Kämpfer episode 12 [final]

In a galaxy long ago far far away, an anime blogger by the name of SPIRAL predicted a fan-service episode rather than a final episode that followed the plot in the anime Kämpfer.  Needless to say, he was right.

That being said, if you don’t watch episode 12, you’re really not missing anything much. This episode comprises of fanservice, seiyuu voice-character switching, random orgasms (just kiddin), and a bunch of random odd scenes that detract the whole purpose of Kämpfer.  However, since this is the final episode (and the second to last episode I am blogging for this fall season) of the series, we must give credit to those who have taken part in making Kämpfer.

Kampfers FTW

Marina Inoue as Natsuru Senō

Nana Mizuki as Kanden Yamaneko

Yui Horie as Akane Mishima

Yukari Tamura as Seppuku Kuro Usagi

Eri Nakao as Sayaka Nakao

Junko Minagawa as Hitomi Minagawa

Kana Asumi as Mikoto Kondō

Kana Ueda as Rika Ueda

Kaori Nazuka as Shizuku Sangō

Kenji Utsumi as Hiaburi Lion

Kotomi Yamakawa as Ryouka Yamakawa

Mamiko Noto as Norainu Chissoku

Megumi Nakajima as Kaede Sakura

Michiko Nomura as Tora Harakiri

Shiori Mikami as Masumi Nishino

Yoshihisa Kawahara as Mikihito Higashida

(Cast list is brought to you by ANN)

Natsuru wakes up on Christmas Eve morning to find out that he and his messenger, Harikiri Tora have swapped bodies! Harikiri Tora decides to head on outside to enjoy this occasion and met Natsuru’s friends Mikoto, Shizuku, and Akane on the streets only to notice that they’ve been body swapped with their messengers as well.  Of all the things you do when you swapped bodies with a hot girl, you go out with your friends.  Personally, I thought that the story was going to be interesting and I wanted to see how it all played out.  However, I was turned off by the raspy voices of the dolls coming out of the mouths of the four women, but I told myself to stay calm and give them a bit more time.  It’s the last episode, so I mean, they must have a good finish, right?

Total orgasm face… just from eating.

The messengers have fun with their new bodies until they are caught sneaking out on a food bill and are told to perform in a show. Kaede then encounters them and takes them to an amusement park, where they begin to get aroused and play erotic games with her.  If this wasn’t hentai, it’d be the closest thing to it.  I wonder how the Seiyuus go through everything when dubbing.  Anyways, the plot gets lame and you can just tell it’s a side-story that tries to incorporate all the different characters from the previous episodes all into the final one.  But yes, at least Kaede still was able to sound cute and how she normally does.  Yes, it’s a ‘bright’ anime but in the lue of the holiday spirits, is fan-service the thing we really need?

Children, close your eyes… and while you’re at it, turn off the volume as well.

Kaede goes to a church to confess the sin of having feelings for multiple girls, but she just ends up being punished by the student council. The messengers come to save her, but end up fighting each other when they discover they can feel pain. After saying their goodbyes to Kaede, they ride off on a sleigh, the whole thing being a bizarre Christmas story… nice.


Well yes, that officially concludes the Kampfer anime series.  Personally, I liked the story from the very beginning, but like I said, it’s not the best.  My overall impressions are that you’d watch it for the voices, since many of these seiyuus are pretty damn famous, although I was surprised that Nana Mizuki was only the stuffed Tiger (she’s my favorite seiyuu).  The series was funny, filled with fan-service, and decent plot and action.  Congrats Kampfers, SPIRAL gives you a 7.0/10.0.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from SPIRAL and the rest of Team Zero!!


4 Responses to “Kämpfer episode 12 [final]”

  1. 1 WTF?
    3 January 2010 at 3:36 pm


  2. 2 SPIRAL
    3 January 2010 at 3:45 pm

    true that, I was disappointed but…. hmm, who knows what was going on.

  3. 3 Eriiz
    30 January 2010 at 1:48 pm

    I don’t get it. The ending episode was just random! So like, in the end Kampfer Natsuro whatever and regular Natsuro are married?! And have a daughter?! Thats the most CONFUSING part of all. And, why is Kaede so happy happy after all that? It felt as if everything were a dream and none of that Kampfer stuff happened. If they were gonna end it like that, I’d rather have them end up as Natsuro waking up from all that…

  4. 4 KiraxXxL
    30 September 2010 at 7:30 am

    a mi me encanto este anime pero lo que no me gusto fue el final,estubo muy raro y confunso por que hay un natsuru hombre y una natsuru mujer al mismo tiempo y por que hay una niña,parece que natsuru hombre y natsuru mujer tuvieron a esa niña ademas por que sakura estaba repartiendo los muñecos que en realidad eran natsuru,shizuku,akane y la otra que no recuerdo su nombre,tengo una teoria,los muñecos cambian de dueño por ejemplo los muñecos de natsuru kaede y las demas eran otros humanos pero en muñecos entonces es una cadena de cambios despues natsuru,kaede,shizuku y la otra tenian nuevos dueños y despues ocupaban sus cuerpos y sus dueños se volvian muñecoso,la otra teoria es que en realidad todo fue un sueño para natsuru hay que recordar que al principio de la seria natsuru tuvo un sueño donde akane la perseguia a y el sueño fue muy real,a lo mejor este es un sueño mas largo y despues de un rato despierta pero por que hay un natsuru hombre y una natsuru mujer eso es lo que no entiendo y por que sakura no envejecio si supone que natsuru hombre estaba viejo con bigote y sakura seguia igual que antes ademas estaba repartiendo los muñecos.Lo unico bueno es que es muy probable que se estrene una SEGUNDA TEMPORADA de Kampfer,al finales del 2010 o a principios de 2011.

    I enchant myself this animates but what I do not like me was the end, estubo very rare and confunso so that there is natsuru man and one natsuru woman at the same time and so that there is a girl, it seems that natsuru man and natsuru woman had that girl furthermore so that sakura was distributing the dolls that in fact were natsuru, shizuku, akane and the other who nonmemory its name, I have a theory, the dolls change of owner for example the dolls of natsuru kaede and others were other humans but in then dolls natsuru is a chain of changes later, kaede, shizuku and the other tenian new owners and later they occupied his bodies and their owners volvian themselves muñecoso, the other theory is that in fact everything was a dream for natsuru is necessary to remember that at the beginning of serious natsuru was a sleepy where akane perseguia to and the dream was very real, perhaps this is a dream but long and after awhile wide-awake but so that man is natsuru and one natsuru woman that is what I do not understand and so that sakura not envejecio if supposes that natsuru man was old with moustache and sakura seguia just as before furthermore was distributing the dolls. Only the good thing is that it is very probable that one SECOND SEASON of Kampfer is released, to the end of the 2010 or at the beginning of 2011.

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