Asura Cryin’ Season 2 Episode 7: Part 2

In case any of you were wondering why I decided to split this episode’s review in two, well I think all you have to do is watch the frickin episode. I wouldn’t be able to handle only dedicating a mere 5-10 pictured post to this 5-star rated episode. The animation quality, motion flow, real blood and not just crystallization, and I can’t forget to mention the merciless and ruthless people Tomo is up against.

Oh, by the way, I decided to just install VLC again and hope that it would fix my color problem. And it did. I do still wonder why it happened and I would like to prevent it, so your suggestions or explanations will still be cool. THX

So Tomoharu from the 1st world wanted to destroy the connection between the two worlds? What good would that do? Well, it doesn’t matter anyways because he wasn’t exactly given much time to explain himself. *Sniffles, throws away last box of tissues* 10 points for bad-ass animation on Hagane when he took out the phoenix like if it was just a chicken.

My goodness! When he’s just about to punish that ‘low down, good for nothin’ ice chick, Tomo1 goes and gets shot. What kind of cruel day is this? Just when we thought the day was saved, just when we thought we couldn’t lose anybody else, just when we thought that the enemies had no chance against Hagane, it was all ripped away. That’s one more person down and out. (when will it ever end!)

Tomoharu Nastume (1st world)- ELIMINATED

To think that Kagayaki and Toru had a beautiful reunion not too long ago and now are an alliance to destroy mankind makes me think… How ling did he plan on doing this? I truly did not expect him to be the perpetrator.

The studio didn’t do half bad making the older Kanade. After seeing their rather low-sided animation I admit that I thought they wouldn’t do this part right. Some shows might do it wrong and end up having someone that should look old look young. Anyways, to finish up there job, the ice chick cracks yet another bottle and kills Hagane.

Nope. No problems on my VLC, this time it really was Negative.

If you thought these people couldn’t get any worse, well, I have news for you. They did. They’re the REAL akumas if you ask me. I really didn’t want to see Shuri go, but unfortunately it seems that her guns got jammed and that only gave the ice chick a chance to kill her. What the heck!

*throws laptop out the window*
*pulls out the 25th laptop from his closet and continues writing*

Shuri Kurosaki- ELIMINATED

NO NEED FOR MORE BLOOD SHED??? I think your glasses are fogged because you DEFINITELY haven’t been seeing what just took place!!!

*Throws one more laptop out the window*
*pulls out one more*

Becoming a Handler means your injected with nanobots which enables you to control your machina, and when your machina is finished the nanobots inside your body transform to repel magic. Kagayaki wants to make the third world, and ultimately has become the Asura Cryin’. He then makes Toru his burial doll and is now inviting Tomo to join him.

I don’t know about you, but that’s not exactly a very inviting face if I may say so myself. After all that’s happened I wouldn’t be surprised if he killed Tomo as soon as they got there…

Oh well, let the fun begin!

Today’s forecast we’ll be having a slight chance of rain, low 60’s and high 80’s, along with some scattered thunderstorms around the evening. If you can see here on the map, it looks like around midday there will be a power-hungry ruthless nerd causing a horrible vortex which will suck up anything in its path.

So, that’s today’s weather. And as you can see we have a b-e-a-utiful day ahead of us, and there no need to bring an umbrella. This is Kaza, reporting for you daily… Have a nice week.

It’s amazing how much potential I see in Asura Cryin. I’m still amazed of how much effort they put into these animations. I know Scamp was commenting before that he really didn’t like those horrible CGI bugs in Letter Bee, and I got to say that I like these Asura Machinas better. Other people may differ though…

Even though I’m a rather logical thinker, I was still expecting the studio to come up with a way for Tomo to end up winning the battle. But no, that would have been too obvious and every other show already does that, so Seven Arcs does better. This time around, Tomo does end up losing his battle and Kurogane got sliced and diced with Hagane’s ridiculous power.

Tomoharu Nastume (2nd World)- ELIMINATED

If I ever have any questions about what’s going on in the story, all I have to do is go back and listen to what Nia has to say. Of course, now I’m going to have to be rough on the studio and tell them to stop being so dang obvious about the plot. I know that sometimes an explanation is required but sometimes you can try to pull off something like DTB and let the viewer think a little.

Lol, who am I to say something like that? I’m the one that stood clueless throughout half of the season already… *crawls back into hole*

Like I said before, instead of the studio doing the same old and letting Tomo win, this time around they both got screwed. So now, Hagane’s power backfired and has sucked them into the black hole and now we have no clue were they (Tomo, Kanade, and Nia-chan) will end up. Oh, and apparently Misao is still alive but we don’t exactly know where though. I wonder? Has Tomo lost his powers?

Here’s the link for yet another awesome episode of Asura Cryin’ season 2.

1 Response to “Asura Cryin’ Season 2 Episode 7: Part 2”

  1. 22 November 2009 at 11:32 am

    Wow things have just gone to hell. I mean Tomo1 gets owned during his monologue. Who kills someone during a monologue!? That’s just rude. Besides where does that leave Misao1 who was waiting in the first world? Now Tomo1 and Kanade1 were both owned. Plus Shuri got stabbed through the heart and then head stomped by an ice phoenix. No need for more bloodshed!? Why bother stopping after you’ve been slaughtering people left and right you cowardly nerd! Pretend to be a hostage and then shooting people….

    At least Tomo1’s plan was clear. He was going to destroy that device that caused the disaster in the first place. Sure it would mean no one could move between world’s anymore but it would end the threat. Instead he got killed because President Nerd wanted to use it to go back and be all happy with the girl he lost.

    Well Nia hasn’t gotten much action other than being a hostage so if she isn’t explaining what’s going on then she has no role. Don’t take that from her :).

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