Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor episode 11

The episode began with a murderous rampage by an unknown being whose appearance resembles similarly to a ghost. What is more terrifying is that this person kills contractors, an ability attributed to Izanami. This stark similarity goes further when it seemed that this person is able to manipulate contractors’ abilities against themselves and kill them. At this point, I am confused to label this new character as “the unknown being” mentioned in the Mitaka documents or as “Izanami”. While this is happening, Hei is taking things easy as he was preparing pelmeni for breakfast. More after the jump.

I’ve been wanting to do after seeing this particular shot of Mao in this episode.

Synopsis: After breakfast, Hei told Suou and the rest that they will be going separate ways as he has his own problem to deal with. Speaking of going separate ways, Kobayashi decided to have himself and Hazuki handling Izanami while Misaki and Genma are assigned to find Pavlichenko. Misaki quoted the Mitaka document, emphasing the possible calamity that befalls when Izanami and Izanagi are to meet each other. Kobayashi then added to the quote, in reference to the precursor leading to the prophesied disaster:

The sign shall be a rising crescent moon that never sinks. When it becomes full, Izanami will reach her final month of pregnancy.

While a massive contractor genocide is occurring within the walls of Hell’s Gate…

Hei is taking it easy and preparing breakfast while at it. WTF?!

Misaki: Actually, I’m a dude.
Kobayashi: WTHZOMFGWTF?!

The truth behind the Siberian incident: Suou was a layer duplicate of Shion on this photoshopped picture.

He also added that the events are already at the late stages. He firmly stated that the interpretation of these events had to be kept discreet as it will only lead to chaos, such as the Heaven’s War several years ago. Because the awakening of Izanami was inevitable, keeping her from meeting Izanagi is the only way of which killing Izanagi will be for the best. Meanwhile, Suou, Mao and July made their way to Ikekuburo where the aquarium from her memory is. In this abandoned aquarium, Pavlichenko showed up to them. He explained himself to have survived after leaving a copy of himself, which reminded her of being a copy herself. He assured Suou is not a copy but instead, in a way, was brought back to life. He then explained what truly happened during the meteor crash in Siberia. While the memory was the truth, what really happened though was Shion did not became a contractor since that day. He was already a contractor since birth. And it was during this incident when Shion created Suou, which a copy unlike anything he created before. What Pavlichenko did was to use the ME to replace Suou’s original memory up until her death at age five. He also told her that the memory of her family at the aquarium is a present from Shion to her but Suou knows it is something more than that. At this time, Section 3 and their armed squad are closing to Pavlichenko’s location at Ikekuburo. Genma explained that the dolls are integrated by their own network system, adding that the ME system created by Pavlichenko works the same way. He also suspected that Suou (whom he still believed to be Shion) is currently with Pavlichenko. Meanwhile, Madame Oreille began to make her move.

“Hey, mom! I got a cameo scene in DTB as this unknown guy with headphones inside an APC.”

“Wanna see my hairy thigh? You can touch it if you like.”

Pavlichenko did not agree with Genma’s obscene gesture.

I’m pretty sure that Madame Oreille suited up for the wrong show. This is still DTB, right?

Who wouldn’t be worried when an adolescent girl is holding an anti-tank rifle?

Genma finally caught up to Suou and Pavlichenko who are on their way to evacuate the location. It was only then Genma realized that the Shion he was going after is actually Suou. Pavlichenko helped them escape using his gun. As they are escaping, a contractor made a surprise attack on them and this injured Pavlichenko. Madame Oreille, clad in a weird futuristic space suit, arrived to the scene and using a prototype weapon, she took down a contractor (similar to the effect when Hei lost his power). Suou meanwhile took his father to safety as Genma in his rock armour suit is looking for them. Suou decided to fight him back. Her sniper rifle is strong enough to damage Genma’s armour but was not enough to stop him. Suou is down and Genma used that chance to recover the damage on his body armour. She tried to reach out for her rifle but was lifted by Genma. What she actually did was to grab some sand in her palm and aim to Genma’s face, which irritated his eyes. Suou then aimed her rifle to his head, hoping that his body armour will not kill him. After taking the shot, Genma was knocked out cold. She quickly returned to her father who now lost a lot of blood and slowly slipping away. In his dying moments, Pavlichenko assured his daughter that she is the real Suou in his eyes. After Suou, Mao and July fled the scene, Genma arrived with the rest of the squad and was about to destroy Pavlichenko’s body when John Smith of the CIA stopped him. At the laboratory Yoko told Hei where Izanami is supposed, Hei found that Yin had been moved elsewhere. Suddenly Hazuki ambushed him. Meanwhile, Suou, Mao and July are inside a tunnel leading up to the Hell’s Gate, the same tunnel where Hei, Mao and Yin used to reach inside the Hell’s Gate. They finally made their way to meet up Madame Oreille with her twin dolls and Misaki when Mao realized that Suou is missing. The twins then said Suou and Shion’s feelings are connected and in Hell’s Gate, any wish will be granted but with a price to pay.

“I am Iron Man! Made of rock.”

Dead or not, I have no attachment to this character.

This time, Pavlichenko really died. Not a copy (I hope).

Call me a bluff but this is the first time I’m seeing a frightened look on Hei’s face.

Mao’s mistaken identity seems to be the central issue in this episode. BTW, momonga is Japanese for flying squirrel.

Thoughts: IMHO, the writers failed to create enough momentum to bring a good build-up leading toward the season finale. Nothing significant in this episode, partly because the huge twist was revealed a couple episodes ago and more was explained during the events in the past episodes. In fact, the first half of the episode felt more like a filler with Hei seemingly preparing his last meal (obviously not) of pelmeni and Misaki breaking the ice of her knowledge about the Mikata documents. Even Kobayashi’s additional quote was only complementary to the quote cited by Misaki. However, I am curious about the part of Izanami entering her final month of pregnancy. It is apparent that the pregency refers to the birth of this “unknown being” and I can’t tell for sure if this being is actually the unknown person who is killing the contractors during the opening scene. The only major detail revealed in this episode was the truth behind the meteor crash incident in Siberia. So, Shion is already a contractor since birth. Not much of a surprise there. But the fact that Suou was created at that moment? It might be a significant fact but I simply could not pinpoint the relevance of this to the story as a whole. Because of the lack of the build-up that I had expected for, I can’t seem to feel excited about the upcoming final episode of DTB Gemini of the Meteor. I wonder if I am the only one who is feeling this way. Nevertheless, the finale is due this week and I can’t wait to see what the writers had prepared for us. Hopefully, something mind-blowing.



9 Responses to “Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor episode 11”

  1. 21 December 2009 at 12:49 am

    I agree that this episode is a little slow. The big revelation should have been in this one to build up the tension before the finale airs. At this point, I really wish that more info about the syndicate would be explored.
    BTW, what’s up with Mrs’ Oriell’s red dress? looks silly.

  2. 2 Super Noodles
    21 December 2009 at 5:14 am

    I have to admit I kept checking this blog to see if you’d posted on it yet. I like getting commentary by other people on animes I watch. Kinda like how I read DarkMirage while watching Gundam 00 (har har).

    But yeah good plot summary and sadly I agree about the skepticism for this season finale. Sucks that a lot is still unexplained, and I hope some ends do get tied up. =|

  3. 3 Poro
    21 December 2009 at 11:25 am

    I know it’s a little late to say but isn’t Tabayashi a bit like Golgo 13.

  4. 4 Poro
    21 December 2009 at 11:25 am

    Mai bad Kobayashi

  5. 21 December 2009 at 12:52 pm

    @Canne: Seriously, I have no idea. It’s like watching a crossover episode of DTB with Macross or some other space-age futuristic anime.

    @Super Noodles: I certainly hope that DTB returns for a third season.

    @Poro: Now that you’ve said, you’re right!

  6. 24 December 2009 at 1:00 am

    this episode felt strange, almost like the next one isn’t going to be the finale.
    the 4 additional episodes, to be released on DVD, are going to take place after this season’s finale? Or are they happening in between the 2 seasons?

    • 24 December 2009 at 2:41 pm

      @Darknives: Unfortunately, the OVA is for the time gap between season 1 and 2. I look at it this way: the unresolved finale, which is very likely, may suggest another season of DTB.

  7. 8 Super Noodles
    30 December 2009 at 8:24 am

    Oh my goodness write about the finale please.

  8. 9 blindability
    30 December 2009 at 10:58 am

    Please wait, Super Noodles; it’s coming!

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