Sora no Woto episode 5 & 6

As I write this post, I bring sad news: Kaza is unfortunately not part of Team Zero anymore.  The details are slightly more complicated, but he has personal reasons for leaving.  I myself, and the rest of Team Zero, wish him the best of luck and hope to hear him in the near future.  That being said, I will take over Sora no Woto but be sure to check out Kaza’s works during his time here on Bokutachi no Blog: https://brianandrew.wordpress.com/author/kazarine/

Air gear- ikki kaza

Farewell, and we will miss you.

Episode five-  Mountain Hiking: The Ends of the World (山踏ミ・世界ノ果テ)

The squad take a ‘field trip’ to the mountains where some observers need a maintenance check. Kanata, Kureha and Noël are forced to carry heavy backpacks on their hike up. Whilst they find the first observer quickly, the next one lies at the top of a mountain. They take a break at a running river but soon return to find their backsacks ravaged of their food and their compass. Despite the hunger, they eventually manage to find the remaining observers. At the last observer, Filicia shows the others signatures left by former members who had observed No Man’s Land from that point. They are then taken to a hot spring where Rio, who had fought against a boar to get some berries, awaits.

Episode six – Kanata’s Day Off: Hair Braiding (彼方ノ休日・髪結イ)

The group give Kanata her paycheck early and she goes into town to spend it. In actuality, it is to get her out of the way whilst the others illegally trade some calvados to make some money. When they get word from Naomi that some investigators are planning to snoop in on the deal, they stage a mock shoot out to scare them off. Meanwhile, one of Yumina’s orphans, Mishio, runs off when she objects to having her hair brushed. Kanata finds her at the market, where she reveals she is looking for a certain box. Yumina explains to Kanata the box was a memento of Mishio’s mother that was taken when she died. Mishio ends up on a roof, but the noise from the mock shoot out causes her to slip. Kanata manages to save her before she falls, though it causes some rocks to fall that smash into the investigators’ car. While apologizing to Naomi, they notice the box Mishio had been looking for. Mishio decides to give it to Yumina as a symbol of how much she cares for her.

My thoughts

Well, I’m going to be honest: when I first looked at this anime, I thought it would just be a copy of STRIKE Witches and K-ON, and boy am I glad that I decided to continue watching this anime.  While the artwork remains very similar to the formers, the storyline and character designs are much more interesting and realistic.  Sora no Woto has been an incredible anime to watch, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was one of the nominees for the best anime contender of 2010 (trust me – Team Zero and I have been looking at the spring season… and it doesn’t look that great aside from one or two… at least in my opinion).  Anyways, I am honored to take over this and keep watchin’.

Preview – episode 7 “Chirping Crickets: Spirits Down the River”


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