Durarara 4

Brain Base does it again! Despite that it lacked the sheer action of Ep 3, it was still interesting, and My shojo-manga-is-better-than-shounen-manga kind of preference and enjoyment of conversing episodes actually got me too like this Ep better.  I finished this note a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago.  Then wordpress DID NOT save my work, when I saved the #@)$#)$*#)(*$)#(*$)#(*)@ thing.  BUT! It didn’t that is why this post seems so bad.  I redid it AGAIN and it didn’t save that one either.  Sorry if this post is shitty.  I just don’t have the strength to post for the same episode thrice.

I lurv the smell in our love hotel :3

::Disclaimer Start::

Yes folks, I think most shojo manga are better than shounen manga.  Reading Naruto, Bleach, and Fairy Tail for so long has made me lose my interest in action manga.  On the other hand, Bloody Monday, Death Note, and FMA are part of the top 5 manga on my list.  I’m saying all of this because most people (readers) wouldn’t understand how ep 4 is better than ep 3 without knowing this preference.  I AM NOT discriminating against female anime fans.  I know and respect a few anime bloggers namely Blindability and Rabbit Poet.  Another reason is that I don’t try nor want to convince people about my beliefs.  After all, society has influenced us enough already.  On another note, conversing episodes are usually better because they add background info and development.  This episode has especially piqued my specifics-oriented mind.

::Disclaimer End::


The story focuses specifically on and only on our favorite character who brings the out of this world element to the show, Dullahan Selty Sturulson!  I’m going to go with Celty from now on since Celty is like celtic and sounds more, warrior and magical like, which she is.  Going back to the story, It starts of with a video recording of a mysterious person interview a bunch of people. The bully kogals from ep 3 make a cameo along with Miss Suicidal.

"I have no idea of what ur talking about even after getting my ass saved"

*chew* *chew* *blow* *pop*

Turns out, the interviewer/video man is actually the black market doctor, (umm… checks stolen screen caps from Scamp) Shinra..

See the HORSE!

Judging from his composure in pictures he seemed to be a nutter with an enigmatic personality.  I was right, for the most part, the guy is enigmatic.  A black market doctor that does surgery for wounds caused by illegal weapons and surgery for changing appearance.  He is unlicensed, but heavily relied on by others in the underground  He lives in a pretty swanky apartment building.  Bourgeois black sculptures of horses and cows

Leather reclining chains.  glass door way.  Chrome Pixar lamps.  Classy living rooms.

You got what I mean.  So, we see Shinra entering saying “Tadaima!”  He hears the showers going and enter to see this.  Ah yes, but he continues talking.  Even after seeing a naked woman’s body with no head, he acts as if he is seeing something that is perfectly normal.  Then again…

::Trackback Start::

After Celty gets her pay from Izaya (in cash), Izaya tells her about an artist with an obsession over a Dullahan he saw.  She zooms off to look for the man.  Turns out it was a dud.  Since he saw her after she lost her head, she interrogates him further heard this from was a well-dressed man who had a habit of twirling pens.  She comes home depressed.

::Trackback End::

Then Shinra starts filming again.  here we hear some interesting facts about Celty along with how Shinra and Celty first met.

::Memory Start::

Celty wakes up in the middle of a cemetery lost and confused.  She knew who she was, how to use her powers, and a vague idea of where she was.  She, however, did not know why, how, or when she got there.  Also, she can not remember her past.  She looks for her head and cannot find it.  But, her spider senses tingle her to a certain direction.  She follows her instincts to a ship.  however her horse can not go with her especially since it comes with a cart.  She could part with her familiar who is a spirit controlling a corpse of a horse, but she decides against and gets a new body for her horse/familiar instead.  Pimp my Ride has officially been changed to Haunt my Ride.  (If you don’t know the show, don’t ask)  She stows away and 4 year old Shinra finds her.  With the wise wisdom of a 4 year old, Shinra informs his father.  This father has a habit of twirling pens.  (yes, your suspicions are not unfounded)  Shinra’s papa makes a strange bargain with Celty.  An autopsy of her body for a life-time guarantee of a place to stay.  I’ll leave the dissection pix in the Thoughts section.  I don’t want to mind rape our 11 year old viewers in case we have any ;).  I’ll leave the details alone too.  The dad is like THIS dude in Code Gae-ass.  (That title was just asking for it)  A man given up his humanity in the name of science.  So Mr. Psychopath subjegates his 4 year old son to headless porn and necrophilia.

::Disturbing Memory End::

He’s doing this video for the future generations to see blah blah blah… So, his mission = find out her values in life.

Thoughts: “It’s a long story with tedious details but I want you to listen with a majestic heart.”

1. The black GN particles coming out of her neck

This void is like a black hole.  Sux up material and gains info from it.  Now for those dissecting pix.

2 Responses to “Durarara 4”

  1. 1 blindability
    5 February 2010 at 1:55 am

    Have you watched Katanagatari yet? (I know, I know: shameless promotion…) There’s a lot of talk in that! Plus I’m really sorry you were having issues with WordPress saving your work in progress. If it helps, I normally type all my reviews in a Word Document before putting it on WordPress.

  2. 2 Yorichigo
    5 February 2010 at 7:57 am

    KATANAGATARI For The Win !!

    Just sayin’

    Nice review btw xD

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