Kobato episode 7 and 8

I’m not quite sure what I’m getting myself into but I do know it involves a brainless klutz and a talking toy. Kobato became interesting around episode 6 with the appearance of several characters from Ioryogi’s past. In fact, Kohaku who is a being similar to Kobato should be playing a bigger role in the story, or at least, as Kobato’s mentor. Yet, the writers dragged the story further to some mindless shit of these two episodes. What you should know is that these two are my least favourite, which is too bad considering when the anime actually pacing up well previously. More of my relentless rant after the jump but not before the synopses, of course.

“Please continue to watch my show. I’ll do a makeover on the nursery if I have to.”

Episode 7 synopsis: This episode fails beyond comprehension. So, what you need to know are these. Fujimoto was doing some paint job when Kobato decided to help but her clumsiness annoyed Fujimoto and as always, he scolded her. Truth be told, he’s better off to work alone and better still, not letting Kobato to do anything. At all. After done painting, Fujimoto left the nursery to the university where he is currently studying. He accidentally dropped his assignment papers at the nursery. Fortunately, Kobato found this and decided to give it back to him at the campus. Surely, someone like Kobato does not fit perfectly into the university scene but eventually, she found Fujimoto who was talking to his colleague. Kobato approached them but Fujimoto had already left. Instead, she got along with his colleague, Takashi Domoto. He promised to help Kobato to find Fujimoto and pass him the assignment paper. As she gets to know him, she made a stark comparison between Fujimoto and Domoto. Fujimoto tends to be short-tempered and strict towards others while Domoto who is more easygoing and helpful. However, Domoto knows Fujimoto always have his reasons whenever he is angry and added that if himself being helpful is entirely a good thing. Meanwhile, the Yomogi Nursery had an unexpected visit from Chitose and her twin daughters, Chiho and Chise. While at it, Chitose offered Sayaka her help with the troubled loans she is facing.

Ioryogi almost blew his cover. Meh! He could shrug it off as a talking plushie.

Enter Takashi Domoto, the ever-helpful nice guy. He’s a catch, ladies!

Be terrified with Chi’s juxtapose attack.

Back in the university, Kobato and Domoto finally found Fujimoto in a lecture hall. She was furious at Fujimoto who is very mean toward others though she did return the assignment paper back to him. She stormed outside, still feeling angry at Fujimoto. Domoto tried to offer his words of consolation to her, saying that he cannot talk to Fujimoto, and others for that matter, the way Kobato did earlier. She thought she was being rude but instead, he assured that she said the right thing. Now, it is Domoto who needs consoling. He feels bad how he is always being helpful and too much at it without considering the consequences. Unlike Fujimoto who know how to say no, Domoto always find himself in a helpless position for trying to be nice to everyone. Somehow brilliantly, Kobato said that there is nothing wrong to be kind and helpful because it is the right thing to do. He took Kobato’s word of advice and felt better about himself. Kobato returned to her apartment and found that she earned another konpeitto from her consoling effort for Domoto. The next day, Fujimoto thanked Kobato hesitantly for returning his assignment paper and the residents in the nursery know that he tried his best to offer his gratitude to her sincerely.

Even nice guys face tough times.

Fujimoto being nice to Kobato? This is rare.

Episode 8 synopsis: Episode 8 is just as uninteresting as episode 7 though slightly better. Not even the Chi twins can save the show. This episode is pretty much about an abandoned white kitten. Kobato found the kitty and decided to bring the cat home with her. Pets are no different than babies. When they’re hungry, they get loud. So, Kobato went to Chiho and Chise to get food to feed the cat. The twins are more than excited to the sight of the kitten and immediately got a plate of milk for the kitty, which was then named Milk by the twins. However, the twins are well aware of the apartment policy for not allowing animals inside the building. And so, they are off for the quest for finding a new owner for Milk. Kobato brought the cat to the nursery to ask the residents for an adoption. The kids were definitely excited to see the kitten but it turns out that once of the children is allergic to cats. This brought Fujimoto to a harsh criticism against Kobato, saying that she is being thoughtless and irresponsible while pretending to care for the cat but in the end, abandoning the cat just like the owner did. Kobato took his words hard and realized that bringing Milk to the nursery as a mistake. However, Sayaka consoled her and added that Fujimoto thinks of himself like the cat. She also decided to help Kobato to find Milk a new owner. Later that evening, the Chi twins went to see Sayaka for the same favour Kobato asked but was rejected. Finally, the twins with Kobato went around the town to find a new home for Milk. Even Domoto offered to help Kobato though he advised her not to knock on strangers’ doors next time.

Please do not feed the animal.

Otherwise, it will just go for your breast milk.

Ioryogi on the other hand, do not have breast milk.

After a relentless search until the night, the three failed to find anyone willing to take in the kitten. Even when Milk got hungry, they could not afford buy the cat some food. Sayaka who is concerned about them, called Chitose and told her about the cat. By chance, an old lady came by the apartment. Eventually, the twins and Kobato came across the old lady in front of the apartment. The old lady was the same grandmother with the crying baby from the first episode. She told them that a pizza deliveryman asked her to come over and take the cat. Kobato suspected that the man was Fujimoto. The old lady added that she is willing to take care of Milk and later, brought the cat home. Afterwards, Kobato went to see the twins to return the plate she borrowed earlier. She found them on the roof. The twins were worried for Milk but Kobato assured them that Milk is in good hands, recalling her previous encounter with the old lady. She then sang to Chiho and Chise the same song she sang for the baby as the song soothe them and brought them to sleep. Later, Kobato went to Fujimoto’s room and thanked him for his help. She then asked him to lend his mobile phone to call Domoto and informed that the kitten had found a new owner. She returned to her room and found a couple of konpeito added inside her magical flask. It was earned from her assurance to the twins for the kitten’s well being.

This is the second time Ioryogi nearly got caught from his cover.

“Ah! A perfect fit for the plate. Looks like we have dinner tonight.”

Kobato’s encore performance.

Thoughts: If I have to put a word to describe myself about these two episode, it has to be “disappointed”. I never put a high expectation in this anime to begin with. I decided to watch (and review) Kobato in a nonchalant attitude but I can’t help myself to feel a bit optimistic of the story’s progression that was building up well from several previous episode. Suddenly, it all went downhill from episode 7. I wouldn’t say these two are filler episodes as well. I mean, we are getting a new character introduced on a recurring basis and a hint of character development on Fujimoto’s side. I can’t exactly tell how the writers intend to deliver in these episodes. What is certain, however, the writers are gaining momentum of a possible chemistry between Kobato and Fujimoto as a mutual understanding begins to develop. The real deal of the story is indeed the relationship of these two, beside Kobato’s real intention to descend to Earth and Ioryogi’s background story. I am still keeping my hopes up in Kobato. CLAMP’s typical storyline tends to falter somewhere in between before picking up pace towards the end. I just hope that the ending is less anti-climatic like Chobits, or cliché as Tsubasa Chronicle. Truth be told, unlike Fullmetal Alchemist, I never follow the manga for Kobato and I surely can’t predict what will happen next.

Episode 7 screencaps:

Episode 8 screencaps:

4 Responses to “Kobato episode 7 and 8”

  1. 19 December 2009 at 5:08 am

    I liked Episode 8 because I like cats, but after these two episodes, I’ve been wary of watching more, especially after how much I liked the episode about the fireflies. At least she’s still collecting candy I suppose…

  2. 2 Befuni
    27 March 2010 at 7:47 pm

    I lve the bittersweet episode 18 and 19 for that matter. Kobato. had really cute and funny episodes starting at the beginning but i realized the romance in those aforementioned episodes. Poor Domoto he’s such a sweet guy (Ioryogi-san calls him an ‘ikkemen’)~

  3. 3 June 2015 at 11:22 pm

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