asura cryin’ 2 episode 13 [final]

Yesssss I’m almost done with this season’s anime, which will give me about just one week for a break to prepare for the 3~5 series I am going to do for the winter 2010.  Before I begin, I would like to answer a question that some of you have asked me – why do I do 3~5 series at once when everyone does only 1?  Many of you think that it’s because the quality of the anime I watch is “lesser” – sure, whatever you like to think is fine.  But I do have a life, student on our varsity soccer team, which ranks 3rd in Asia-Pacific division out of all the high schools.  And I’m a starter, yet how do I find all the time to write about anime?  I’m nocturnal and barely need any sleep – a good night I’ll sleep six hours but if not, just expect 3~4 hours; funny things is that I still won’t be tired.  My GPA is a 3.65/4.0, I take the hardest courses, and I’ve been accepted to my first college out of seven.

“If you’re happy and you know it, raise your arms…”

Anyways, the last episode starts off with flashbacks and where we ended with the two sides clashing.  Epic battle scene time!  Turns out that the owl can fight – oh look, no opening sequence, just the title of the episode “Gears of Choice”.  We then go straight to the battle, where Koala conveniently has the Igniter, which he feeds to Hagane.  Hagane clashes with Kurogane-kai, while Kaede fights Hiwako.  But it turns out that Natsume is losing at Hagane begins to crush Kurogane… until Shuri’s missiles save him.  *Look a distraction!* Kurogane-kai knocks off Hagane and we have a break in the fight.  Now Shuri will fight with Natsume.

But wait, why is the gap between the worlds widening?  Tokiya begins to head towards it but Tokiya sends the three lesser Asura Machinas to defend, which oddly the regular guys defend.  Rika uses her Asura Machina so that Natsume and Kaede can stop Hagane!  They cross the planes, but what’s this?  Hagane and Hiwako combined!  But Kaede notes that Hiwako is vanishing, since it heavily absorbs her power.  Hagane ice-form… uh-oh, Kaede, don’t do it.  Don’t do it.  Don’t do it.  …yes, she does.  Persephone and Kurogane-kai combined.  The two megaforces collide – Ice vs Fire, and it looks like Fire is winning.  During this, [SPIRAL] by angela (the opening from the first season) plays in the background.  It turns out what each side is being fueled by is Aki (Tokiya) and Misao (Natsume).  Tokiya ends up going crazy because Kurogane-kai uses nitoryu (two-sword style) like a certain Aki, so he can’t fight Kurogane knowing that it’s Aki’s style.  KO – winner Natsume!

Naked Tohru FTW

Turns out Tohru knew that Aki was going to die, so she thought by getting rid of Kurogane/Aki, Tokiya would love Tohru.  So it turns out that she loved Tokiya all this time, but she’s disappearing.  Kurogane forcibly removes the burial doll of Tohru, so Tohru comes back as a human.  I TOL YOU SO, I TOLD YOU SO.  DID I NOT SAY? And my reward is my favorite character being naked – Tohru FTW.

“You ain’t two-timing us… bitch.”

Oh and look, they can change back Burial Dolls into humans –> so the epilogue shows Misao as human.  The three are living a normal school life and we get cameos of every  character in the series.   Yes, even Hiwako, who turns out to be giving a request for membership to the science club.


So I really enjoyed the series, and I really enjoyed how they concluded it.  Good conclusion to the series with a new ending song.  Misao ends up running into the wall because she thought that she was still a ghost.  LOL the thing’s you do Misao… anyways, after 26 long episodes, Asura Cryin is finally done!  It was a good mixture of comedy, school life, drama, action, and a bit of fanservice.  Well done, and I’m looking forward to… never mind, don’t expect Asura Cryin’ 3.


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  1. 30 December 2009 at 1:53 am

    oh really good to know! very well written and a good post indeed.

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