Sora no Woto episode 7

I was just reading that the second season of K-ON! will be called K-ON!!, since two exclamation points apparently signifies that it’s the second season.  They did that with Hayate no Gotoku! and its second season, Hayate no Gotoku!!, which I think was a total fail of a sequel.  Hopefully, the second season will… wait, what the… this is Sora no Woto.  I’m sorry, how could I ever make the mistake between this and Strike Witc… I mean K-ON.  Anyways, before I hurt myself, here’s episode numero siete.


Showering Sound of Cicadas: Spirits Down the River (蝉時雨・精霊流シ)

Everyone prepares for Fiesta des Lumiéres, which starts to bring bad memories for Filicia, whose teammates were killed in a previous battle. Voices in her head were telling her to kill herself, but she was rescued by the girl who plays Amazing Grace, Princess Iria. The girls later send off paper lanterns in the river and Filicia tells Rio her reason for living. Meanwhile, a priest seems to recognise Rio from somewhere.

I personally am starting to get tired of the episodes focused on the individual character’s past because we all know that every character will learn to overcome it in the end.  But other than that, it was much more fast-paced than the previous episodes with Felicia’s past and certainly welcoming to my taste.   The producers got a lot of different things into this one episode and at the same time kept a light mood with comical situations.  Hopefully, the plot will go somewhere but with the same action as I saw in this episode.

Preview: (電話番・緊急事態ヲ宣言ス)


3 Responses to “Sora no Woto episode 7”

  1. 18 February 2010 at 12:12 am

    Yeah, it’s another character focus episode, but this is personally the one I’ve been waiting for since episode 2. You could probably figure out stuff about Noël just based on her character type, but it’s the seemingly happy ones that seem to have the most interesting pasts in these series.

    Also, it’s good that it can still manage to plug lighthearted scenes into a dark plot. Too many series lose the former when they start pushing the latter. *coughTriguncough*

  2. 2 Poro
    18 February 2010 at 12:17 am

    A perfect example of funny and serious in one is Tower of Druaga! The Sword of Aegis. It doesn’t lose the magic that the previous series did yet kept it quite serious. I like the opening picture. And ZOMGWWRDUFOQWERTY spidertanks!!!!!

  3. 18 February 2010 at 4:31 am

    I thought this was a pretty good episode since it shed a lot of light on the world while dealing with an individual character. Finally get a hint of what happened in the past to make the world like it is now. Seems like those tanks were up against something incredibly powerful. Considering that power are we talking about some kind of extraterrestrial attack? Either way considering the power it’s no surprise the world was left in shambles.

    Nice to see what those spider tanks can do when in good condition and handled by a skilled crew.

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