Dance in the Vampire Bund episode 2

Bund?  James Bund.  Sorry, but that’s how lame the first episode was.  It’s one of the big three this season so it should be good from the second episode, hopefully.  I was disappointed by the talk-show idea but it looked as if they weren’t even close to showing how epic it could be.  Well, fingers crossed as I turn on the television.

Mina Tepes – the heroine of our story.

Weird past sequence followed by a narration by Mina, of a tale of a vampire girl and the boy who protected her with all he had, which she believed began on a eventful day.  We are taken to a school lesson where a student shouts “Dracula” and causes a commotion throughout the room.  One boy is upset by the hype created by talking about vampires… and we go back in time again, just as the OP begins.  Hmm, after the first episode had no opening, I think that it was above average, except half of it is about Mina dancing with all her clothes off.  What is it with vampires taking off their clothes? Anyways, episode 2: Howling.

Mina’s eyes?  Yes, or is it?

Our hero as a kid.

If vampires are real, what about other things?  Our main hero gets obentou from Yuki-chan who seems to be a close friend.   After a moment of student exchanges, Yuki leaves Akira-kun while he just ends up talking about Yuki, saying that if he made a move, he would get his ass kicked.  After a few minutes of nothing special, Akira runs into Mina, in which he gets a huge-ass migraine just from looking at her.  So far so good – mystery element, love element, good animation, good shadowing and artwork, and good character designs.

He’s just too cool to sit down straight.

Oh man, I can’t tell which one is hers, and which one is for the boy she likes.  Wow.

Vampires + Stalking = Sunglasses

“You broke my sunglasses… *starts to cry*”

“Oh my god, I knew Yuki poisoned that bentou!”

Apparently, Akira has a lot on his mind… so… would you mind doing something, sir?  Random helicopter… random umbrella… before Mina starts randomly dancing in front of you.  She seems cheerful – she’s a vampire and… Akira starts to walk away before Mina trips and hurts herself.  Akira helps her up and questions why she is following him?  Before she can answer, random homing missiles and armed helicopters attack.  Guess what?  Akira can run as a fast as a machine-gun fire-row.  What is the history behind this?  And why did we just skip to a random cutscene with two weird men?

As usual, we must always have a extending-your-hand-towards-the-girl moment.


What the f* is going on?

Akira takes Mina into the harbor to hide, and Mina’s “shadow gel” will wear out – so vampires are smart enough to invent something to prevent from turning into dust in the sunlight.  She needs to put on more gel, and needs assistance in removing her clothes.  She’s half-naked, and got no cleavage.  Police attack, but fail.    Mina sucks the blood from one of them, and Akira is speechless.  Uh-oh, is that Yuki approaching the place?  Akira now doesn’t doubt that she’s a vampire and ask why she’s making a vampire bund.  Apparently, there will be a battle.  And it’s revealed that Akira has amnesia so he can’t remember the first sixteen years of his life.  Awww, but there is a girl who cares for him.

No more pictures – she’s “underage”.

More enemies, and it’s finally night.  A cool gene-sequence before Mina gets caught by some spider-man-creature string.  Mina can’t do anything, and begs to have Akira released.  Silent treatment, before Akira hits the ground.  But… guess what?  He transformed into a werewolf from the Clan of Gaia.  Or, I think he’s a werewolf.  Yea, he’s a werewolf.   He realizes who he is and saves Mina.  Ending few seconds, it’s revealed that the love is short.  Uh-oh, and followed by the same ending.

“I’m just your friendly neighborhood Spiderman!”

Those eyes say one thing : you’re screwed.

Vampires and werewolves… oh my.

Half-naked man + underage girl = pedophilia.

Hmm, it’s gotten a lot better no question.  It’s good and it’s worth watching.  I do wish it would get into more action though, since they’re vampires and werewolves. The animation and fight sequence was well-drawn, but I felt the good scenes were to predictable or too short.  But it’s much better than the… and we get Vampire Maid clips, where Akira is about to get hacked with a chainsaw by Mina wearing a maid costume and a Jason Vorhees mask.  Hmm, interesting.  Like I was saying, it was much better than the first episode and I think it’s worth watching – I want to see how everything works out between Mina and Yuki liking the same guy.

You gotta love maids with chainsaws.


9 Responses to “Dance in the Vampire Bund episode 2”

  1. 1 Poro
    15 January 2010 at 3:44 pm

    Let’s hope this doesn’t spiral down to a reverse love triangle of New Moon. Good post BTW

  2. 2 SPIRAL
    15 January 2010 at 3:51 pm

    did someone say my name? XD

  3. 3 Yorichigo
    16 January 2010 at 4:03 am

    I just hope that somehow they will get back in the manga cause now its just full of bullshit from them. Akira in the manga is fucking cool but now with amnesia is like powerless and frail. For the Gaia Clan, Akira is the son of the leader but now he don’t even know that and that is bullshit because the relation between Tepes Clan and Gaia is very important in the manga but now they put it in the background and create a little suspense for it. If the anime was like the manga the anime would be amazing because the plot and the character are bette(for now).

    By the way Tepes is too frail in the manga she’s OP and can’t get kill by anyone but some freak attack her a-la-spiderman and she’s like “OMG Help me” such a lame anime for now but I will continue and see if it get better if not then i will continue the manga and stop the anime.

    ps: just my 2cents

  4. 4 luffyluffy
    17 January 2010 at 10:03 am

    If she needs Shade Gel to survive…….. WHY DOESNT SHE KNOW HOW TO PUT IT ON HERSELF?!

  5. 5 Yorichigo
    17 January 2010 at 5:52 pm


    I agree with that lol

  6. 6 Allomora
    17 January 2010 at 9:14 pm

    Sigh, sometimes the way people think and look at things with their tunnel view makes me wonder if breeding should have only been allowed by chosen people.

    Anyway Yorichigo, it is good to hear you read the manga, fun and all for you. But you should learn 2 basic things. 1- Direct translation of a book can never be done 100% to a movie (or anime) and 2- Your telling she is frail and weak, yet no matter how many times I look back at it and review it there was no such thing from her.

    It looks good and I guess not knowing the manga allows looking at it without the whole ‘manga worshipping’ like a lot are. Though here is to hoping the fanservice crap is going to get tuned down hard.

    One more thing though, people are forgetting that while of the same story. Manga and Anime differ not only because one is animated or due influence around it. 1 on 1 translation also dooms series.

  7. 7 Anonymous person
    21 January 2010 at 12:07 am

    1 on 1 conversions can’t be done? What about the series, Monster?

  8. 8 April 2010 at 7:11 am

    Oh crap the fuck out!!! Have you guys seen episode 10!! I was like fucking no!! NO FUCKING WAY, I don`t know why it is allowed to miss-use of women or children to a such degree!!! But that is just sick!!!
    It should be banned world wide For crying out loud, I don`t know if i can watch anymore !!!

    I felt so badly I just wanted to torture the tree clan leaders to death!!

    I had to take a break after that last secen, I almost had a heart attack so angry I was..
    It should never be allowed to make anime or manga with miss-use of women in it!!!

    I know it is just fiction, but still I am having problems digesting it.. I don`t mind men slaughtering or blood, and stuff like that. Because we have been doing that for like 100-000 of years. So why the fuck is it allowed to put thees kind of thoughts into sick men who have lost guide`ns in life. Life WTF !!! I think many people are being raped because of thees kind of pictures and story’s and stuff alike !!.. It fucking sucks !!!

  9. 8 April 2010 at 7:15 am

    Sorry the bad setup/spelling, My mind did`t follow my fingers.

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