Durarara Episode 6

Spoilers are a bitch’s shit, but since you aren’t planning to give away the damn female dog, why not use them as fertilizer?  Who knows, it may have eaten the interior of a coconut and the shit will become the soil that fertilizes the coconut tree.  In the middle of a pennisula…   Surrounded by LAKE water…  In the middle of winter…  buried in six inches of snow…   ‘_’; yay?  Explaination after the jump.  The show is as good as ever.  Very consistent with the new twists giving us more to theorize about.  I just noticed but these guys need to change what they wear every so often.  I know it would take more time but it would look cooler…

I swear I got this pic on my own and before Scamp did! I @$@$ took this from a raw from Animetake!

I have a lot of explaining to do so let me begin with the spoiler+coconut-found-in-a-lake metaphor. ::Warning Spoiler Up ahead I’ll warn again

From Scamps review of DRRR 6

I won’t say I was look ing for ward to these guys finally get ting an epis ode of their own, because that’s not quite true. But I did think that is des per ately what Dur arara needed because these guys were becom ing an odd group that seemed to serve no pur pose except to make otaku ref er ences and carry round card board cutouts of hot wolf girls. But what I didn’t expect is for them to per form so well, this was my favour ite epis ode of Dur arara so far. Being a mem ber of Dol lars was a total shock. I assumed these were the nor mal people in the show (to a given value of nor mal) but that’s been shoved in my face. Every one is involved some how in this giant gang war and head less hunt some how. Except Mikado. Again, the reason he sticks out in this show is because he is the only truly nor mal per son in this show.

Read more: http://thecartdriver.com/durarara-episode-6/#ixzz0fT2WEHFC

Now consider the fact that this is from a novel (the same one as Baccano!).  Then, think about how messed up this series is.  Read the last sentence again.  Let me tell you a little spoiler.

::Warning! Spoiler Warning!::   Instructions- Do NOT read caption.

no one is normal

I know the picture is from episode 5.  Anyhow, the Quadakus ( you know the otakus with Dotachin, Erica, Walker, and the other guy) are part of Dollars.  I knew this before hand thanks to crossing several sites that ruined it for me.  Dollars is kind of like an exclusive facebook group that only invite select people.  These people meet on the homepage but they don’t know each other.  The leader is no where to be seen.  Plus, there are no rules or objection.  The only thing that will change about you will be that you can claim to be part of  Dollars.  Like I said, a facebook group where the members are losely bonded in a confederacy.  They have no common mission, interest, nor trait.  Just the fact of being in Dolarzu.

we are Dollars

They help this old man named Kaztano who helps the guy with  long hair (not Erica) get front row seats.   I found him annoying, but him having at least a bit of mental fortitude and cunning delighted my Athena-fanboy.  So, I decided to cheer for his survival.  The Dolarkus (Their new name, like it?) go on a car chase and chase the goons form ep 1 down.  They find out about Namie Yagiri, Seiji Yagiri’s older sister,  ::Edit:: fine they just find the pharmaceutical company ::Edit::, and decide to investigate another day.

You got fail


I laughed hard when everyone said that Mikado was normal.  I laughed hard.  Not the normal chuckle.  No the hysterical Kira Yagami laugh.  I just ruined it for everyone haven’t I?

sinamon, monta, and utumin

The manga makes the Erica-Walker torture scene much much more twisted.

look it's cencoroll

Hi, this is Namie, the psycho-whore who does experiments on live humans, would you like some intestines from our latest test subjects? We don't need them as of now and are practically rotting in our basement.


Well, at least the head is happy.

Currently, I am working on a chart of all the characters and their relationships together.  I hope to finish this by ep 7 so that viewers can

1. keep track of names

2. keep track of whic name goes to which face.

3. The characters’ relationships together.

That is my excuse for not doing my ep 5 post.

Coconuts appear in the most random places…


6 Responses to “Durarara Episode 6”

  1. 1 SPIRAL
    14 February 2010 at 4:37 pm

    mmhmm… “you got fail” LOL

  2. 15 February 2010 at 4:46 pm

    In terms of the character chart – Thank You! Seriously so many faces in this series it’ll be nice to just have a chart to look at. Sure a few characters stand out, but some are just vague.

    So yeah Dollars less of a big deal than I expected. I agree with the guess that Izaya is behind the Dollars since it seems like him. Create a group like that and see how it evolves.

  3. 3 Lem
    15 February 2010 at 5:27 pm

    Well, I’m sure Mikado will show his true colors… eventually.

    I haven’t looked at much, but I think I got a good feeling of who crazy katana lady is, if only guessing from appearance.

  4. 4 Anraku
    16 February 2010 at 3:58 am

    LOL @ the fact that you include spoilers here and yet you refer to hat girl as “the head” :3

  5. 5 Poro
    17 February 2010 at 2:35 am

    1. I haven’t looked at all the spoilers. I was researching about Durarara to see if I had my facts straight. Of course, I have an odd case of amnesia that strikes me randomly for about 30 seconds with occasional relapses. Everyone knows what a spoiler Wiki is and yet I clicked. I read and it didn’t quite register in my mind that it was a spoiler. I caught myself and preventede anymore ruination. So yeah, I don’t know all the spoilers. Just some of them…

    2. I strongly believe in Scamp’s head theory although it may not be necessaryily true…

    WHAT OAO it is the head?!?!?! See what I mean, you partially spoiled it for me and yet I didn’t know until now. Thanks for ruining another theory and partially spoiling.

  6. 6 Poro
    17 February 2010 at 2:36 am


    *What *A* it isn’t the head?!?!?

    Some corrections

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