Sora no Otoshimono episode 12

So the beginning sequence is a bit more meaningful this time around – Ikaros is trying to learn how to smile but fails.  Instead, we get a cute sequence of her just saying “smile”, “grin”, and “smirk” while getting scolded by Tomoki for not actually doing it.  Aww, finally we get an actual attempt at a human characteristic.

And WHOA what is with the OP?  I hope that my stereo system’s been working the entire time, because then it just means that they added sound effects to everything that make it sound realistic in a way but totally unnecessary.

Original OP

Saori version (Ikaros) – she’s only 18 as well ;D

This Episode’s Opening

So the episode starts with another rant by New World-freak with a freakish conversation with President-san.  They’re not normal, so we’ll leave them be.  So we got to the main characters in gym and trying to get Ikaros to smile.  They end up tickling each other, but Ikaros has totally the wrong reaction, just moving back and forth rapidly.

This is how you REALLY tickle a girl.

So Nympth asks different people, but they all end up failing.  (I don’t even understand why you ask New World-freak or President-san for advice on smiling).  This the season to be jolly ==> Christmas party at Tomoki’s place. HOLY SHIT, Ikaros smiled at Tomoki, making her even look cuter than before.  LOL it turns out they used glue to get her face stuck.  HAHAHAHAHA wow Nymph never ceases to amaze. I almost thought this could be a turning point in the episode… well, what did I expect?

And wow, we’re getting a lot of random shifts in plot.  Nymph asks for a date with Tomoki… and Alpha (aka Ikaros).   And so when they go, none of them (even Tomoki) knows what to do during a date.  So he ends up following a guide book -shopping (FAIL), movie (FAIL before they even go in), and amusement park rides (FAIL, because we forget that Ikaros has superhuman strength in the rides).  And it turns out Ikaros is developing feelings, because she feels pain when Tomoki takes Nymphs hand.  Nymph goes on a talk by herself before triggering Ikraos’ awakening – “Master will be happy”.   LOL, Tomoki has an encounter with a bear, a lion, and… holy shit I would start running too.  Ikaros frees all the animals because Nymph says that things in cages doesn’t please Tomoki, and Ikaros wants to make Tomoki happy.  LOL they end up bringing the army because Tomoki has all of his clothes ripped off and apparently they think he freed all the animals.  Jets, tanks, and the like.  Uh wow, that was pretty funny.  Irrelevant, but funny nonetheless.

Ikaros feels jealous when Nymph asks for Tomoki to kiss her at the of the date.  She flies away and it turns out that they develop feelings of love, heart beating, starting to feel nervous, but nothing happens.  Tomoki ends up chasing after Ikaros and the two walk home.  Nymph, on the other hand, says goodbye from far away and flies back to the Sky World.  Is it the last we’ll ever see of her?  (Of course not, because we have one more episode).

I don’t know what to think.

Plot-wise this episode did not really focus on fan-service nor did it attempt to conclude the series in any way as we approach the final episode.  Ah well, I’ve come this far, might as well continue.  Say, whatever happened with the Christmas party?  (Final episode = Christmas special perhaps?)

This picture will make a nice desktop.

Preview: Episode 13 (Final)


2 Responses to “Sora no Otoshimono episode 12”

  1. 1 jay
    24 December 2009 at 7:34 pm

    its says episode 11 isnt it 12?

  2. 2 SPIRAL
    24 December 2009 at 7:50 pm

    you’re right – my b

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