Have You Seen THAT?

Executive Otaku has put up a beautiful post on THAT after interviewing some of The Greats in anime blogging. He’s asked seven writers – Kabitzin from Sea Slugs!, Scamp from The Cart Driver, Ghostlightning of We Remember Love, NovaJinx from Jinx.fi, RabbitPoets, Eternal from The Moestrom, and Crusader who also writes for THAT – a series of questions, collecting a treasure trove of helpful advice for new bloggers and anyone who’s interested in the whole blogging scene. Plus you get a glimpse as to why these guys love what they do.



Welcome to Bokutachi no Blog. That's "Our Blog" in Japanese. Our Anime Blog, to be exact. And if you landed to this page by accident, probably in search for ecchi stuff, then you should regret to have hit this page. Don't worry, this blog is children-safe and no misdemeanor acts here. Sorry, you bald, middle-aged perverts. But thanks for the hit anyway.

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