Asura Cryin Season 2 episode 12

And yet again we’re back to another exciting episode of the drama-filled, fanservice-given, action-packed, battle saga of Asura Cryin!  *fanfare*

Just kidding, and if you’re wondering why I didn’t upload this episode as quickly as I usually is because

1) It wasn’t that good.

2) I had a cold.

3) I had to play in -15 degree Celsius weather a game of football (soccer), where I ended up scoring 2 goals for a 4-4 draw but ended up screwed up my penalty kick that would’ve won us the game.

4) School’s on winter break so my friends and I partied last night. ;D

But enough about me, let’s take a look at arguably one of the most useless episodes of Asura Cryin’.


“I really believe we should stop it… after we have 14 minutes of conversation on it.”

So with random flashbacks before the OP sequence performed by Angela [Alternative], our heroes find themselves simply looking at the black hole (I’m sorry, it’s called a “central vortex”).  Rather than immediately going to help save the world, they simply comment on how it looks, how they can see it, and the magic it possesses.   For ______’s (insert creative religious figure here) sake, just go and stop the damn vortex and beat the living crap out of Koala… but not the Tohru, because she’s my favorite character… despite the fact that she’s so bad-ass.   Actually before I start going off on a tangent why Tohru is the hottest character in the series, I’m just sticking to the series.  So with random flashbacks before the OP sequence performed by Angela [Alternative], our heroes find themselves simply… oh sorry, I’m so nervous whenever I’m around Tohru… I didn’t mean to really repeat any of this… NOT.

“I thought WE were your girlfriends.”

So after Tomoharu goes and talks to Shuri about love, the world, saving people, and the whatnot to have another epiphany of the world, they finally open their own vortex follow Koala and his minions.  Turns out that the Third World isn’t all that great either, so Koala and Hiwako decide to create their “own” world, even if it means destroying the First, Second, and Third World.  Okay, so Aki ends up dying in the Third World too.  No need to lose your head, good sir.  So Tomoharu ends up saying “The future doesn’t come to fools who abandon the past” which basically sums up the purpose of this episode.  The Asura Machinas clash and… yep, that takes the entire 23 minutes of the episode.

BTW, she does give him some tongue in this episode.  =P

Yes, the episode was over.  So in all aspects, this episode was dull.  Either way because episode 12 was so boring or the fact it ended with a fight, I’m hyped up for episode 13.  We should aspect all 26 episodes of Asura Cryin to come back and recapitulate on everything that’s happened in the series, but what will happen in the end?  Answer: the good guys win, the bad guys lose, then they have an epilogue scene where everything is normal, and to spice up the humor they will add some fanservice.  Tomoharu will end up looking at the sky thinking how grateful he is for having such friends.  Remember after you watch episode 13, you heard it from here first.

With that being said, I really hope I’m wrong in my predictions ;D

Preview episode 13 [final]

‘nough shown – now you definitely want to watch the final episode now, right?


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