Asura Cryin’ Season 2 Episode 11

– Spiral-

So when Brian asked me to “try out” for the Team, I ended up using Asura Cryin’ 10.  Now as I write Asura Cryin’ 11, I marvel at the week that’s gone by on this forum.  So many people have welcomed me and many more have read my posts on Sora no Otoshimono, Fairy Tail, Kampfer, and this series, Asura Cryin’.  I  want to thank the team for welcoming with open virtual arm – thank you and I promise to get only better and better as each episode comes out.  And my second thanks goes to the readers of Bokutachi no Blog – you guys are the best and are the reason why people like me want to write for blogs.  Thanks, and without any further ado – Asura Cryin’ Season 2 Episode 11.

So the episodes starts in the night when Tomoharu lays down Takatsuki in what seems to be the epic battle location of the final battle in the Second World (you know, the one where Tohru ends up betraying them all, and Kaola turns out to be an Asura Cryin’).  He’s with Misao and older Nia.  Suddenly, he collapses as well and… we got to the epic OP [Alternative by angela].  Good morning, good morning, good moooooorning to you, and you, and you, and you!  Tomoharu wakes up to Takatsuki bringing in breakfast in a cute little apron.  As Tomoharu and Takatsuki share an intimate moment, Misao pops up and does what she always does – ruin the mood.

“I always wanted an owl as a daughter.”  – LOL

Tomoharu remembers everything that happened and begins to wonder what to do – the main goal is to stop Tokiya from destabilizing the world in order to travel a newly created Third World.  It turns out they have 10 days until the showdown when the hole, where they will fight Tokiya again.  Oh yeah, did we forget that Tomoharu is now an Asura Cryin’ as well since he made a Demon’s contract with Takatsuki?  It turns out they have a Daughter (the creature, mind you, not the human one) and it’s an owl named Persephone, after the Greek Goddess of Spring.

“What shall we do to him now?  Heh heh heh heh”

We switch scenes to the bad guys, with Tohru as a Burial Doll floating like Misao.  Tokiya is resting on a weird platform as a result of the battle.  Hiwako is just… staring at the body… like the sadist she is.   Tohru reveals that she feels at peace since she doesn’t have to worry, since “Tokiya will take care of everything”.

So now we established the two opposing teams: (Demon – Asura Cryin – Asura Machina)

Hiwako – Tokiya – Tohru

Takatsuki – Tomoharu – Misao

So when Tomoharu goes back to school, they end up having an emergency student council meeting – Tomoharu becomes the Third Student Council President, since Tohru’s gone AWOL and Shuri is… dead… just kiddin, she’s just critically injured.  President Natsume FTW.

They end up visiting everyone in the hospital.  Rikka is now blind in one eye,  but she says that Tomoharu will save the world anyways, so she’s not worried.  Tomoharu decides what he has to do…

Yes, that is actually someone’s Divine Sin symbol 😉

…BEFORE WE SUDDENLY go to the back guys, where Tokiya is using three Asura Cryin’s for some experiment.  He shouts that it’s a success and that they will go to their utopia, before they end up disappearing – turns out it’s some kind of virtual reality.

Tokiya: “Come, I will show you how it’s supposed to be.”

Hiwako: “But it hurt last time…”

Takatsuki reveals that they have an open-air bath, so the moment becomes a bit awkward as Tomoharu tries to confess something to her (he just ends up stuttering her name a lot), but he finally says that he likes her and that he will be with her forever.  Their lips go closer and closer, before…

we got to Misao smiling.  (Yes, we can assume that they kissed).  Ooh-la-la, we finally got what we wanted ever since this series started six months ago.  I love the abrupt changes in scene because it makes my writing so much more entertaining.

“Sup dawg, I love it when TV creators change scenes right on the good parts, don’t you?

Tokiya is so badass – with the help of Hagane and three other Asura Cryin’, he’s trying to preemptively open the vortex.  With some kickass music playing in the background as the vortex gets bigger… and bigger…. and BIGGER… AND BIGGER. Wait, I thought he couldn’t open it until 10 days… oh well.  The black hole starts to go out of control until the good guys see it, and the epic battle is about to begin.

Personally, I enjoyed this episode since it really recaps everything as they go back to their world.  It’s sad to see the people that we once loved on the enemy’s side, and the people who were so kickass now physically challenged.  But we know that Tomoharu will kick Tokiya’s ass in Episode 12: Despair at the Diverging Past and Casualty –> who comes up with these titles anyway?  I get a bad feeling that although Tomoharu will win, some other people will die.  Misao seems to be a favorite, but Takatsuki has the same amount of chance as her.  At least we know Tohru won’t die – if you read the manga, she becomes the first person to [WARNING – Spoiler] become human again after being a Burial Doll.  Maybe that won’t happen, but Tohru is personally my favorite character (you can tell I liked the scene where she was in the bath with Tomoharu).  For you fan-service fans out there, don’t try looking that scene up – it’s not.  😉

Preview: Episode 12


1 Response to “Asura Cryin’ Season 2 Episode 11”

  1. 1 kaza
    12 December 2009 at 3:12 am

    Hahaha… Great job man. I thoroughly enjoyed your review. I like the mix you put into it, like synopsis along with your oppinions…

    I think Kanade is my fav character… I thought she looked SOO cute when she was tellin Tomo about there daughter… XD!

    But hey! You completely forgot to mention the fact that Misao said “Don’t worry, in the end I know Tomo will come back to me.” right before that big vortex explosion. WTF, personally, I think the situation is just fine the way it is…

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