Asura Cryin’ Season 2 Ep 6

Unfortunately, time has become a big factor in my study life now. And studying is about all I do for life these days so as you can see time becomes even shorter, *sob*. I’m ok though, in case any of you cared, (probably not). But with that, I would like all of you who read and follow my weekly review of Asura Cryin’ Season 2 to please leave me a comment letting me know that you follow. I don’t want to sound bossy and I don’t want to force anyone, but I’m just saying that if I get no manifestations then I will have to stop reviewing this anime.


"Mona Lisa" got NOTHIN on this chick!


And if there’s even one person, then I promise that I will keep giving my best reviews for Asura Cryin’. 🙂


So apparently Tomo and the gang are all talking about what happened the day before and then he gets a call from his brother, even though we just saw his grave. OK? “Get out of there now!”, Naotaka says. Then a biker-chick with a Picasso mask drives through the window and starts attacking Tomo. Why? Don’t ask me. They run away, Picasso Mask follows, and now they can’t use magic against her because she’s also immune. How? Don’t know. Finally they come to a dead end at a factory and meet up with our beloved Ice Phoenix lady, but unfortunately they discover that she’s trying to kill then too. But to our surprise, Asura Cryin’ comes out of nowhere and saves the day!

When Misao sees this Machina she immediately remembers who’s it is, and that it’s OK to follow it. And it better be OK, because if it wasn’t they’d be very screwed. And here it is! This is were I would like to put up a ‘red flag’. Did you all notice the awesome animation they do with the Asura Cryin’ in her flash-back? Why can’t they keep this quality all through out the whole episode, geez. I think it’s because I watched DTB right before I watched this episode and that kinda showed me the HUMONGOUS difference in animation with Seven Arcs and Bones. *sigh*

Oh well.
the Son? no... The father? no... the brother? no... Who the F*** is he then?!

Even though I’m actually relieved that we’re finally past the Naotaka thing, I still don’t quite understand what’s going on. But from what I understood is this: Naotaka is dead, and the dude who is impersonating him is actually Tomo from the first world. Let’s call this ‘Tomo from the first world’ Tomo1, ok? I think that’s easier. So, it seems that the 1st world where Tomo1 was living failed at the Black Hole test (as seen in previous episode, called “echos of the past”) and that 1st world is now dying. So Tomo1 used Hagane’s power and traveled to the past to save his dying world.

This is the part where I got confused. What does he mean he traveled to the past? Isn’t he from the 1st world, so that would mean he has to travel to the future to get to the 2nd world, no?


Anyways, I’ll try and explain the vital parts. It looks like Tomo1 had to overwrite the other Tomo existence since he was coming from another world. Why? I couldn’t figure that out. But it looks like Tomo1 couldn’t do that because once he got to the 2nd world normal Tomo was already dead because of a plane accident. And then we’re explained that Misao became a Doll to the Asura Machina to be able to save Tomo’s life. Some how Hagane has the power to do that to… Go figure.

So now we know that Tomo and Kurogane are spares just in case Tomo1 fails his mission. Wait, what mission? What else are you going to do. Oh Come ON! Am I slow, or does this show just leave you with more question every single episode? XD.

... Stop the SECOND mistake.

Notice what Ania says in the picture above. OK, wtf? Isn’t that phrase supposed to say, “Handler”? I think the subber is watching DTB more then he is Asura Cryin. Well, I guess there’s no need to blame there, I like them both, 🙂 .

Alright, everyone. My final thought are:
This episode was OK, but it lacked a LOT of animation quality though. The story progressed beautifully but left me a bit confused. Of course that’s not always a bad thing, because they could just answer those questions later. I give it a 7 out of 10.

LINK! LINK! LINK! pick the right one and you get to watch the episode, lol.





11 Responses to “Asura Cryin’ Season 2 Ep 6”

  1. 1 Irma
    10 November 2009 at 12:40 am

    Yay! Thanks you so much for blogging, I can’t find Asura Cryin Reviews anywhere, THANKS 🙂

    Btw super funny Mona Lisa comment LOL

  2. 3 kaza
    10 November 2009 at 8:03 am

    Wow, Great! You have no idea how good it is to read your comment. Like scamp said in a post some time ago, its like you commenters bring life to us and give us energy for the next post… lol. Really though…

    OK, its decided then. I will continue my weekly review of Asura Cryin Season 2!!! *deep down I’m glad too, :)*

  3. 4 Morshed
    11 November 2009 at 12:27 pm

    Good review. You were saying how you were confused regarding,What does he mean he traveled to the past. I think he means the past of the the second world which is the first world’s past but I am guessing in a different reality..soo yeah..keep doing your blogs, it’s hard to find second season asura cryin’ reviews I am glad you do review. Please do continue. Bye.

  4. 11 November 2009 at 7:50 pm

    Nice job on the episode.

    Actually Ania did have her terms right. Handlers refer to those to have Asura Machina. Contractors are those who have made well contracts with demons.

    When you think about his the plan of Tomo1 is a bit vague. We at the very least can predict his goals. #1 is to save Misao from his time from dying. Since generally saving the girl you like is a good goal to have. Along with her he probably wants to save his world. Something in this world must exist that will let him do that. Of course he doesn’t care enough about Tomo2 to tell him that.

    I think the overwriting thing is pretty straight forward. Coming from another time or dimension (whichever it is) makes you a foreign body in the world you end up in. You don’t belong there. So the only way to survive is replacing the one who does belong there which will make you accepted. Don’t get the specifics of how the ‘world’ judges this and causes those it rejects to start crystallizing but that’s the end result.

    I guess Tomo1 can’t come directly from the future. I mean if he died in a plane crash then he wouldn’t have lived to see the black hole experiment. He, Misao, and Kanade were all there and fine when it happened. So this has to be a different world than the one he came from.

    But anyways Tomo2 really isn’t that sharp. He seriously doesn’t get why Misao sacrificed herself to save him? Seriously? It’s all messed up anyways. Since Tomo2 is frustrated with himself and obviously Tomo1 shares that sentiment. After all if he had tried not dying then Tomo1 could have overwrote him.

    Great job on this.

  5. 6 kaza
    12 November 2009 at 1:58 am


    Oh, I see. I think I get it now, lol especially after I watched those scenes like fifty times after I posted this. You know, maybe I should find some time to look around some other blogs because I had no idea Asura Cryin S2 blogs were so scarce.

    Thanks! Keep Commenting, *thumbs up* 😉


    You know, I kinda new that thing about the contractors. But I had just completely forgoten, and since they made that mistake with Natsume’s name on the grave and I had just finished watching DTB S2 I guess I got caught off guard. THX

    Yea, the fact that Tomo1 is a little cold hearted towards Tomo2 is a little uncomfortable to me. You know, since they’re both the same why would they have completely different personalities? I don’t like that part, but like you said, saving Misao from the 1st world seems OK to me…

    The crystallizing thing is what got me a bit confused too. I get what happened to Christina, but why Tomo1, he’s not even a devil? Well, I guess he does have a contract with one. That just may be related.

    THANK YOU! I so agree with you there… I thought Tomo2 was going to be so much more… I don’t know… grateful, loving, ummm idk something that wouldn’t make him look so slow, lol. But then again, maybe he was just so surprised and wanted her to live, maybe in the next episode we’ll see that more clearly…

    Thx again, you keep it up too, 🙂

  6. 12 November 2009 at 10:21 pm


    Well the whole Tomo1 disliking Tomo2 makes sense to me. I mean they grew up in different ways. The first had Misao around and alive all the way up to the incident. Then he went back and had that failure and lived in the shadows away from those he cared about before assuming his brother’s name. Tomo2 has had different experiences that have shaped him. Besides there could be the simple resentment that Tomo2 has so much and so many that care about him and yet he is still unhappy. As if Tomo2 is so selfish to want even more happiness while the first one has lost everything. It seemed like back when he first arrived Tomo1 was pretty similar to Tomo2 in personality. I guess it can be blamed to the passage of time. We all get spiteful in our old age….or something.

    I’m guessing anything bad that happens is followed by that crystallization. They use it for everything. Misao in the other world, Kanade, Christina, and now Tomo1. Maybe it’s all similar or maybe they are just lazy in showing another way for them to fall apart….

    May not be covering each episode but will continue my own posting on the series. This is about the only other blog I could find that’s covering it too.

  7. 8 kaza
    13 November 2009 at 2:36 am

    Yea that does make since… But hey, maybe with time Tomo2 will change his personality. Or at least the way he looks at life. And I wouldn’t say that he’s selfish in wanting more love, I just think he didn’t want Misao to die because of him, and same thing with Kanade he doesn’t want her to use her power and die because of him.

    Yea… Arcs might be a little sensitive as to actually making a dying seen. If you haven’t noticed, there hasn’t been one spill of blood in this show… Not even in the plane accident. I guess there just wanting to keep it PG 13.

    Huh… I guess thats nice to know… I got to check yours out sometime…

  8. 13 November 2009 at 2:44 am

    Well I pretty much agree though Tomo1 would be biased in how he views the actions of Tomo2. It isn’t a bad thing to not want Misao’s soul used up or Kanade dying from overusing her abily. I just suppose that Tomo1 is frustrated that Tomo2 still has those people in his life at all. After all if he didn’t give Tomo2 (wow this gets silly to type) Kurogane then Misao would be gone. Though they are the same person it doesn’t seem like they can understand each other all that well.

    Suppose it really might be about the decision not to make death look bad. I mean Christina just vanishing like that was hardly messy. All the burial dolls are already inside the asura machina so no mess there.

  9. 10 kaza
    13 November 2009 at 6:21 am

    Haha… I can feel your sillyness… if that makes sense, lol.

    Geez! I’m trying to download the latest episode of AC-S2 off animetake but they dont have it yet. I thought they would since watchanimeon.com already does… and normally animetake has the download before watchanimeon has it to show.

    incase you don’t know these websites, these are what I use for streaming and downloads…

    • 17 July 2011 at 4:17 pm

      if u want to download the entire series both episodes just torrent it from thepiratebay. they have it in full 720p with english subs. thats what i did.
      anyway i really like ur reviews cuz its really hard to find anything on asura cryin at all and ur reviews are pretty comprehensive.
      keep up the great work 😉

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