Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor episode 10

We are down to 2 more episodes and it is getting more exciting as it is. Turns out the revelation revealed in the previous episode, about Suou being dead 12 years ago, is a key point to the whole plot for this season, which leads to this very important fact: Shion has the ability to replicate an object. This fact alone probably answers a whole lot of questions that we have in for this season and I have several theories of my own. Scroll to the bottom of the page for my thoughts of the episode. But first, the episode synopsis.

“I promise I won’t bite, Mom.”

Synopsis: Section 3 continues their effort to search for BK201, even to the point of using the doll system. And yet, they could not get to him. Now, Suou’s mother, Asako who just broke the news of the real Suou’s death to Suou (stay with me, it’s getting confusing from here on) is still in shock to see Suou who babbling to her of a memory she have at the aquarium. In disbelief, Suou ran away with July (Mao got stuck inside the car). Trying to get a grip of the truth, Suou plans to go to the aquarium at Ikekuburo. One of Section 3’s ghosts caught Suou and July but July told the ghost to keep it a secret. Apparently, the doll twins with Madame Oreille had the commanding power. The next morning, Misaki found Suou and July sleeping next to a vending machine where she picked them up afterwards. She brought them to the aquarium, which is already been shut down 13 years ago, even before Suou was allegedly died. Mao is with Asako and recalled meeting her before, back when he still had his human body. Yes, we get to see Mao’s original human appearance. At the same time, Misaki arrived at her apartment door. Asako suspected Misaki to be with the Syndicate but when Misaki said that she is going to expose the Syndicate, Asako agreed to reveal everything she knew to her. 12 years ago in a university in Moscow, Mao had a hired job to infiltrate Pavlichenko’s lab and noticed Asako and her twin children inside when suddenly, the campus was attacked. Suou perished in that explosion while Mao lost his body. Asako tried to look for Suou but instead, found his husband using the ME machine on Suou’s body. He intended to revive Suou back to an eternal life but Mao who got furious, attacked Pavlichenko and Asako used that opportunity to escape with Suou’s body.

In this episode, we found out that Misaki is a fast eater. Here is #1.

Watch closely, it’s going fast. This is #2.

At #3 and the bun is almost finished.

Ta-da! All gone by the bite #4.

Hei interrogated Yoko whom he kidnapped earlier. She rambled on how Izanami and Izanagi should not meet each other to prevent a huge disaster. Then she talked nonsense about how the old lady (I suppose it is the same old lady from the Observatory) predicted the futures with different courses of consequences, and then about the Mikata documents. She also mentioned that Izanami has the ability to kill contractors and unintentionally slipped out Izanami’s location. Hei got what he wanted and left her behind when Madame Oreille who waiting for him outside, revealed the truth behind the shooting incident that killed Tanya. She then questioned him how Section 3 will treat Yoko now that she leaked an information to him. Back to Asako, she suspected the Suou she met today was a copy created from Shion’s ability. Upon hearing this, Suou who was listening nearby ran away. Misaki caught up to her and assured her safety if she stays with her. Suddenly, Hei appeared and attacked Misaki. Not the reunion Misaki had in mind but Suou assured Hei that Misaki intends no harm to them. So they walked away. Section 3 found Yoko’s location who by now is already dead. There is no telling who killed Yoko (points at Section 3) but Hazuki is holding her grudge against BK201. Shion and his father are at an aquarium and revealed that he implanted a fake memory of their family at the aquarium. Afterwards, Suou told Hei that she is a copy. She is confused about her true self after finding out that she is only a copy and wanted Hei to call out her name, like he did before. Hei came up with an answer that he only knows Suou as who she is right now. She cried in bewilderment and saying that despite Hei is being a terrible person to her but in the end, she wants to be with him. Mao pointed out that she is very emotional for a contractor and wondered if it has anything to do with her being a copy and that she is incomplete. But Hei said that ultimately, none of them understand anything about being a contractor in the first place. As they both look out to the night sky above(and along with many others on the street at that moment), they were surprised to see an orange-tinted moon. Within the Hell’s Gate, an unknown being emerges. One thing for certain, one part of the Mikata document is playing out.

Mao, in human flesh.

A visit to the dentist is always scary.

But not as scary as a mad scientist.

Mad scientist stopped by a horny cat.

Thoughts: So many things to talk about and not wanting to end up with nonsense gibberish, I’ll point out my facts and theories one by one. First is about Suou. Without a doubt, the Suou we came to know this season is actually a replicate of the original Suou (chibi Suou) who died 12 years ago. Died from an explosion at the university where Pavlichenko is working, not at the meteor crash site as I suspected last time. To put things in a chronological order, the original Suou and Shion were there during the meteor crash where Shion became a contractor. Later on, Suou died during the attack at the university campus. Only then, a copy of Suou was created by Shion. As a remuneration, Shion had to sit down. The wheelchair is only to allow him to move around. During the replication process, Shion faked a memory of a family day out at the aquarium, which made Asako entirely convinced that the Suou she met at the present day is a copy. Here’s my thought. I am not sure how Shion does his replication but it is likely that he had to create it based on the object he intends to replicate. Suou’s body was cremated but he had to replicate her body from something. In this case, I believe he created Suou’s copy from himself. What I’m trying to say is Shion used his body as a base to produce Suou’s copy. This certainly explains why Suou has a contractor ability despite that she was never a contractor in the first place. Moreover, Suou’s ability is to replicate a sniper rifle, just like how Shion can replicate a rifle himself. I am not sure if Suou’s ability is only limited to replicate a rifle or that she has the potential to replicate more than just rifles. However, it is possible that she is an incomplete contractor simply because she is a copy. And a copy based on Shion while at it. Or at least, that is how I see it.

We now know Hazuki is into girls and dead bodies.

Hei is showing his gentle side. Aww…

To the point that brings Suou to tears. Hei’s that good!

Seriously, how Hei gets comfortable with talking to animals?

Second, the unknown being appeared within the walls of the Hell’s Gate, as how the Mikata documents foretold. At this point, the obvious question asked is how did this person appeared, considering that Izanami and Izanagi never met. Izanami is locked up in a secure location while the purported Izanagi have his own personal agendas. What if, and it is just my theory, that this new character is the Izanagi. Izanami is indeed Yin since she has the ability to kill contractors. Shion could only replicate and the scariest thing he can commit is to replicate Izanami, hence to create an army of contractor killers. The latter is possible but would that be lame? But if the Izanagi and Izanami mythology plays out, then the Izanagi and Izanami designation makes sense. Izanagi, or Shion, is supposed to have the ability to create, which in this case, to replicate. Izanami has the ability to destroy of which Yin has the ability to kill contractors. The new character whom I believe a contractor is an interesting key event to the story. From this whole Shion and Suou mess, it is kind of sad to see that Hei falls into the background of the story although he played a significant role to the story last time. Worse still, Hei lost his contractor ability. Third, the doll twins who are working for Madame Oreille. Not much was revealed about these two but what I am certain about it that they have the ability to control all the dolls in the world, thus the ability to observe everywhere in the world and even influence Section 3’s doll system. This brings to my fourth point. Madame Oreille is not from the Syndicate. I guess many of you come up with that already. But from the event in this episode, I am convinced that the Syndicate is responsible for the appearance of Heaven’s Gate and Hell’s Gate, and also the emergence of contractors. What is their final objective? That is something we all unsure of. But their grand scheme is something large and likely a huge threat to mankind.

“Mom! Dad! Look! It’s a bird.”

“No, I think it’s a plane!”

“Nope, it’s Super… wait, just the moon turned orange in the polluted sky of Tokyo.”

Inuyasha decided to go for fluorescent blue for his new hairdo.

Fifth is not something theoretical in mind. Just pointing out a fact. This episode answered another big question we had from previous season: what really happened to Mao? We saw Mao original appearance and we saw how he lost his human body. Didn’t matter. I prefer to see him in Pecha’s adorable body anyway. Sixth, what is ME? Memory extractor, that is my answer. In this episode, Pavlichenko intended to use ME to transfer Suou’s consciousness to a new body created by Shion to bring Suou back from the dead. ME’s ability was already demonstrated in several episodes in the past; one of which the Russians used ME to extract information from Pavlichenko’s copy but found out that it was only a day old. Now, I’ve gotten confused because apparently, Shion too has the ability to manipulate the memories of the replicates he created. Either way, I am still convinced that ME is indeed memory extractor. 6 points, there’s all to it. Even so, all six sounds gibberish to me. Any additional thoughts to add? Do leave a comment.



7 Responses to “Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor episode 10”

  1. 1 kaza
    15 December 2009 at 12:28 am

    OK… I have a very important question… at least to me it is…

    Why was did that girl, the one that Hei took at the airport, look like she had been slaughtered to death. I refuse to believe that it was Hei… PLEASE TELL ME IT WASN”T HEI!!

  2. 15 December 2009 at 1:56 am

    Meh! I doubt that it’s Hei’s doing. Most likely suspect is Section 3.

  3. 3 kaza
    15 December 2009 at 4:30 am

    Dang… I wonder how that will play out. Especially with Hazuki wanting his head now…oh boy. Dude, I know this show has barely anything to do with romance, but I would love to see some intimate interaction between Hei and Misaki. I mean, at least something to get this “her secret love for Hei” thing moving forward… Ugh, XD

  4. 4 blindability
    15 December 2009 at 11:33 am

    I really appreciate your reviews and esp your Thoughts, Boss, because there’s so much of Darker Than Black that gets lost on me or little things that I don’t really pick up. I love that you point them out and even make your own speculations/predictions.

    I thought it was nice for the writers to show us Mao before he’d lost his body. I remember wondering what had happened in the first season and while it’s not a huge shock or anything, it’s nice to know.

    Only two episodes left!

  5. 5 Poro
    15 December 2009 at 1:59 pm

    DTB needs a larger episode count or at least another season but good anime’s don’t leave too many loose ends to tie up. The DTB universe has way to much stuff to be covered and explained sort of like the original Fullmetal Alchemist series. DTB really needs to wrap things up FAST.

    • 15 December 2009 at 9:41 pm

      @Poro: Actually, the original FMA was messy and the ending seemed forceful due to the fact that the manga was not finished. Right now, it seems that the FMA manga is about to end and I do hope that it will because FMA Brotherhood is strictly based on the manga. When it comes to cover all the loose ends, FMA is solid. DTB is an original anime production. So, there is no telling of the story’s direction. For sure, Aniplex can bank in more profits by keeping these mysteries alive. I mean, fans are still hooked to the series and is gathering more momentum by each season. But yeah, I do hope that the writers can hint for a clear conclusion, or at least, provide more answers rather than to raise more questions.

  6. 7 kaza
    15 December 2009 at 11:32 pm

    Well… doesn’t it depend on how many seasons more they’re shotting for?

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