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Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor episode 7

If there is anything this episode had proved to us is that a contractor does not need to use his or her ability to kill. Hei can do it, and so can Suou. The biggest surprise of this episode is definitely the fact that Dr. Pavlichenko is still alive and he has Shion with him. Slowly, the bigger picture to the whole plot is being revealed as all sides are now in Japan for pursue a common goal. This episode is also one of the good ones from this season. This review is going to be long. So please bear with me. More after the jump.

“This tea tastes funny. Oh wait, there’s a moon inside my drink.”

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Hetalia Axis Powers episode 44 (a bit earlier than usual for some reason)

Hetalia usually comes out on a Monday and the gg usually sub the thing Tuesday or Wednesday. However this week the episode randomly appeared on Friday, way before it was meant to be released. Why? I’ve seen people say it’s because the mobile phone download always comes earlier and someone uploaded it onto nico (the Japanese version of youtube, although most of them use the Japanese language youtube anyway so I dunno why nico still runs…). That doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense though. If this has always been the case then why did it take until episode 44 for this to happen? Why would gg decide to sub this version at episode 44? My guess behind this is that it was accidentally leaked. Similar to what happened to funimation with One Piece, they just didn’t handle their security properly. Either that or someone on the other side made quite the blunder. Heads are rolling back in Japan over this mistake. All very strange stuff it must be said.

Might as well review the episode since it’s out.

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I’m in your blog, talking about Honey and Clover

Using my l33t hacking skills, I have worked my way into THAT Anime Blog and started to deface their blog by rambling on about Honey and Clover. OK, not strictly true. I was invited by one of the authors to join him in a joint, ani-blogging project to discuss our alternate opinions on this widely praised Josei series. Though I’m a bit disappointed you can’t see some of the behind the scenes discussion what occurred while writing the post. Honey and Clover to PlantetES to Code Geass to the IRA to punk rock to Darfur to Kannagi and so on. I’ve turned off comments on this post in order to encourage you to go comment on the post in question over on THAT instead.

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Kobato episode 5 and 6

Double review this week. First on Kobato and next, DTB. I have yet to watch DTB though I have the episode already. So, no spoilers please. On Kobato this time, the major plot begins to surface and it going to be about Sayaka-sensei. Knowing Kobato well, we are expected to see her intervene. On an unrelated note, Bokutachi no BLOG is the featured WordPress blog for “Darker than BLACK”, “Hetalia”, “Nyan Koi”, and “Letter Bee” tags. DTB is always a strong point for this blog and now, Hetalia adds up to it. More after the jump.

Can’t read a book? FAIL! Can’t read a picture book for kids? EPIC FAIL!

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Anime Festival Asia 2009

The event which all otakus wannabes would hanker to go….not only because of the goodies…but the stars present at the concert….but guess what? I’m not there!! Guess I’m not full fledge otaku just a fan like most anime watchers are. Why does my unversity final examinations clash with both AFA 2009 AND Sitex 2009 =( DAMN …the school or the organisers? Har.

In any case, for those wish to know/read more, I guess I will just link up all the blog posts on AFA 2009:

Banzai Effect Day 1 Cosplay  by inferno0748
Bmecha at AFA 09 Day 1 contributions
AFA Day 1 by Dannychoo

I weep as I read missing all these stuff….2 more years of this…I can’t stand this.


Asura Cryin’ Season 2 Episode 7: Part 2

In case any of you were wondering why I decided to split this episode’s review in two, well I think all you have to do is watch the frickin episode. I wouldn’t be able to handle only dedicating a mere 5-10 pictured post to this 5-star rated episode. The animation quality, motion flow, real blood and not just crystallization, and I can’t forget to mention the merciless and ruthless people Tomo is up against.

Oh, by the way, I decided to just install VLC again and hope that it would fix my color problem. And it did. I do still wonder why it happened and I would like to prevent it, so your suggestions or explanations will still be cool. THX

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Asura Cryin’ Season 2 Episode 7: Part 1

When I download my episodes I watch them with VLC media player. And not too recently ago, I discovered that I could take snapshots of my videos. So after I’ve been doing for a while now, finally forming a steady pace, it seems like the snapshot thing is acting weird. For some reason when I take a snap and I look at the photo in my pictures folder it comes out in very strange color. I don’t know what you might call it, but I know it’s not the Negative effect… It’s more like false color or something to that sort. Whatever was red becomes blue and vice-versa.


Well, even though it looks weird, I’ll just have to cope with it for now. I must post this episode before I get any later… XD

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