I’m in your blog, talking about Honey and Clover

Using my l33t hacking skills, I have worked my way into THAT Anime Blog and started to deface their blog by rambling on about Honey and Clover. OK, not strictly true. I was invited by one of the authors to join him in a joint, ani-blogging project to discuss our alternate opinions on this widely praised Josei series. Though I’m a bit disappointed you can’t see some of the behind the scenes discussion what occurred while writing the post. Honey and Clover to PlantetES to Code Geass to the IRA to punk rock to Darfur to Kannagi and so on. I’ve turned off comments on this post in order to encourage you to go comment on the post in question over on THAT instead.

Some blog related news now. As you can see I’ve put up that pretty little picture to signify that I am the author of this post and don’t you forget it. The picture quality is a bit shitty because I used MS Paint but I’ll get myself a better one soon so we should be implementing this system from now on. We started doing this thanks to a suggestion over on the ‘critique us please’ post. Now I know I probably scared a hell of a lot of people off with my big ramble in that post and in retrospect it was a bad idea and I should’ve made a separate post for that. But please don’t be afraid to provide anything that might improve the blog.

In other blog related news, the big Winter season preview should be out in the next 48 hours and by god is it huge!


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