Fairy Tail episode 13

As this show runs more and more with new episodes each week, I find myself enjoying it more and more, loving it ever so increasingly as each minute passes.  Yes, I like the show now.  It certainly has more spice than when it started several months ago, and it’s actually pretty fun to blog.  Yes, I’m a One Piece fan, but who says Fairy Tail can’t get some credit too?  (I apologize for the less creative picture captions this time but I have exams this and next so… yeah).

That’s our Natsu.

After Gray loses to Lyon (I mean, it would be no fun if he won already, right?), he’s found by Natsu, still enclosed in ice, and is escorted back to the town, which he falls for Lucy’s pitfall trap.  You saw this moment coming as everyone pointed out that nobody would be stupid enough to fall into such an obvious plot.  As Gray remembers his past childhood, Lyon’s three subordinates come on top of a flying giant mouse to drop acidic blobs onto the town, to which of course Natsu blows away using his fire.

What the hell is the pile of sh-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttt????

Yes, I said WTF as well.

Saved YOUR ass, bitch.


Like I said, Ur is my favorite character of Fairy Tail.

So the first battle is between Natsu and Yuuka, the blue-haired guy.  Yuuka is able to to use vibration magic that neutralizes other magic, making him the “perfect enemy” against wizards.  Natsu simply grins and beats him physically, since he just wouldn’t have to use magic to beat him.  Battle lasts less than two minutes.

If he wasn’t so weak, this would actually look cool.

Brilliant Natsu – go stick your hand in an unknown magic substance.


And he then turns to fight Toby, the half-naked manbearpig (just kidding – reference to South Park).  Toby can use electricity and paralysis through his claws, but being an idiot is tricked by Natsu to poking himself.  IRONY – NATSU CALLING SOMEONE ELSE AN IDIOT. Battle lasts… give-or-take thirty seconds.  Meanwhile, Lyon and his masked-man are discussing the plan.

I’m not an idiot!

Yes sir, you are an idiot.

Badass villain picture.

Lucy is fighting with Sherry after taking down the giant rat by tickling her to cause her to crash into the ground from the sky.  Lucy activates Taurus but Sherry uses her everything-but-human-including-celestial-spirits control power to have Taurus attack Lucy.  Taurus eventually closes his gate after a cheesy memory of the first time he met Lucy and “her nice body”, and Lucy is energized by ‘leveling up’ in terms of magical power.

Awww, you made Sherry cry.

You might notice the axe or the evil eyes.  I notice how Lucy’s clothes get ripped off.

Puppeteer with the Spiderman hand!

I know what you are thinking – NO.

Good thing she was wearing two layers.  Nice.

First off, no Erza Scarlet.  Secondly (on the more serious side), when will we ever see an episode with good animation that doesn’t look like something out of a children cartoon?  I’m still trying to figure out why this series is having such a hard time to click in the right direction.  The material is good, the characters are good as well, but maybe is the presentation  that the heroes are so over-powered that every enemy seem weak making the fights meaningless.  Oh well, entertaining episode nonetheless.

Lucy: “I’m sorry for have my clothes ripped off.”

Happy: “I’m sorry for liking when Lucy had her clothes ripped off.”

2 Responses to “Fairy Tail episode 13”

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    4 December 2010 at 5:25 am

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  2. 2 ShOujo
    30 December 2010 at 11:26 pm

    Haha. I loved that episode of Fairy Tail. It was really fun!!

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