Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ = doomed to failure

Looking at all the hype that continues to build before the second season of Sekirei, aptly named Sekirei ~pure engagement~, airs (when it does… take your time), I can’t help to wonder why the second season will be so great?  I mean, we’ve all been expecting something out of it and the top Google search for ‘sekirei season 2’ always leads to Bokutachi no Blog… and sadly, it’s been in the top five posts daily for every single day that it’s been out.  Why are people looking so forward to it, and why will it be something to look forward to?

The answer is: it won’t.  Unless you’re watching it for the oppai-action, you won’t get anything from watching it.  Yes, hot girls will be fighting each other with super powers.  Yes, they will end up ripping clothing articles off each other.  Yes, they will kiss the lucky bastards who gave them wings, but it’ll only be battle after battle with no plot, and we’ve seen the best of these at the end of the first season.

The Sekirei Wars will be epic, with humans versus the strongest Sekirei.  BUT that will probably only be for one episode.  The other eleven/twelve/OVAs will be pointless filler and/or episodes of lame battles that have endings that either disappoint or finish too easily.  I’ve been keeping up with the manga, so I know what to expect from the second season.  I won’t spoil what happens, but don’t expect something great.

Your choice, your call – I’ll be watching as well, but I’ll bet my ten bucks that I (and some of you too) will be pissed as hell for a disappointing wait.

7 Responses to “Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ = doomed to failure”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    28 March 2010 at 5:11 am

    I tend to disagree with you, because of the fact that you learn some new things that make it seem like “WTF!” and if you think its just battle after battle, its not. Its the discovery of the past of some of the characters and the difficulties Minato goes though to keep his own sekirei alive.

  2. 3 KazeNoKaji
    30 March 2010 at 10:03 am

    lol well they started with 108 Sekireis and 1 escaped and a few got eliminated or got eliminated behind the scenes >.> so you gotta expect them to do some pointless fightning or else the would never end the game x.x and hey we are mans so who cares if its pointless atleast it gots some oppai actions xD and sometimes they dont really follow the manga properly like Full Metal Alchemist their season wasnt following the manga but the 2nd(Full Metal Alchemist:Brotherhood) actually followed the manga. well i might be wrong on the Full Metal Alchemist stuff so correct me if im wrong.But lets put some hope on the 2nd Sekirei Season shall we?if you got offended by this post by any reasons,i’m sorry im just telling my own opinions

    • 4 SPIRAL
      30 March 2010 at 4:53 pm

      Naw man it’s completely good. You have a good point there. I do hope that they change the story line a bit because I want Sekirei to be remembered for more than just an oppai-bouncing action anime. Hopefully, they’ll make the fighting interesting each time – best case scenario

  3. 5 comic kid
    19 April 2010 at 1:11 pm

    you have good points but as you say “you won’t get anything from watching it” but if so then the same goes for any other anime i think as long as it is “entertaining” you haven’t wasted your time n i have read the manga also n if it stays to what happens in the manga i think it would be worth while n well at least there not just getting you hooked n stop production on the anime like air gear did that got me soooooooooooo angry id rather a crappy ending then no ending

  4. 6 xn1ghtxm4r3x
    15 June 2010 at 3:21 am

    yea tokko’s ending pissed me off so much because they just cut it off with no ending.

  5. 7 Chuck u'farley
    30 June 2010 at 4:15 am

    Your assuming of course that the anime will follow the manga. After watching the first episode I can tell it isn’t following the manga. The Wind Sekirei is already supposed to be winged at the end of the first season and she isn’t if you will notice.

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