Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu episode 9

For some odd reason, it felt like an incredibly short time since episode 8 came out, and I found myself wondering, “What the…”  Obviously, Baka to Test aired weekly, but to me it only felt like seven days!  And we all know that’s way shorter than a week by far.  Anyways, it’s Baka to Test, so we shouldn’t expect anything out of the normal, except for the typical humor, funny lines, and an interesting group of ‘bakas’.

This episode is probably the first anime episode where I’m afraid of the hot girl.  Basically, Yoshii’s sister comes home (she’s Akira Yoshii and he’s Akihisa Yoshii) and she’s seeing whether or not Akihisa is fit to live alone, under the conditions that he doesn’t game for more than thirty minutes each day and does not have any relationships with girls, which include going to the movies with them, eating crepes with them, eating their lunches, or holding hands with them.  Basically, Yoshii is screwed as it is, but what a weird sister.  She undresses on the train (in the open… yes, in the open) into a bathrobe since she was ‘sweating’.  The narrator unnecessarily makes a comment that she’s an E-cup at the beginning of the episode but other than that, it looks like we’re in for another fun episode.

“Can I stay over at your place?  I don’t really feel like going back to mine tonight” – Yoshii sends this text to Yuuji but everyone else seems to misinterpret it as… homo.  Although this element wasn’t that comical because we knew that there was a good reason why Yoshii is choosing not to stay at his own place, the reactions of the other characters are hilarious.  As well as the thoughts they have of what Yoshii x Yuuji could look like.  Wow, but Yoshii starts to study since he needs a “healthy” lifestyle and everyone starts to worry about him (wow, he’s like me except I actually get the grades).  So in the end, they want to form a study group at his house, which he desperately tries to get out of but miserably fails.  LoL “I have 2000 porn magazines that bury my room!”

Anyways they go to his house and after a short interlude of misunderstanding (well, there are bras and underwear drying so what do you expect), the bakas have dinner and being to study.  During this time, I really believe that his hot sister is seriously screwed up in the head since she takes off 60 points for not having an brother-sister incest porn.  We find out that Yoshii likes girls with big boobs and ponytails (Himeji and Minami fluster).  Anyway, towards the end of the episode we find out that Akira is doing a lot for her brother and realizes that she really does care for him, even if he is “Alexander the Great”.  (If you don’t get it, watch the episode).  And it’s the first episode where we see a visual ending with the plot still continuing.  Good siblings are good, and efforts are a means of getting somewhere.

(Hideyoshi’s excited that he’s not mistaken as a girl for once…)

Like I said in the previous post, Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu gets harder and harder to give thoughts to because it basically stays the same, except for the subtle plot changes in each episode.  Well, it could’ve been worse… like blogging each episode of the Endless Eight writing eight new entries.  Anyways, I really liked the introduction of a new character (Akira Yoshii) but not the character herself, who is an obsessed incest-nymph.  But you can tell that she really loves her brother… “as a woman”.  She’s an interesting character and she’s reminds me of another love-obsessed character in this series… *cough cough*.  It’ll be interesting to see the two characters meet (if they ever) and I wonder if it’s the last we’ll see of Akira.  I’m expecting her to be a side-character from now on but we’ll just have to wait.  Keep watchin’


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