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Well we learned one thing: I was wrong. Nemuru is the Scythe Girl. I’m sure NO ONE aside from me is surprised and I’m really not that surprised because it does make sense. If you’re wondering why I was so against thinking she was the Scythe Girl before, it’s because I’m not the most logical person, and either get caught up in being over-analytical, or on the very simple surface details (like how Nemuru has black/purple hair but the Scythe Girl has white). I’ll explain my theory after I get my foot out of my mouth.

So allow me to explain myself. I had wanted to believe that Nemuru and Scythe Girl were two separate entities because I wanted to think that Nemuru lived with her family in the New Town while the Scythe Girl and her pack lived in the Old Town. I thought that Nemuru, along with her family, were advocates for medical treatment when it came to their Wolven contemporaries rather than abiding by the Old Laws where they are slaughtered for breaking the law – which is something that is very difficult not to do under these dire conditions which they’re currently experiencing. But I was wrong, and I’ll admit it. Nemuru is the Scythe Girl.

Synopsis: A town gathering calls for action against the “one” problem person. One means Hiroshi. One also means that neither his father nor sister share in whatever pain (or lust) he’s causing for the other Wolves in Jouga. The villagers think it’s better to eliminate the one causing the problems than to see more of their own falling because of him. The Kushinada family seems torn on the issue but sticks to their current policy of dealing with each case as it comes. On the other side of things, Nemuru’s Uncle, the doctor, tries to work something out with Sakaki’s Pharmaceutical company to mass produce the pills they need to help the “convulsions” of the townspeople. In this meeting, Sakaki reveals that he knows more about Jouga and its people than expected.

At school, Isuzu is missing a lot of class. It’s obvious that Issei’s murder weighs heavily on her and I don’t blame her for playing hooky: I’d rather miss English class than sit in the same room as my brother’s murderer too (even if my brother was creepy and tried to take advantage of my boyfriend). After one instance where Isuzu misses school, Hiroshi decides to drop off her homework for her – but her mother doesn’t allow him to see her. After he’s turned away, Isuzu’s mom breaks down and starts crying, blaming Issei’s decline and subsequent death on Hiroshi’s temptation. All the while Isuzu’s been thinking about whether or not her feelings for Hiroshi are actually love. The entire ordeal seems pretty painful for her what with Nemuru’s stern warning, the heartbreak of her parents, and the residual emotional trauma of having just lost her brother.

After learning that her mom turned Hiroshi away, Isuzu calls him up herself and arranges to meet with him in a nearby park – where they won’t be interrupted. I was starting to wonder, in this episode, if Hiroshi didn’t reciprocate Isuzu’s feelings; he must care about her on some level… Anyway, their rendezvous in the park brings us full circle to the opening scene of the series in the very first episode, though this one was more detailed, and much darker. I really like this Isuzu, haha. Where she was hiding those two knives though, I’ll never know. Confronted by Nemuru – who abandoned her normal duties as Hunter to deal with Isuzu – the two battle it out with neither the victor. Determined to experience her first love, Isuzu snatches Hiroshi up and flies him to… some other place. There she discovers that he doesn’t share her feelings and rather than dying at the hands of Nemuru, she leaps off the building and is caught up by the hunting pack and whisked away into the night.

Confused (and a little outraged), Hiroshi demands an answer from Nemuru. The only thing he gets is knocked out by the butt of Nemuru’s scythe.

Thoughts: So it’s not just the lack of Hassaku that’s making this a bad time for Hiroshi and his family to move to Jouga; it’s the heat as well. And without knowing who or what Kaori really is yet, the heat may be affecting more than just the Wolves. Seeing more of Kaori really makes me wonder what her relation to Mieko is – or if there’s any relation at all. With how things are going in this town, you can’t really know for sure.

Ah: But for Nemuru’s hair colour change, (after Sakaki had baited the doctor to show his “true” form) I figure that when Nemuru hunts the fallen wolves, she changes into her “true” form – or at least one step closer to her true form if that isn’t her truest form.

So when exactly is this Hassaku Festival going to take place? And I wonder if it’ll make things better or worse…

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  1. 15 February 2010 at 11:17 am

    I can understand not wanting Nemuru to be the scythe girl. I think her family is simply guardians for their people. They are trying to go with other options like medical treatment to help, but they also bear the responsibility of putting down fallen wolves. Instead of there being two groups it’s just the one.

    Kaori’s situation really made me curious. Is this happening to more than just her? Or is Kaori something different from everyone else in the village? Plus her connection to Meiko makes you wonder.

    A pretty good episode with all that happened. Still questions, but we are getting somewhere.

  2. 2 blindability
    15 February 2010 at 11:39 am

    @FlareKnight: I like your reasoning about the Kushinada family and their responsibilities as the guardians of their people. Darn: if only I listened to you (and others) – and LOGIC – and accepted that Nemuru was most likely the Scythe Girl.

    Now that the Nemuru/Scythe Girl mystery has been cleared up (good timing too; we would’ve gotten irritated if they kept it a secret for too long), Kaori’s the newest installment of “what?”

  3. 15 February 2010 at 12:16 pm

    I think the biggest problem is Kaori. I also think that’s the person they want to get rid of, the one that’s been causing all of their problems.

    Her arm is hella suspicious. She may very well be the main wolf god incarnation (evidenced by people flocking to her constantly). The music is a ruse!

  4. 15 February 2010 at 2:38 pm

    Well I think it was good that someone had a different view on Nemuru. Besides if it had turned out that way I would have looked bad for jumping to conclusions. At least we got an answer about something and can now look for more answers.

    One question answered, but many more remain. Kaori really became a key one since she was already a mysterious figure. She seems different from the usual people and hasn’t had any big reaction to Hiroshi either. Sure we still have plenty of series to go so they can take their time with the answers. Doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to finding them out though.

    Talented musicians are always suspicious.

    • 5 blindability
      15 February 2010 at 2:45 pm

      @Aleks: That is SO insightful. Now I’ll have to rethink all my theories… Going to keep my eye on that Kaori – not that she wasn’t highly suspect before.

      @FlareKnight: I should learn not to jump to conclusions, but at least it keeps my mind working on what could be possible.

  5. 6 RP
    16 February 2010 at 9:33 am

    @ Aleks: ooh, interesting theory. Interesting that old people are flocking to Kaori, while Hiro seems to have that effect on younger people – although Kaori doesn’t seem to have that sexy primal effect on them (thankfully!).

    The whole “species” and “true form” thing, I keep wanting to think is a kind of red herring, an over reliance on superstition. But based on what we’ve “seen” (superpowers and whatnot), it seems legit. But I think I keep doubting it, because it feels too obvious, too simple.

  6. 7 SPIRAL
    16 February 2010 at 6:33 pm

    It was obvious that Nemuru would be the scythe girl… right? (I stopped at episode four) lol

  7. 8 blindability
    16 February 2010 at 11:32 pm

    @RP: It might seem too simple, but I over thought whether or not Nemuru was the Scythe Girl and they turned out to be the same person in the end. But it definitely could go either way; I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see what’s revealed in episode seven.

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