Ladies versus Butlers episode 2

It was asking for another chance, and I decided to give it one.  I have nothing to say before I begin – will we see it drop out of my list of anime, or will we see it magically stay on the list for the season?  It all begins now.

He is either gay, or a girl in disguise.

…and what a bad start, we already got oppai (uncensored) action before she finishes saying the first line of the episode.  And they show more oppai before she… okay, next part.  Saikyo wakes up with a personality of her true sadistic side, she brushes her teeth, and starts talking in her sweet voice how since it is Tuesday, it will apparently “be more fun”.  And then we get the OP.  You know, I wouldn’t mind a bad opening if it was accompanied by a good anime, nor would I mind a good opening even if it was accompanied by a bad anime.  But when it’s bad opening with a bad anime, nope.  Okay, other than the oppai fan-service, the opening wasn’t really that bad… yet, the oppai action defines the introduction scene as bad.  First strike.  No pictures, boys.

Episode 2: Lady x Lady.  So we go to Akiharu trying to get his collar tie next to blue-hair-kun, who apparently gets flustered because Akiharu looked at him.  He gets introduced to his class, to find out that the morning curriculum is mixed between ladies/gentlemen and butler/maids.  He makes two new butler friends: megane Shingo and chibi Minke, who say, “Let’s help make each other great butlers”.  Guess what?  There are only five boys in the grade, including Daichi (blue-hair-kun) and another un-named person.  Shingo talks about the place being a paradise filled with cute girls.  Selnia comes into the conversation and the two start arguing.  Saikyo chuckles to herself.

New friends – Shingo & Minke

Butler training time, and nobody comes to Akiharu’s table, before Selnia and a girl named Fou  bother him with flying words (yes, flying words) before he finally comes to himself to serve the girls, although scaring Fou-san in the process.  Selnia continues to tease him with tasks and says that he’s an unreliable butler.  The two start to mock each other causing a commotion before green-hair maid-chan trips and spills tea all over him.

He takes a shower, and he walks out naked to find the maid waiting for him.  She seems to not care that he’s naked.  Expected from an anime that shows breast within 5 seconds of its airing.   She wants to rub his back, and uh… she slips again, and FLIES towards Akiharu, before landing on his crotch-region.  Yes, he’s naked.   And… it’s basically just a scene that calls for this anime to… oh my god, “when a girl mounts a guy, she can’t leave until she finishes what she means to do”.  What the fuck, two strikes.  Best of all, Daichi and President-san end up seeing this.   Apparently, President-san plays eroges because she sees this as an accomplishment getting the girl on top.  Nice.   Two strikes.

Second strike

Next lesson – swimming pool in their suits and maid uniforms.  Today’s lesson – swimming pool emergency.  Everyone goes into the water to practice saving their masters in case they fall into the water on random conditions.   Saikyo with her evil grin – she is already my favorite character.  She has a moment with Selnia-san before we got back to the swimming.  Maid uniforms in water – do I have to point out that they’re transparent.  Saikyo and Selnia come to visit, before Selnia and Akiharu start to argue again.  New character – pink-hair Kaza, who looks like a girl.  He’s the last butler and he looks like a douche bag.    Next part of the lesson: swimming across fast-moving water through the use of an indoor wave system.  Green-hair maid-chan ends up grabbing onto him, before he gets knocked-out with a life-tube.  Irony.

He wakes up in the infirmary next to Saikyu.  It turns out that Akiharu has no place to go, since he has no living family.  Sad moment, before Saikyo ends up offering to help him, to help him graduate.  And during this whole time, we didn’t see a single evil moment.  Turns out that Selnia was eavesdropping and starts to argue with him again, before flustering “You feeling better?”  Yeah, we haven’t seen this before at all.  She grins and thinks to herself, “Maybe it won’t be so boring after all.”

Well it’s lucky that it didn’t get three strikes.  I don’t like it, but it didn’t mess up three times, so it survived.  Good job – but don’t expect it to survive another few more episodes.  Worst comes to worst, I just might not want to blog this anymore.


4 Responses to “Ladies versus Butlers episode 2”

  1. 1 Karry
    16 January 2010 at 4:27 pm

    God, blog it, or dont blog it, just stop with the whining already.

  2. 17 January 2010 at 7:05 am

    I kind of understand you but, there’s some stuff you can get past. what difference doesn’t it make if selnia showed her breasts or not in the first 5 seconds?
    Try not to watch it already expecting something bad lol, I actually found the swimming pool stuff really funny, the douchebag drowning and no one caring, as the irony part. I think it’s funnier than Omamori and chu-bra.

  3. 3 FaS
    21 January 2010 at 4:25 am

    I didn’t really pay attention to the irony of the life-thingy, but idk, I’m not really watching this anime to expect anything…just to see what it has to offer 😛

  4. 4 FaS
    21 January 2010 at 4:25 am

    Oh and I also agree it’s funnier than omamori and chu-bra…however, I think Chu-bra is much more charming.

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