the sexualisation of the female body with breast culture, is flipped on its head when the male in fact relies on exactly these two things if he is to gain any power whatsoever. This story is about the triumph of women over men. Actually I have no idea what it’s about but that’s the point: You never know until you watch it.

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: This is another look at a taboo in human society, this time the culture class divide between academic brilliance and how people who perform better in school get a better lifestyle and one mans attempts to break this horrible culture and blatant destroying of human rights. Or it could just be a wacky comedy.

Hidimari Sketch sequel: One of Shaft’s most critically acclaimed anime. What, you haven’t watched it’s predecessor? Well…neither have I so I should probably just shut up…

Haruka of a Distant Time 3:……let’s skip this one.

Hidden God: By the creators of Higurashi and Umineko. Now I don’t care if you haven’t watched these, you should at least know the awesome reputation these anime have now. This isn’t more stupid moe crap, this is a subversion of that very genre. If you have dismissed this because it looks like more moe crap then you are a fucking idiot.

Kewpie: Yeah it’s a kids show. Kids have to watch something you know.

3 fanservice blobs: Yes, right down the bottom there you have your usual little batch of generic horrible fanservice rubbish. But that’s OK, that’s just for weird otaku to make doujins out of. There’s still at least 7 anime in there that are worth watching. And that’s for a winter season, one of the smaller seasons in the anime year. See? It doesn’t look quite so doom and gloom anymore does it.

Rant over. That was kind of fun actually. I should try ranting more often.


9 Responses to “This is not a season preview, this is just a rant”

  1. 1 dood
    3 November 2009 at 12:01 am

    I liked Bakemono but didn’t realized that “Katanagatari” was from the same author HALLELUJAH I have been saved ! *plans to watch* , Are SHAFT also doing it ?

  2. 3 November 2009 at 1:37 am

    It’s certainly too early to dismiss the entire season, but at least from my perspective the only thing that really stood out for attention was Durarara. Quasar, Katanagatari, and Vampire Bund could be something I’d like, but it’s hard to say at this point. All we can do is hope for the best and wait till first episodes are out to decide.

    I can understand why many people aren’t thrilled with the upcoming season though. And not just the whiners that complain about every season. There really isn’t much that stands out as very different or outstanding just by looking at the chart.

  3. 3 November 2009 at 2:09 am

    I agree with your basic thesis that anime are not going downhill. However, the problem with Katanagatari is that it is definitely not by Shinbou and Shaft. It is by the people who made School Days, Amenaideyo, and Akasaka. That means I expect it to be crap, even if NisiOisiN wrote the original.

  4. 3 November 2009 at 2:18 am

    Sorry to double post, but I’d also like to mention that Dance in the Vampire Bund, on the other hand, will definitely have lolimoe aspects, but will also definitely not be crap. The manga is basically good (drags a bit after a certain point), and Shinbou and Shaft are Shinbou and Shaft. The manga is perfect for Shinbou to animate.

  5. 3 November 2009 at 2:29 am

    It’s kind of strange since I don’t seem to be running into those people who are moaning and groaning about the moe issues that you mentioned. Guess I’m not hanging out in the right circles and I consider that to be a good thing 😡

    As to the content of the shows themselves, it’s looking like there’s a lot of solid offerings up for the Winter (odd, since Winter isn’t usually known for strong shows). The only thing I really have to add is that I hope Kasai gets back on the director’s chair for Nodame. Loved his work on the first season, but I thought that Chiaki Kon’s effort on the second season was merely passable. Here’s hoping for a good sendoff though!

  6. 6 kadian1364
    3 November 2009 at 3:27 am

    Gainax makes me O_o, but yeah, I’m not hearing the preseasonal whining either (maybe because we’ve not even halfway into this season) and I hardly care. The good anime: bad anime ratio is typically like this per season. Those are the lumps we take when we watch anime seasonally, instead of waiting to cherry pick only the best, most recommended titles, something we likely did when we first got into the medium.

    Winter has two sequels of shows I actually care about, and a bunch of stuff where I can’t immediately predict the content of the first four episodes, which are both good things. I find that even though Summer and Winter seasons have smaller lineups and usually lack the Big Draw titles everyone needs to see, the # of experimental and niche shows are the same. Typically, sequels, shounen, and fanservice stuff are safe bets, hence probably why the big seasons, Spring and Fall, are so loaded with them.

  7. 3 November 2009 at 4:22 am

    OK, I admit: there hasn’t been that many people complaining. However the first 4 places I went ALL said that this season was full of moe crap. That really grates on my nerves so I thought I’d nip that theory in the bud while I could.


    Nope, it’s by some nothing studio called White Fox. Bit of a shame that really, I’m surprised Shaft let that get through their hands


    Whut, you don’t like Nodame? I will say that I hope some more anime are announced soon though. Even though I’m defending it, there’s still a worryingly small amount of anime in there.


    But by the looks of the trailer, it looks like they’re not going down the fanservice road and taking a rather artsy approach, which I always like to see. Besides, fanservice studios can occasionally make a serious anime once in a while. For example, AIC normally do harems but have also done Now and Then, Here and There. Then there’s also ARMS, who make Queens Blade and Ikkitousen, suddenly taking up Elfen Lied. So I have a bit of faith in the source material.

    (what’s kind of sad is I knew both those facts without having to look them up…)


    While I agree that Kasai’s work on Nodame was better, I think the second director got it hard when he was restricted to Noitamina’s 11 episode run. Besides, for all the excellent work Kasai has done, the last anime he worked on is Miracle Train…


    I never considered that idea that more generic popular stuff gravitates towards the big seasons but thinking about it now…yeah, that’s actually true isn’t it. Plus the big studios like Bones, Madhouse, IG and Sunrise and so on usually wait til those seasons to bring out their stuff. Hopefully that means we finally get some mecha the season after next. Been hopelessly starved in that area recently.

    Yeah, that Gainax one is weird… I’ll leave that til the HUGE season preview. Actually, I should probably start working on that monster pretty soon

  8. 3 November 2009 at 4:33 am

    I can make those preview charts if I have the time. My problem is doing the preview itself -.-

  9. 3 November 2009 at 6:20 am

    @ Scamp

    I should like Nodame a lot more than I ended up feeling about it after the first season. It was a very good show, and I can’t really point to any problems with it, it just didn’t capture my attention as strongly as I thought it would. Because of that I ended up not watching the second season. I guess I felt that it deviated quite a bit from your normal rom-com and stood out from them due to its quality, but I also felt that it didn’t deviate from the norm enough, or reach the higher, more drama focused levels of something like Honey and Clover. It was different enough to leave the category of normal rom-coms behind, but it didn’t quite have the thrust to reach its destination of greatness, if that makes any sense.

    Or maybe I’ve been spoiled by Honey and Clover and watching it has set an unreasonably high bar for other series to clear in my mind.

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