Dancing in the Vampire Bund episode 3

After dropping two of my… six (?) series already after only three weeks, I’m hoping that I don’t have to drop any more.  Still, three is quite a sum and I’ll be doing a temporary shift in Sora no woto as well until one of the other writers picks up on it but thank God Kaza is back so he can resume his posts.  Alright, let’s being looking at Twilight Dancing in the Vampire Bund.

“Madam, I need you to remain calm.  But beneath this pillow lies the key to my escape.”

But today in all honesty, I am busy as hell.  That being said, it’s going to be a shortened this week because of my chemistry finals which takes about 4.5 hours and that means 45 hours of study material.  So… I’m really sorry for those of you who enjoy my long rants of how Mina always ends up taking off her clothes.  Just kiddin’, but I promise next week’s blog will be longer to make up for the loss.

“What?  I have to keep my clothes ON this week!?”

Akira wakes up next to Mina after a controversial night and regaining his memories with her.  They go to school where Mina is introduced as a new classmate, and SHE announces that Akira is her wholesomely-devoted servant.  Some student don’t like this idea and the student council president, Nanami, decides to take this up with the head of school, who happens to be Mina.  Wow, who didn’t see that coming?

“Respect ma authoriteh!”

Thank god Yuki can’t see that.

“I would like to file a complaint about the llamas in the school hallways that…”

“…what?  I like llamas prancing in the hallways.”

Anyways, Mina makes a deal that if the students catch Akira, he won’t be her servant anymore.  After a brief chase sequence, Akira manages to escape thanks to a distraction caused be Mieren who gives him back his cellphone with the picture of him and Mina in bed together.  Akira returns to the Vampire Bund and tells Mina that school might be a little hard.  Mina tells him not to worry, and we go to a scene where Nanami is being attacked by vampires.

What a stylish WANTED poster.

Is it me or does she look too old to be in a high school uniform..?

If you find yourselves surrounded by vampires, you are officially screwed.

This episode was good, but it was ruined by the chase sequence.  I’m sure I’m not the only who thinks this, but that sequence certainly ruined the serious mood and the similarities to the manga.  It was a decent episode, and it certainly proves a point of how much power Mina has.  Whether that power is realistic or not, I won’t say.  But then again, she’s a vampire so it works out… I guess.  Haha, keep watching.

Keep watching…

…and you’ll get more chibi-pantsu shots like this.  I’m just sayin’.

4 Responses to “Dancing in the Vampire Bund episode 3”

  1. 1 kaza
    23 January 2010 at 8:35 pm

    Nice review… now sincerely… you think this is worth watching? If so, compare it to Sora No Woto and Durara… where does it stand?

    hehe… thnx for the “welcome”… 🙂

    • 2 SPIRAL
      24 January 2010 at 8:17 am

      I seriously think it’s worth watching but it’s kind…. of… different to watch. I dun know, I get a completely different feel watching it but it’s good.

  2. 3 Yorichigo
    24 January 2010 at 10:43 pm

    I think i will drop it… I hate when an anime isn’t like the manga plus Vampire Bund is a good manga its a shame that they didn’t do it like it was suppose to be.

  3. 11 April 2010 at 6:22 am

    fun!fun!fun! live it up!!!!!

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