Sora No Woto – Episode 2

By now, if you find yourself reading this review, it’s either because you just recently found out about this show or you were waiting and decided to see if it was worth it. For those of you who ride second in that last statement, would you like me to answer your question? I would say it depends. Most people might not be fans of Moe, (which btw, neither am I) but this turned out to be a little more then just some mere Moe, trust me.

Better character design, better art, funnier, better adventures, yet there is only one thing that it still lacks… A real fricken story-line!

I guess I was totally wrong about Felicia being that blond woman Sorami saw in her childhood. Meh, but whatever… Let’s just give a hardy welcome to our Platoon, consisting of:

Lieutenant Felicia Heidemann. She’s practically portrayed as the calm one who never gets mad. She mothers all the other girls except Rio, which seems to be her best friend, and she’s also the Tank Commander.
Noel Kannagi. She’s the sleepy one, (for some odd reason I don’t understand) and also the Pilot and the Mechanic. For now, she’s the only one who has put things into reality. She mostly does it in a very blunt manner, such as reminding Kureha that she IS indeed scared.
Last, but not least, comes our very own gunner, Kureha Suminoya. A ballistic loli that by the end of this episode we find out that she’s only hard on the outside and still softy on the inside. Oh, gets scared easily too.

The other two girls are Rio and Sorami, which we all know are the trumpeters. I’m not sure about you all, but I’m more of an orchestra kind of guy, not a band. *shivers* But that’s just me.

In the first half of this episode we get to see just how tough this Platoon really is. *about to burst out laughing* I think the last thing they needed to show was all the girls knitting teddy bears on to their uniform to make them seem more “scary”. People have already addressed this, but I just can’t keep my opinion out of this… Spider tanks, machine guns, winged demons, and Hero GIRLS! Dude, this show is getting better by the ep.!

Some of you probably have already seen this pic before, but I just thought this facial expression was awesome coming from the girl who only has sleepy eyes. Truly the best part of the episode.

Next half of the episode we watch Kureha and Sorami scavenge the empty school building to make sure there was no ghosts. Pleasant surprise to find out that our stern Roi-sempai isn’t so stern after dealing with this stuff. We kinda get an idea of what kind of life these girls had in the past after we see that they could barely tell that it was a school building. Maybe they were too poor, or the war got in the way of their education. Whatever the case, that’s not what caught my attention. It was only when Kureha finds out that Sorami thinks ghosts are a good thing and help people, that I finally realized that the episode just got deeper in meaning. Of course we get the other side of the story when Kureha reminds us just how gruesome they can be (according to her).

So after some time they both run into an owl and it was shot down point-blank by our gunner. I didn’t think they would do this, but they all took the owl captive and blamed it for the “ghost appearing”.

Scamp had brought this picture to my attention before I could ever notice it myself, and along with it came a comment on how A-1 Pictures did a great job paying attention to even the little details. A question pops in my head though, “Did they even WANT us to notice that?” Because, if they did, then they screwed up. If that ghost hand in this picture (right next to Sorami) had something to do with the story-line, then they did a poor job implementing it in the story. In my opinion, it was so subtle that I doubt it will become anything.

I noticed in this episode that Rio’s voice, Ryōko Shiraishi, is the same as Kanako Sumiyoshi’s in Nyan Koi. Personally I think Rio’s voice needed to be a little more softer, yet still stern. She’s still my Fav character!

I would count this scene as the funniest from all the episode. And the worst part about the three girls is that Filicia is starting to remind me of Mikako Satsukitane from Sora No Otoshimono. And if anyone knows who I’m talking about, they know she was an evil (yet very sexy) bitch… in a nice and subtle way. If that’s possible.

Yea, it looks like its all fun and games, but when it comes down to business these girls really know how to work it. screw it up. XD Well, like I said before, I’m going to keep watching. Not because I’m forcing myself to keep my eyes peeled for any hint of a storyline, but mainly because there were plenty of hints pointing to a promising storyline. For me, I’ve always preferred a more romance-sided story, (and unless this show is yuri, then its not any of the above), but after watching moe for the first time, it’s kinda like drinking a nice cold bottle of Coke; refreshing.

Want to watch? Click here. Want to download? Click here.

GRADE – 7 (out of 10)

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  1. 4 February 2010 at 1:59 am

    Perhaps watching anime for years has somewhat jaded me, but I never really thought about the significance of young girls enlisting in the military. Thank you for linking that article, it let me view the series in a little bit different light.

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