Fairy Tail episode 14

And now, we begin again.  Man, my finals are almost over and I can get back to a non-hikkimori life again.  gahh… alright, so it’s back to Fairy Tail. The artwork and animation haven’t been that good for the show so far and I’m hoping these get better.  Somewhere in the world, they will actually have good battle scenes where you can tell Natsu will NOT win so easily.  Episode 14 – let’s begin.

Episode 14 – “Drunken Brawlers”

It’s still Lucy versus Sherry but after Sherry reveals that she has the power to control summoned beings.  At first, Lucy tries to use Plue against Sherry’s rock golem but FAILS. Lucy then uses Aquias, but when Sherry controls her, Aquias uses her trademark move to hit both Sherry and Lucy.  Lucy then beats a dazed Sherry before she runs into the giant rat, Angelica.  SCREWED much? Well, after her clothes got ripped off just from rolling away from Taurus, so I’m surprised her pink-top didn’t sail away with the wave… just kiddin’, the animation hasn’t got any better and Lucy seems to beat Sherry so easily again… *sigh*

That would look cool if it weren’t copied off of the vibration-guy’s power.

Bad artwork is accompanied by failure to fight.

“You think having red hair is cool, you little bitch?”

“WAHHH, it’s not even 2012 yet!”

Lucy takes a jog, while Sherry slips on the sand.  Wait…

But Erza comes and saves the day by beating Angelica, but she’s hella pissed at Lucy for going on a quest that’s prohibited.  Grey wakes up, and eventually convinces Erza to finish the quest.  Talk about… oh by the way, Ur is still alive.  Yes, my favorite character is still alive, but Lyon does not know it.  So… we get to see Erza’s scary side again, but for once, Grey is confident.  Why can’t we have more troubling conflicts?

“Half-an-order of giant rat comin’ up!”

Death awaits when you piss off Erza.

What has Erza been doing to Lucy and Happy..?

Meanwhile, Natsu is knocking the pyramid out of balance to ruin the moon, gets into a fight with Lyon and his henchmen, and we will conclude this battle next time.  And the preview is looking good with Ur in it – you’ll be revealed to Ur’s death and sacrifice… but she’s not dead, is she?

Oh man, look at those veins.  He’s just so bad-ass.

For those of you who are simpletons, here’s the picture that explains what’s happening.

Now that’s actually pretty cool.

That’s pretty cool as well.

Weak animation, predictable scenes, yet the humor is okay and the plot is fun in general.  This episode was nothin’ special but comical as always.  But we get to see Ur later.  Let’s keep on watching and until they come with somethin’ special, we’ll keep the thoughts short.  Next episode is lookin’ fun though.

Ahh… Ur is so kawaii.  And she’s “cool” at the same time… haha.

I’d tap that.  Twice.  …just kiddin’.


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