Nyan Koi episode 7

In the last episode we noticed that the danger of Junpei really turning into a cat was much larger then he expected. I’m actually wondering if they’re really going to turn him into a cat or not. Yet, this time I think Junpei has finally got a fast pace going after a little help from a cat he brought with him to his class trip in Kyoto. Yay, they made an episode on my favorite Japanese place. Oh, and we can’t forget the special appearance of a look-a-like Naruto dude. As Brian would say, “more after the jump.”














I think it’s time that I post the poll “which girl will Junpei end up with” again. But, anyways, does anyone remember the commenter who said, “I find your lack of Chizuru a bit disturbing. Yes, she only had two lines in this episode, but they were good ones.” I only have one thing to say… What? Seriously, I’m not even sure what I would call her type of character. You know, she just appears out of nowhere just to make a couple funny scenes. Don’t get me wrong, I love the scenes she’s in, but comon, it’s like her scenes are the Comedy version of Fanservice. Ok, Nyan Koi is now responsible for the creation of Comservice, XD.


Fanservice is when the studio throws in useless scenes that contain nudity just to attract viewers.

Nayn Koi has these really funny, yet still useless, scenes with Chizuru in it, and hence, that’s why I now call it Comservice (Com-comedy).

Before he escaped from his house, Junpei was halted by the Calico (I forgot his name again) as was asked to make a delivery to Kyoto. Just as mail-girl said, I would think its strange if my friend’s bag just went ~nyan~ …

After I saw this scene I swear that I herd all the girls in Japan, who watch this show, say, “Kawai!!!” Maybe it’s just my imagination, but I have to admit that this was probably the cutest kitty I’ve seen all season long. Cute little voice too…

*Kaza is feeling a little feminine now, thus he grows a beard, moves to the woods, and hopes to become a “rugged man” *

*he then realizes there’s no hope*

Oh, well… lol

Although some people might think that granting a hundred wishes to cats is not so bad, I’d have to say that I only agree half way. Why? Well, this episode, more specifically these scenes show us. I would be fine granting those wishes when all I got to do is school and maybe some other things, but dear mercy of the cat jizou, I would hate it if I had to tend to a bunch of annoying cats while I’m trying to hit it up with cute Mizuno. Ugh! Yes, in every anime, and especially these harems, there will always be something to tick you off. And folks, as Junpei would say, it’s the “germs”.

The torture of the never ending wish-granting has ended and now Junpei has dinner with the rest of the gang. This scene, by far, is my favorite scene of this whole episode. With Junpei going googly-eyes over Mizuno as she leans over the table to see if he’s alright, Kanoko on the other side is uttering the funniest phrase I’ve herd in a while, “How are you going to put out my flames? Huh?!” I couldn’t have asked for something funnier.

There! Can you see it, can you see it?! … No, I’m not talking about Junpei. Instead, I’m talking about these fresh new jokes that look like they were fished out of the river of imagination yesterday. Do you get what I mean? If only shows would stop playing the same old jokes every darn episode. Yea, Nyan Koi did the “girl falling from tree on guy” thing, and they also did the “Peeping on girls in bath”, and they even did the “three-way love triangle”, but anybody who really loves quality comedy can tell that Nyan Koi definitely has put there own touch to these very well known jokes.

Instead of a helpless girl sitting on top of a guy after she fell from the tree, it was Air Head Mizuno karate chopping Junpei half to death in an attempt to wake him up. Instead of an idiot boy who gets caught peeking because he made to much noise, it was Junpei going boogie boarding all the way inside the girls hot spring. How’s that for strait forward? Oh, and instead of the boring old love triangle where it seems like nobody moves forward in life, its a killer Mafia boss (Nagi) who’s in love with a boy (Junpei) who likes an airhead (Mizuno) and she has a dangerous friend (Kanoko) who also likes the same boy as she does. Wait a minute, that’s not a triangle… more like a square… sorry, XD.

I’m really taking a liking to Kanoko the more I see her becoming more courageous and taking chances to try and admit what she feels. Even if she ends in pure failure, it’s all the more funny to watch. Yet, I still wonder if she will admit her love to Junpei, or Mizuno first. Or will she go behind someones back and play dirty… nah! Never mind.

Look! It’s Naruto… Not only can those skilled fighters kill with wind, fire, or water, but they can also take sunprints. What the hell is a sunprint anyway?

As seen in previous episodes, Nagi Ichinose first wanted to make Junpei her husband no matter what. Which would have been bad news for grampy-chan and that would mean bud news for Junpei too. Then after a short, but powerful, rejection Nagi decided to help Junpei conquer his love, Mizuno. It looked like it was going well, at least until this episode though. It seems now that Nagi was so amazed by the coincidence of meeting them here in Kyoto that she believes that they were meant to be. Unfortunately for Junpei though, he’ll have to deal with the deadly grand-pa version of 007. Interesting how the tables have turned. I wonder how this will turn out.

Does anyone remember watching that old cartoon called “Tom and Jerry”? Well, the design of the cats in this scene REALLY reminded me of those cartoons back in the day. OK, maybe not Tom & Jerry, but there are some other Disney movies and some other ones that the cats look exactly the same. Anyways, I love the style. 10 points!

Here we are at the end of the episode and all I see is the Love “square” getting more complex each episode that goes by. In the anime called Suzuka (which is my #1 anime, and #2 being Eden of the East) they ended the series with the main character being a friend to the “other girl”, which in Nyan Koi’s case would be Kanoko, and he ended up dating the girl he loved all along, which would be our Mizuno. Yes, there have been many animes that have ended in such manner, but I have only seen 2 shows that have done it beautifully. Suzuka being one, and there is another show that I forgot the name… It’s the one where he stays talking with the girl on a pay phone like most of the episode, and then the “other girl” sits behind a door while he tells her that he will never leave her and will always protect her, and in the end he’s with the girl he had always loved…Yea not too sure of the name. Was it Ef~ A Tale of Memories? Nah, don’t think so…

OK, here’s the links you’ve always wanted! Episode 7 Nyan Koi

BTW, let me know if you guys actually use these links anyways…


2 Responses to “Nyan Koi episode 7”

  1. 1 EurydiceQ
    25 November 2009 at 4:57 pm

    I believe you might be thinking of Aristocats with the cartoon kitties…awesomely underrated Disney movie from my childhood.

  2. 2 kaza
    26 November 2009 at 9:47 am

    YEA! … that’s the one. I loved the character design they had for the cats, because it just gave them so much emotion…

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