Nyan Koi episode 6

Judging by the OP and ED I think we’ve finally been introduced to all of the main characters. And they’ve done that quite beautifully, if I may say so myself. In our last episode we were once again surprised by Junpei’s confrontational approach on Mizuno, and before scoring a nice kiss with her Kanoko went and jumped in the fun. Yet, before we said bye to episode 5 they decided to throw in a cute little twin-tailed loli, who BTW reminded me of Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari. I guess it was her spookiness, lol.


oh my....

OK, now as Scamp would say… “On to the episode at hand!”


In my last review I noticed how Nyan Koi might be taking a more supernatural route into the story, with twin-tail loli noticing a “black cat shadow” and all. Well, they were flat out strait about it, like Junpei said, and clearly said that she new magic and all that hubub. Even though I’m a little surprised I guess it would only be expected from an anime that had people hearing cats thoughts. But I must say, they were doing so well with the school-life and love-web plot that I just hope they don’t get too over the top with this supernatural thing.

I don’t think we would want this show to get as bad as Akikan… *shakes head*



Ok, serious now Kaza. Sorry, anyhow. So Junpei conquers yet another poor soul. But this time it’s a Buy-1-Get-1-Free Lolita sale! Twin-tails sold separately. Ok, maybe it was obvious that he was going to do that, especially after Nagi falling for him. But just like it was unexpected that Nagi would help him, I’m thinking more is going to come from these girls then just a weird schizo and her grumpy twin.



So after taking a break from the cats in the last episode, we jump right back into the ~nyan~ business and deal with a pair of love-struck fur balls. Take a grumpy Calico, a jealous Black cat, a kitty-sensitive boy, and you’ve got yourself a thunderstorm. Well, for Nyan Koi at least. Doesn’t Junpei remind you of He-Man calling forth his powers every time he bursts like this?… Ahh, Junpei. You never fail to make me laugh at your pea-sized patience.


Oh, I just laugh so much, how about another picture.

You know, I was actually wondering how Junpei would get out of this one…


Lick lick lic... Oh crap!

This wasn’t exactly the smartest thing to do right after you just scared the love-of-your-life half to death. But it still made me laugh insanely! But no matter how innocent he may be, you still get a wupen just for being who you are…

Round 1… START!


Kanoko starts off with an ARM LOCK!


OHHH... then the BALL BASHER from Nagi!



Get a beating and still make it out with a ruling of not-guilty… that’s not something you see very often. If you think about it, the fact that Junpei was able to explain himself is something that I would consider an “upside” to the show. Why? First off, is because most shows don’t let the guy have a chance to explain himself at all, which gets annoying after a while. And secondly, is because he was able to get even with not only Mizuno but also Kanoko and i think Nagi too. I’m not too sure about Nagi because she was too busy screaming “Pineapple!” of so much excitement over the two Lolis.

BTW, Nagi’s english accent is SO FUNNY! I still laughed like two days later after watching this episode. yu_phAfter I saw this scene I couldn’t help but study a little bit about our Nagi Ichinose, or Yu Kobayashi. Wow, I so did not expect her to have that voice… XD.






Unfortunately for us Nyan Koi lovers, I don’t think we will be enjoying this awesome show for as long as I thought we would. According to ANN’s Nyan Koi homepage, there will only be 12 episodes. How they know this… I don’t know, but they got the right contacts so it’s probably true.

*sobs and crawls under blankets and cries himself to sleep*

Hey Everyone! It’s me, Kaza. Here’s the link if you want to watch this episode





2 Responses to “Nyan Koi episode 6”

  1. 13 November 2009 at 4:02 pm

    Those shows like Nyan Koi! who are actually good ends up having less episode count than those who are just full of fanservice sh!t with not much plot at all (i.e.Queen’s Blade). I’d love it so much if this gets a second season; although that doesn’t happen a lot unless the production companies actually earn a lot from their shows. Oh you money-craved industry you!

    Oh lol, Yuu Kobayashi ends up voicing androgynous females almost all the time. XD

  2. 2 kaza
    13 November 2009 at 11:47 pm

    I know RIGHT! Unfortunately for people like us who like a GOOD show and not junk-filled wanna-be shows, Fan-service does *sob* produce more money now-a-days… That’s what keeps them going.

    *Grabs a picket sign*

    Go for second SEASON! Go for second SEASON!

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