B gata h kei episode 3

Quote of the day:

“Can you please not talk about sex while I’m eating?”


A camera.  What on earth would a guy do with a camera?  If you’re Yamada, you’re already suspecting that Kosuda is going to do a nude-photoshoot with his childhood friend.  If you’re Kosuda, you know that you’re in the photography club and you like to take pictures of nature.  Kosuda takes Yamada out to a nature park for one of his photo sessions and we get a scene where Kosuda is actually good at something and Yamada is attracted to Kosuda for more than just sex.  If you’re Yamada, you don’t understand your feelings and interpret everything as a move towards sex.  If you’re Kosuda, I feel sorry for you.  You get to touch Yamada’s B-region and you don’t realize it because you were in the dark.  Interesting.

Holy ____, it’s ET!

If you’re Yamada, you get hyped because of what happened, and you think you’re an adult now.  The school’s culture festival begins and we find Yamada’s class doing a haunted house.  Yamada takes part in it because she wants to “attack” Kosuda in the dark.  When that fails, she goes to the Photography club display, and realizes Kosuda’s talent as she gets lost in his picture.  While she leaves, she takes part in the Miss Ka_____ of her school, which she wins.  Kosuda becomes sad when he realizes that he and she are so different, but in the end, he resolves that he still wants to be around her.


Surprisingly, this episode was much better than the previous two.  It was just some fail attempts at losing your virginity – both Yamada and Kosuda realized something about themselves and each other than they never realized before.  It’s thank to this episode that I’m watching this series.  Artwork = still shit.  Plot development = getting better.  Hopefully, they can continue this flow in some direction that isn’t painfully obvious to watch.  Wouldn’t count on it though.


3 Responses to “B gata h kei episode 3”

  1. 1 Mae
    20 April 2010 at 11:10 am

    I think where this plot line is going is why i like it so much already. I’m basically the paula abdule of amines, i love everything but i don’t really see that as an issue. I’ve learned that if they are the main character of a show, they are going to be fatally flawed to a ridiculous degree but as the show continues they grow as a person and aren’t horrible to be around, that’s why i generally like the side characters better (i think my favorite person in this sow is the little sister :D). Yamada’s fatal flaw is that everything in her mind correlates back to sex (which i can relate to. i basically know everybody i associate with’s bra size), but by being with kosuda, he’s (unknowingly) teaching her not everything is about sex, and while she started out by using him, she’s starting to have humanly feelings. i’m glad that it’s started on episode 3. a lot of the time it takes a lot longer. Anyway, I personally think that besides yamada’s fatal flaws it’s going to be a great anime.
    P.S. the only thing that really bothers me about this show is the unrealistic size of some of the girls’ boobs. In the boob ranking scale F stand for fake and their too young for implants. 🙂

    • 2 Popovici
      7 April 2011 at 3:18 am

      Do girls like Yamada ever exist? Do most girls think about sex so much? What are some similar tv series similar to this. (Romance/sex and comedy.)

  2. 3 Popovici
    7 April 2011 at 3:13 am

    Do girls like Yamada really exists? I see myself as Yosuda in real life.
    Also. Is there any anime series similar to this with romance and comedy about sex?

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