Hanamaru Kindergarten: Yotsubato on Steroids

Hanamaru Kindergarden is awesome for two reasons:

1.  Yotsuba incarnate.  I don’t know about you, but Yotsuba made laugh.

2. Yamamoto-senpai :3

Since you all pretty much saw this or skipped it, I’ll assume that you skipped and give you a nice summary after the jump.

Summary: “You’re hitting on me aren’t you?”

Our protagonist, Naozumi Tsuchida, has just graduated high school.  Without even giving college a thought, he gets a job at a kindergarten.  He is a vidoita (video specialist otaku) ::Disclaimer:: Please don’t kill me OEG, but making fun of otakus is fun :3 ::Disclaimer End::  After playing video games for too long, he wakes up realizing that he has over slept.  He races on his bike to his first day of work.   On his way, he passes by this girl with a kindergarten uniform.  He asks what she is doing.  Suddenly, she comes to the conclusion that he is hitting on her.  Poor Tsuchida, the stereotypical misunderstood vidoita.

"You're hitting on me!" Nampa-ne!

Although this line made me automatically like this series and associate it with Yotsuba, this line will not make it to my 12 memories of 2010.  The fossil is still the best so far out of this winter season.  Going back to the summary.   He runs off seeing that he is late for work.  Her mom catches up to Anzu, the disillusioned child.  They go to her kindergarten and explore a bit led by the overly energetic Anzu.   She climbs up the jungle gyms (quite colorfully painted like everything else)  and screams to the world how fun kindergarten is.


::Personal Memory Start::

On the first day of kindegarten, I cried like hell the entire day.  Then the next day, I was too busy discussing why Charmander is a better choice than Bulbasaur to a fellow classmate to cry.

::Personal Memory End::

Tsuchida gets chided and goes to help Yamamoto-senpai.  Yamamoto-senpai is the heart and soul of this anime.  Without her, it wouldn’t be “Yotsubato on Steroids” just “Yotsubato Reborn”  Enough said.  *drum roll*

Yamamoto-senpai :3

I could stare at the photo for all eternity.  ^___^ JK.  Tsuchida and I agree on one thing.  This girl is hot!  XD But the one thing that makes me and Tsuchida different is that I can only stare at Tsuchida in murderous rage.  =_= Tsuchida on the other hand gets to sit next to her.  GAH!  After they finish dividing the classes.  The opening ceremony begins.  In a sexist fashion, the myriad of parents frown upon the vidoita as a teacher.

More Yamamoto-sensei

Heheh sorry…


and more Yamamoto-sensei!

"What's that on his face?"

"he hit on me!"

"Ah! a bear!" (""_(O_O)_/"")

Anzu-chan declares to the entire kindergarten along with the parents.  I didn’t laugh at this point.  Rather kept on staring at Yamamoto-sensei.  :3  You can guess what happened next.  Tsuchida is watching over the kids with Yamamoto-sensei and the rest of the staff.  The shy girl with the ribbon loses her ribbons and starts crying.  Anzu with her insane monkey like climbing skill crawls up the tree where it is stuck.  She gets the ribbon falls and is caught by Tsuchida.   After the day ends, we see that Tsuchida and Anzu’s mom were in the same school together.

Video Otaku much?  Well, that sums it all up.  What I also like about this show is that it changes its ending every episode.  I like variety and calamity as long as there is focus so I got to like it.


If you like yotsuba, you will like this.  It is pretty kiddy, but take your time watching this.  Watch half of it one day and the rest of it the next.  You’ll probably enjoy it more like this.  Because everyone has a kiddy tolerance level similar to an alcohol tolerance level.  You can only take so much in before you puke.  I doubt that there will be a plot so for those shounen hardcore people.  It won’t work out.  Hanamaru is like a good joke.  It’s good but can get dragged on for too long.

go Yamamoto-senpai!!!


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