Fairy Tail episode 12

Oooooooh yeah, I almost forgot about this series but one of my friends brought it up that Fairy Tail got a new opening, to which I then promptly replied, “Oh shit, I’m supposed to be blogging that.”  Thankfully, I haven’t missed much and the show runs pretty slowly compared to the short season anime so here we go.

By the way, they already made another OP after only 12 episodes.

Gray reveals that his ice-teacher Ur put Deliora into an ice that cannot melt.  Since the moon might have something to do with the process, he suggests that they wait til nighttime.   During this time, we get flashbacks of Gray training with Ur, before it finally turns to night, in which a group of men are using moon drip to melt the ice.  The effect, of course, is placed on the villagers to transform into beasts.   Wooooooow this episode is moving so slowly compared to the manga.  And all the hype…. I’m not saying nuthin’.

Ur is personally my favorite character in Fairy Tail, shame she dies.

“Hmm… just your usual purple beam shooting at the moon.”

So the three bad guys from before come back with a masked man named Retei, who is actually Retei Lyon – a former student of Ur who trained with Gray.  Natsu gets defeated, Lucy and Happy barely escape, and Gray eventually fights one-on-one with Lyon, to which he loses.  During this time, Lyon blames Gray for Ui’s death and his only goal in life was to surpass Ur, which was by destroying  Deliora.  What will ever happen to our heroes, and what’s the story behind Gray’s and Lyon’s past with Ur?

Surprisingly, childhood memories are big hits with anime.

Fairy Tail episodes are surprisingly slow, but that’s usually a sign that they’ll have this series go on for quite a while.  I think it’s pretty popular and will make enough money to air for a long time.  The question is – will they go on forever like One Piece, or will they do a Soul Eater and completely botch the ending?  I personally like this show and the characters.  The designs are good and the voices are decent as well, and we’ll probably see the climax in the next few episodes of this arc.  Let’s keep watching til then.

No Fairy Tail episode would be complete without ERZA SCARLET.


4 Responses to “Fairy Tail episode 12”

  1. 1 Béla
    9 January 2010 at 10:42 am

    Ui? So far I’ve read it Ur and Ul thanks to the number of groups fansubbing, or scanning Fairy Tail anime and manga, but almost certainly not Ui. From you’re review it seems you read the manga, but I myself haven’t seen any character called Ui in it so far. Just a notice, not as if it would be such a big thing.

    And Fairy Tail anime is probably gonna run reaaaaaally looooooooooooong with a shitload of filler episodes, since Studio Pierrot are the ones producing it. We all know they love longrunners.

  2. 2 SPIRAL
    9 January 2010 at 11:03 am

    ooops, I fixed that.
    yeah, I’m expecting a shitload too.

  3. 4 Lucy+Loki
    4 December 2010 at 10:49 am

    The fairytail anime makes a new opening per quest. like in epii’s 55 they had one starring Wendy.

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