Why Natsu vs. Gajeel will be the most epic anime fight

… or will it? That’s a good question to ask ourselves as Fairy Tail ends up in battle against Phantom Guild. Yes, it’s one of the most-anticipated battles between mages, but even more anticipated is Natsu going against his iron-counterpart, Gajeel. Personally, Gajeel is one of my favorite characters because of his carefree and take-no-shit attitude. People fear him, yet respect him.

Only a dumbass like Natsu can have the balls to take him on… and win.

Natsu has been criticized to be almost exactly like Luffy from One Piece , and his die-hard attitude really shows that he’s willing to do anything to win a fight, and he’ll get stronger from it too. So when he’s up to fight Gajeel, will he have a hard time to win? Will the anime elaborate more on what the manga missed out, or should we expect a short-easy battle between Gajeel and Natsu.

I personally think that this anime reeks of cheesiness and no action when it comes to fights. Sure,they have kickass powers, but the contact is very limited and very cartoonish. Like I’ve always said, if Fairy Tail had blood like One Piece, then it could be as epic as the series in the long run. Natsu and Gajeel will ruin the epitome of anime fights, and whenever one of us see people with super powers brawling it out, we will always stereotype Fairy Tail into it and be disappointing.

Or could the anime creators finally have some sense in them and make this fight actually worthwhile to watch? Your choice.

Pics have been going weird so… I’ll get that fixed asap


1 Response to “Why Natsu vs. Gajeel will be the most epic anime fight”

  1. 18 March 2010 at 12:19 am

    I really hope they do a good job when the big fight occurs. They have taken a safe stance and not pushed things as far as possible. There really has been almost no blood. It’s hard to complain too much since at least they aren’t using a ton of stills anymore and having cut scenes for Natsu’s attacks. Just hope they can really kick it up and have an epic battle. I’m not optimistic.

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