Nyan Koi episode 8

Yes indeed, you herd, they herd it, all of AIC herd it, and By-golly all of Japan herd it. What no one wanted to admit, yet knew in their heart that it was true, has now been proven guilty by our very own Comservice leader, Chizuru. Which by the way, I now have a very profound respect for her now. 🙂

I really have to say that I hated this cat. I had no idea they would make the cats do so many humanly things that normally cats won’t do. Then again, taking girls’ bras is more like a guy-ish thing to do. But anyways. Lets not get ahead of ourselves here. This time Junpei has to deal with a cat that’s just too unfit (I didn’t want to be rude and say fat) to catch a sparrow and now is asking Junpei to give him a major shape-up. OK, now put on your Mr.T cap on and let’s get training!

So with an early morning workout, or with any fitness related thing for that matter, comes our very own (extremely spontaneous) Nagi Ichinose. If you asking yourself why I haven’t forgotten that name yet, well it’s because her grandpa is just so damn hilarious and he doesn’t stop repeating her frikken name. Oh, grandpa-chan, you’re so =dangerous= funny. Without any hesitation Junpei accepts the challenge proposed by Nagi and is ready to cross the finish line with Mizuno. Which bty, she’s much stronger then any of us thought she was.

Oh the sweet taste of vic- The never ending pain doesn’t want to stop now, huh? Even though the scenes of Junpei killing himself to try and keep up with Mizuno were meant to be funny, I couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down my face. *sob* Why you ask? Well, watching them in the track yard running and playing just got me to remember that old classic “Suzuka”. Oh, how wonderful the show was… So anyways, I can’t say it was a bad thing, but Kanoko didn’t have much of an appearance in this episode due to a bad case of Unfit-otitis. I’m sure we’ll see plenty of her in the next.

All the guys watching this show up until this point have now thought to themselves, “What! No way! Really?” And, I’m not sure, but all the girls might have been clueless of why Junpei suddenly jumped off her back. If you girls are thinking, “Well, it’s because they were touching, and Junpei gets nervous when they touch.” well, you only got half right. The more experienced people will know why this took place. So go ahead and ask them, cause I don’t feel like explaining it…

This situation would have gotten much hotter (if you get what I mean) if it weren’t for that darn cellphone. See ladies? That’s why one of the top 10 rules for dating is not to bring your cellphone! Ugh. lol, I still love you all, XD.

Despite the fact that she had no real role in this episode, they had to do something useful with Kanoko. And what better way to sue her then with some monster Fanservice action. Truly, with her body and those D cups, this was to be expected at least somewhere in this show, right?

You know, when I think of this moment the only thing I’m glad about is the fact that he didn’t say something like, “Here you go. I washed and ironed your bra.” Uh, yea, now you get me. Although, I’m surprised Nagi or Kanoko didn’t show up at that same moment. Yet, that assumption didn’t go unaccomplished. They did in fact brutalize him.

Somewhere, in this small world, there is a boy (or maybe even a girl) that decided to follow Junpeis example to try and become a successful womanizer themselves. Well, my Junpei-slaves, sorry but as you can see, you won’t go very far with that.

What has this world come to. Wait, what the hell is she talking about, isn’t she the ass-freak that supposedly told Junpei to go and BANG those two lolitas earlier?

How about a pic to better explain this… voyeurism
Yea, you could call it that… hehehe, “just kidding” huh?

Oh, getting more bold here now, are we? I have a feeling the show is going to be progressing much faster after this episode. Good thing there’s no more room for one more girl in the story… *bites nails* Oh, here’s the poll I promised.

In case any of you were clueless as to what these feather ment, (which by the way I was too at first) those are actually sparrow feathers. Fat kitty Arnold Schuarts-a-kitty finally caught them.

Here’s the long awaited link!


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