k-on!! episode two

What would you do with ¥500,000 – or £3,526.87, € 4,022.66, $5,431.38 American, $5,479.77 Canadian, or whatever currency you spend in (conversions found here)? Finding five bucks in your pocket or twenty bucks on the ground isn’t quite the same as having something worth ¥500,000 sitting in your closet, so I’m afraid I’m not sure how closely I can relate to this situation. There is one universal issue that comes up in this episode that all of us can relate to: Money.

I know I may be reading into the storyline a little too much and no I’m not trying to churn up social issues in a carefree type of anime because I feel any particular pressure, but it was honestly something I couldn’t help but pay attention to. What I find interesting is the contrast between Mugi and the four others when it comes to the issue of money. It’s already been established that Mugi is from a wealthy family, and what’s refreshing is that she hasn’t the slightest hint of ‘spoiled brat’ in her. She is, however, clearly sheltered from middle-class “novelties” like working part-time (remember the end of season one?), stores that sell household items, and doing chores that most of us find tedious (I don’t know how many of you have had to shine silverware with that stinky cloth, but boy does it get boring after a few spoons). It’s sweet and endearing the way Mugi is portrayed, but at the same time, it clearly defines the sort of lifestyle that she has. It’s very likely that her family has house staff – butlers, maids, cooks, cleaners, gardeners – who look after everything related to keeping the house in order. The fact that she brings numerous sets of fine tea sets to school implies that not only does her family have many fine things at home, but they allow their daughter to do more or less anything with their possessions (a tea set that used to belong to the Royal Family of Belgium!?) – Or that they don’t care about their stuff. And so when the group finds themselves drooling over ¥500,000 split five ways, Mugi is the only one who’s unfazed. Actually, she doesn’t really seem to grasp the situation at all.

The other girls, on the other hand, start dreaming about how they’ll spend the money. (Why didn’t anyone think of saving their money for University or College next year?) Mio and Ritsu keep with the music theme but Yui… Yui’s fantasy of how to spend her share of the money is just dirty – literally dirty. Maybe how people treat money in Japan is different than let’s say North America, but money has to be one of the most physically dirty things. Think about how many hands it passes through, how many times it’s fallen on the ground or been stepped on; and she wants it to touch her face!?

Sigh: Yui. She’s my number one Space Cadet. There’s a level of air-headedness that everyone can relate to in her – and at the same time it might be safe to say that no one can relate to her completely. I tried to imagine what sort of adult she would be and somehow, I couldn’t do it, haha.

(Although I have to admit that I would do this too.)

To be honest, I would’ve liked a little more of a story in regards to the pawned guitar. I thought maybe they would entertain some questions like who was Sawako-sensei’s father, or who was the friend who gave the guitar to her? A fellow musician? Someone famous perhaps? I was unsurprised that Azu-nyan was the only person who even took an interest in the old guitar though, haha. I think it’s unanimous that while Yui plays the guitar, interest in music and musical instruments rank pretty low with her. (Cake first, useless kero-statues second, turtle abuse third…)

I wonder if the poster of that other band with the seven girls is foreshadowing to new members. Realistically, there will have to be new members eventually but the question is when they will be introduced or if they’ll even be introduced within the time frame of the anime series. As discussed with Christina in the comments for Episode One, our main girls are enough to carry the show right now, but logistically, Azu-nyan needs at least three others to continue the Light Music Club after our four seniors graduate.

And no. The turtle doesn’t count as an active member.


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  1. 1 lelangir
    19 April 2010 at 8:34 am

    They might just elongate this season to take up only a part of the school year, wait for the manga, make fillers, or just end it here.

  2. 19 April 2010 at 11:15 am

    I love the pew pew scene. Couldn’t stop laughing. XD

    Turtles so count as club members! Especially since Yui is one of the normal members.

    I do think that the club does need more members if only to make Azusa feel better. The 5 girls they have now are enough to make the show go round but logically speaking they need more members. But I also don’t want season two to be focused on that (important) factor. Don’t feel sad every episode Azusa, laugh at these crazy people you call your friends.

    I don’t even know what I would buy first with 1k. Do I do the responsible thing and put it towards an extra mortgage payment or do I save it to have a REALLY good time at AWA? But I wouldn’t slap it on my face. Having it rain down from the ceiling sounds like more fun to me.

    • 3 blindability
      20 April 2010 at 12:22 am

      Your counter for the turtle being a proper member is quite hard to argue with. Aside from Yui’s ability to play the guitar, their contribution is probably about the same, haha.

      Hopefully with the turtle, the focus will shift away from needing new members at least for a bit. It is important but it would drag the show down if it came up in every episode and wasn’t dealt with properly till the end.

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