Working!! and Durararara 9

I know I am very late. Guess why.  If you thought the following you are partly right:



3. Because you can

On to the actual post.

That’s why I hate old bitches

Go run around outside and burn off some of that ugly fat

I am not a lolicon, I am a minicon (a nice twist)

I like puppies, kittens, small children, and of course the Daphnia.

I have the desire to protect cute helpess small things :3

Violence is bad

Now to go to the Darkside…

Ash Like Snow (now downable at the download page ;))

For the lewd people that can guess what this is about.


So we get some serious shit going on.  Seiji is a psychopath with no remorse for stabbing, killing, and facing Shizuo head on for his true love.  Stabbing and killing are excusable.  Facing Shizuo is the biggest mistake you can ever make.  Izaya likes playing weird variations of games, but I have respect for his cool office.  Namie chases her incestuous lover down.  Celty finds Hurulu (Celty Struluson + Mika Harima = Hurulu.).  Mikado plays hero and saves her.  At the end of the episode, Hurulu and Namie confess their love.   Now for a bunch of Screencaps.

Needless to say, a very odd way to fall in love

What an awkard way to fight…

What an awkward way to meet a grim reaper and its head which is stuck on a corpse of a former stalker.

Namie: please make me your whore Seiji: *emoemoemoemoemoemoemoemoe*

I am quite certain that this show is awkward.

This reminded me of Takemoto’s room.

My theorization.

Shinra knows nothing.  He’s just there to help Celty reveal her thoughts and events.  He is also the person who happy-ending-fies Celty at the end of the story.  He marries Celty or they become lovers and eventually go on a trip.  I bet my Haruhism avatar on this ending for them.

I wonder if the series will have time to push in all the plots in.  I am pretty sure that Mikado will have another plot seperate from this.  Well, I can’t think of anymore to say.


The pieces are slowly falling together.  Bit by bit.  The ending will be revealed.

Is it just be or is it that animebloggers get more and more cynical over a period of time because they have “seen it before” or “nothing is unique”

We are ubiquitous.  Expect us.


5 Responses to “Working!! and Durararara 9”

  1. 1 Super Noodles
    11 March 2010 at 6:18 am

    Last episode felt tired but this episode took up the pace again. Finally 3 important characters met (Mikado,Dollface,Celty) and the plot goes on. I don’t know who Takemoto is. The Namie/Seiji incestuous relationship is creepin’ off the creep-o-meter. More creep than a creep colony. Namie creep.

  2. 11 March 2010 at 7:10 am

    Working should be pretty fun. Gotta love the minicon bit.

    Anyways clearly that brother sister duo are both completely insane. Both are dangerous especially Seiji who has no concept of remorse. His “love” is more important than laws, lives, and sensibility. I mean he killed the stalker girl because she saw “the head”. I think he was more troubled about the blood messing up the room than the fact he had killed someone. Shizuo should have beaten up Seiji some more for good measure.

    Anyways Shizuo was badass as always. He gets to pull out a cool line like he’s always wanted and stopping the stab with his hand (literally) was nice. I suppose after all Shizuo has gone through having a pen partly sticking through his hand isn’t the weirdest thing.

    I do wonder about Shinra and how much he knows. Certainly puts a spin on his attempts to get Celty to give up on her head. Of course I still think it mostly has to do with him being worried she will leave if she finds her head.

    Anyways interesting to have numerous key characters run into each other here. Wonder just how it will be resolved.

  3. 4 arman
    12 March 2010 at 2:56 am

    no way…takemoto only had a noisy refrigerator in his room which led him to his spiritual resonance…look! mikado got a laptop in his room which will lead him to the porn sites. how can u call those the same!

    • 5 Poro
      13 March 2010 at 11:43 pm

      Simple, takemoto had porn hidden under the sheets. Mikado has an icebox or really does have a refrigerator. But yes, the main difference is that Takemoto did not have a laptop.

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