Sora no Otoshimono episode 13 [final]

Yessirrrrr we have finally come down to the last episode of this harem ecchi fanservice anime.  Not saying I didn’t like it, but they certainly could’ve done more with the series.  However, the last episodes nicely rounds off everything, even though they introduce a bunch of new characters and the like.  Sadly, this will be my last post of an anime series for this season.  Mmm, it’s been a good season, although it could’ve been  better.   Nevertheless, things have been rounded off quite nicely, even in the unexpected ones *cough cough* White Album.

Messed-up bitches XD

The episodes starts off with a sullen mood as it leaves off from where Harpy and Gamma take advantage of Nymph to get rid of Ikaros.  They basically feed her a bunch of bullshit that Master is worried so that she’ll let them get rid of Ikaros.  It’s so obvious… how could you not tell, Nymph?  Turns out that Nymph will get scrapped even if she doese succeed… what bastards these heave people are.

Scene change goes to everyone setting up for the Christmas party at Tomoki’s place.  ‘Tis the season to be jolly… whoa wait.  I never knew that Sunohara was taller than Tomoki…?  Was she always?  Hmm, something I missed something there – before you go back to Gamma and Harpy with their weapons and crazy-bitch expressions.  Promethius cannons – wow, I totally do not sense the Divine Greek theme here.  Nymph is worried since she doesn’t want to kill Ikaros, but Gamma and Harpy assure her it’s just for self-defence, eventually using “Master will be happy if you do this” as the ultimatum response.

Santa hats for the girls… and dunce caps for the boys.  Sexism slip.

Ikaros is putting up pictures of her memories as the thought that Tomoki will hate her if he knew that she was a weapon used to kill.  Awww, I feel so bad for her.  But then again, it’s just a TV show.  She’s becoming more and more of a human now with her worried expressions and troubled thoughts.  Yay, I feel a good ending coming on, and we even got the good background music calmly playing in the background.  I enjoyed how through the conflict, we still see emotional problems within the characters themselves… probably the first plot-related thing that this anime has done.   So Ikaros meets Tomoki, and says goodbye, and how she’ll never forget him.  I think she’s crying… but the mask doesn’t reveal it… no wait, she’s not.  She finally says that she loves him before she spreads her wings and flies off into the sky.  Slow motion with the feathers… wow, if every episode was this dramatic, the anime would actually be very good.

Battle scene (the music gives it away)!  Nymph lures Ikaros, before Gamma Harpy completely surprise her and destroy one of her wings.  Gamma Harpy reveals that they only wanted the variable wings before things start to get rough – Gamma Harpy are about to kill Ikaros when Nymph uses her weapon “Paradise Song” to stop the bad guys.  We then go the scene where the guys are chasing to find the Angeloids.  Nymph is laughing sadistically because she thinks she saved the  day – before Gamma Harpy rip off her wings.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, you bitches now you definitely crossed the line. Now Ikaros will beat the shit out of you.

Ikaros gets up, and transforms into Uranus Queen form after confessing to Tomoki that she’s a weapon.  Tomoki says that he knew this all along, and Ikaros grows back her wing, and has a little halo.   Tomoki says that he feels bad for her when she’s such a nice girl – being a killing machine is too much, and Ikaros starts to cry.  Tomoki also says that he’s glad that she’s a weapon, because she can save her friends.  GO IKAROS!

Another battle scene where Ikaros completely rapes the two Harpies in close-combat and with long-ranged weaponry – she uses her ultimate move: the Uranus system Cerceis which are basically a bunch of kickass homing missiles.  Meanwhile, the friends are trying to get the chain off of Nymph because she’s their friend.  Nymph undergoes an epiphany as they show the climax and conclusions of the battle scenes and them breaking the chain.  Nymph realizes that she’s happy now with her new friends.  Right, Alpha?

And that’s how the series ends.  Hmm, I have to say this episode was good.  Actually compared to the rest of the series, it was epic.  Yes, the series had a lot of fanservice and little plot, but this episode made me wanting a second season with the other Angeloids from the manga becoming evolved.  Plus, Saori-chan did a really good job with Ikaors – she’s only 18, yet she played such a great character.  Brilliant finish to a decent anime.  Thanks for reading along, and see you for the winter season.   SPIRAL OUT!

The cast of Sora no Otoshimino


5 Responses to “Sora no Otoshimono episode 13 [final]”

  1. 30 December 2009 at 6:53 am

    I really loved this episode. Plot did suck and the fan service was cute, but I still liked the series. I plan on reading through the manga now for some more action 😛

    Nice review/summary *bookmarks*.

  2. 2 blank
    2 January 2010 at 2:34 pm

    errr i think if they were to continue it would have been better there were going to be about 2 new characters that were going to be released: astera(i didnt sell it correctly) and chaos. there might have been more but w/e. also it was said that nymph was to be another slave to that guy. from what i have read there would have been more action so i think that you should read the manga for what you have said so far seems dumb and kinda rude

  3. 3 SPIRAL
    2 January 2010 at 2:43 pm

    well there’s more in the manga than what is presented in the anime for those of you interested. I’ve read the manga, but I really didn’t enjoy it because… well, it’s sora no otoshimono

  4. 16 June 2010 at 7:39 am

    eu achei meio chato o fim ficou muinto a deseja brasil!!

  5. 5 lawrence
    6 July 2010 at 12:11 pm

    is this the only episode released?? is there other episode out there?? like sora-no-otoshimono the movie or something… *sigh* hope they add move episodes, im having a hard time looking for the continuation of sora-no-otoshimono, so please if anyone of you know some links can you please send me a message, my Eadd is im4everurz_rence@yahoo.com THANKS… more power to IKARUS ^_^

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