Kobato episode 9 and 10

I sense that the story is running back to its track, now with a little history on Fujimoto. Indeed, my early suspicion was true. Fujimoto is an orphan. Otherwise, he won’t be feeling so worked up on the abandoned kitten in the previous episode. But of course, lets not forget episode 9 where Kobato pulled off “a stunt” (in a way) to have managed to mend two broken hearts and earned herself two konpeito. Now, this should be a prelude for us that somehow Kobato might be able to fill her flask in an instant by attempting a mass healing, quite literally. I have my suspicion on Yomogi Nursery, knowing the imminent threat to the nursery by a certain loan lender. But hey, don’t take my word for it. I never read the manga.

Once in awhile, Ioryogi should try to learn how to cool down.

Episode 9 synopsis: It’s summertime in Yomogi and while Ioryogi is warning Kobato the rivalling threat of summer to her efforts to bring joy to others (now she sounds like Santa Claus), Kobato met Mizuhashi Natsuki, a middle high schooler as she explains to her about Natsu Matsuri (or Summer Festival). Natsuki contemplated about not being able to go to this year’s festival when suddenly, Morikawa Yukino showed up. Though the two seemed like friends, their relationship however looked estranged. The thing is Yukino has a deep passion for photography while Natsuki is this role model student in her class. Kobato wandered around the school where Natsuki and Yukino are schooling at as she was looking for Natsuki to return her handkerchief. With Yukino’s help, she found Natsuki who is helping to clean the school’s swimming pool. Yukino, on the other hand, decided to leave early for a part-time job. She is working to earn more cash to buy a new camera. Kobato was feeling caught in the middle of their conflicting emotions, decided to help Natsuki but really, she is meddling into their issue. So, it turns out that Natsuki and Yukino were best friends but recently, Yukino develop an interest in photography and began to distance herself due to this new-found passion (also because of the countless part-time jobs she is taking to be able to afford a new camera), especially by the fact that Yukino found herself in a new company with the photography club member.

Ioryogi is dried up during summer and this definitely won’t help his case.

Morikawa Natsuki, model student.

Morikawa Yukino, photography enthusiast.

Kobato then raised the question about her friendship with Natsuki. She admitted that they were friends as she remembered the time when they bought each other a mobile strap as their friendship memento. They truly cherished each other’s companionship but they grew apart as they got older. One day, Yukino finally bought herself a new DSLR and Natsuki who saw this reacted negatively, saying that her photography skills are pretentious without any talent. Yukino felt upset and ran away. Kobato chased after Yukino and tried to cheer her up but she wanted to be alone instead. Natsuki too was disappointed with herself for having said those words when she realized that she lost her mobile strap. Desperately searching through the garbage, Kobato who happened to be there to talk to her, decided to help her looking for the strap and she found it. Natsuki was relieved and opened up to Kobato, telling her that Yukino is changing little by little and feeling that she is moving away from her though the fact is she herself is changing too. In the end, the two patched up their rocky friendship as Yukino showed Natsuki that she is still keeping her own mobile strap. So, all ends well for the two and Kobato earned herself two more konpeito as she enjoys the night firework display of the Natsu Matsuri.

The two are best friends.

Usually, it takes a guy to break a girl’s friendship.

But in the end, a broken friendship can be fixed by another girl. That’s girl power for you.

Episode 10 synopsis: Yet another summertime memory but this time, it’s from Fujimoto. A familiar children rhyme was playing in his dream as he woke up to Kobato singing that rhyme. Kobato was using the chance of the sunny summer morning to lay out the futon under the sun. She then decided to air out the futons at the nursery because she intends to help out at the nursery no matter how little. This is of course in consideration to the problems Sayaka has with the loan sharks. So, she did and after bringing out all the futons, Sayaka spilled Fujimoto’s history to Kobato. She told her that he is an orphan brought in by his father fourteen years ago. So, in a way, Sayaka is Fujimoto’s foster sister. Great, prime chance for doujin artists to make up a convenient brother-sister incest story. Anyhow, Fujimoto is pretty much a loner since he was a kid but was more quiet then than he is now. At first, children at the nursery tried to be his friend but he never opened up to any of them. One day during a sunny afternoon, a couple of high schoolers were fooling around with a football (that’s soccer ball for you Americans) who accidentally hit the ball to one of the children in the nursery. As they tried to get the ball back, they jumped over the fence and broke one of the sunflower stalk. Sayaka put up a brave face and warned them about their reckless behaviour of wrecking the sunflower garden and hurting a child there. After Sayaka asked them to leave, the boys apologized for their rude intrusion.

Summer is obviously not a favourite season for Ioryogi.

But it’s airing-the-futon time for Kobato.

Fujimoto was not so popular during his childhood.

Sayaka assured the children that the sunflower stalk can be fixed (simply by supporting the broken stalk with a stick, I wonder if that will work) when suddenly. an organ was being played inside the nursery. It was Fujimoto, playing the same children rhyme Kobato sang earlier. He did that to cheer the children up. It was since that day that Fujimoto began to open up to other people, especially to Sayaka. Since the bad loan problem surfaced, Fujimoto decided to try his best to help Sayaka however he can to pay back those bad loans, despite having to study for his law degree. Later that day, Kobato is going back home when she ran into Kohaku where finally Ioryogi got his thrist relief. Kobato remarked on the beautiful garden Kohaku maintained and she replied that helping out those important to her is the best thing to do. So, Kobato was motivated to make a new commitment to help out at the nursery the best she can, knowing how important the people from the nursery are to her.

The incident that changed Fujimoto.

When you’re good with musical instruments,  you know there is a groupie waiting nearby.

Believe in the groupie power!

Ioryogi knows it’s not good news.

Thoughts: While episode 9 is not much of a plot development, episode 10 is. But episode 9 is not half bad compared to the previous two episodes. I am particularly attached to episode 9 simply because there are truths behind the story. I mean, we have a friendship being distanced as the two friends are growing up and change. Haven’t we all? But I don’t want to get too emotional about it and lets move on. Episode 10 was rather an interesting one because as I mentioned earlier, we are getting an idea how Kobato will be able to fill her flask with lots of konpeito. Of course, there is the history part about Fujimoto but really, there is not much to say about it. It is basically about revealing the fact that Fujimoto is an orphan and he was not a people’s person since a kid. The general view of these two episodes is less interesting yet solid in terms of story development. To be honest, I just want to get over with this review already since I have nothing to say already. Yeah, I should shut up already.

Episode 9 screencaps:

Episode 10 screencaps:

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