Nyan Koi! episode 11

I’m late, I know; I’m sorry. I’ve had a busy week thus far which included spending over an hour in the cold shoveling snow and chipping inch-thick-ice off the driveway. But enough of my misery and on with the review. Besides, Junpei’s misery is much more entertaining.

So it wasn’t that someone else had knocked over Jizou-sama’s statue, but that Kirishima Keizou, the priest, had accidentally caused it to fall over again, revealing to the public (specifically his *ahem* pay-as-you-go-lady-friend) that the statue was in fact broken. Keizou then approaches the faithful patrons to help fund the costs of repairing the statue but it’s apparently very expensive. Junpei then decides to be a man and gets a part-time job to help pay for the repairs. Unfortunately, he works with this one:

Surely this is sexual harassment.

While out on his route delivering letters, Junpei runs into Kanako who’s also gotten a part-time job working at a cake shop. After they run into each other a second time (this time Junpei’s delivering mail in her building), she demands that he accompany her to a movie that she’d won tickets to see (“10 Promises Between Me and My Cat” or so that’s what the subs say). It’s odd to see Junpei and Kanako so awkward together when they’re alone. It almost makes me think that if Kanako just spoke up about her feelings, Junpei might actually consider her. Anyway, they meet early and proceed to go on a pseudo-date that includes shopping, afternoon tea, harassing some geese in a pond, and of course, the movie.

I just knew that cat-doll that Kanako had made him as a child would resurface! And now I see what all those people who cheer for the Junpei and Kanako coupling see: They’re quite cute together; Junpei is also quite at ease with her, isn’t he? (And did we all notice that he was holding Kanako’s purse for her?) Years of friendship have certainly made them comfortable around each other; however, it’s also those same years of friendship that makes Junpei not really see Kanako as an eligible candidate for a girlfriend. That and he probably just hasn’t thought about it before. It reminds me of this quote I’d once heard that was said about Betty Cooper from the Archie Comics (I’m sorry if no one reads Archie Comics): “The good girl never gets the guy even though you always hope that she will.” In the same way, Kanako’s very deserving of being rewarded a relationship with Junpei, but as things look – especially considering how he sees her – it probably won’t happen. It doesn’t mean we won’t keep rooting for her – and by “we” I don’t mean “me” since I’m more of a Junpei and Kaede fan, haha. Moving on…

At the beginning of the episode, it was hinted to that Junpei’s curse is progressing. For all those watchers who’d counted all the cats Junpei’s helped thus far and averaged them out over the approximate weeks with the change of the seasons throughout the series, you’ll probably know that it’s not 100 yet. And that’s why Junpei is now turning into a cat. I didn’t know cats can’t tolerate hot things though; sweet things I know they’re not particularly interested in (except my cat who eats anything and everything – except salad), and that chocolate is poisonous to them, and that they can’t actually tolerate milk, but hot? Whatever. Not being able to eat hot things is the least of Junpei’s worries after he sprouts cat ears. Does anyone remember the scene in “The Cat Returns” when Haru turns into a cat? That’s what I thought of when Junpei first noticed his ears in the bathroom. So, with two sets of ears (one set being cat ears at that), does Junpei have better hearing?

Preview: In the next and final episode, Kaede grows more suspicious of Junpei’s actions while Junpei himself has to deal with the progression of his curse. Can he survive being allergic to himself?

No news on what happens after Episode Twelve but then again, maybe I’m looking in the wrong places. If anyone knows differently, please let me know!

6 Responses to “Nyan Koi! episode 11”

  1. 1 Karry
    17 December 2009 at 11:27 am

    “they can’t actually tolerate milk”
    Whut ?

  2. 2 Poro
    17 December 2009 at 11:34 am

    O_O seriously they can’t take milk!!! I know that milk has estrogen in it and stuff (yes estrogen) but can that really kill the cat.

  3. 3 blindability
    17 December 2009 at 10:36 pm

    Cats are lactose intolerant. It won’t kill them but they might poo everywhere and have other digestive problems.

    I didn’t know there was estrogen in milk!

  4. 4 Poro
    17 December 2009 at 11:19 pm

    Apparently according to my health class there is!

  5. 18 December 2009 at 3:53 am

    The most recent episodes have certainly made me join the Kana camp, and now she’s finally a viable rival (though we all know who is ‘supposed to win’.) There seriously needs to be another season of this or something, all that one episode is going to do is allow for an ambiguous non-ending.

    The cats and hot foods thing is a saying/figment of speech in Japanese. If you don’t like hot drinks or foods then you have ‘cat’s tongue’, I’m guessing from the way that cats drink in small sips by lapping with their tongue, keeping their tongue from having a lot of constant contact with the food. I had never heard it before I went to Japan but several people used the phrase in conversations.

    “For all those watchers who’d counted all the cats Junpei’s helped thus far and averaged them out over the approximate weeks with the change of the seasons throughout the series” No, I think that’s just you 😛

  6. 6 blindability
    18 December 2009 at 2:41 pm

    Ah: Thanks for the insight, Ex.O. I’d obviously never heard of the whole cats and hot things before so it makes sense that it’s cultural.

    I wish I had a formula worked out for the approximate number of cats Junpei’s helped on average but alas, I suck at math. I just said that (“averaged them out over the approximate weeks with the change of the seasons throughout the series”) to sound smarter, haha.

    Or so I’d hoped, at least…

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