k-on!! episode three

Remember last season when K-On! threw some rocks into Mio and Ritsu’s friendship? Remember how we all knew it would turn out okay in the end – and it did? Well this past week’s episode is reminiscent of that, only this time, Ritsu threatens to leave the drums for another instrument (and with a much less serious tone). Despite the show failing at real drama, no one is disappointed since no one watches K-On for drama.

Let’s start with Sawako-sensei. She has been more… reserved since the new season started. I guess being a homeroom teacher really changes you? I can understand a teacher wanting her students to like her and think she’s young and pretty, though; I wouldn’t mind looking like her when I’m fifty, haha. But who didn’t see it coming in the end that her face would be ruined after applying whatever she did to make herself look shinier? Predictable – and not in an enjoyable way. Good thing Sawako-sensei’s role in this episode was really minor.

So they really mixed things up this episode – and I’m not talking about Ritsu ditching the drums for the guitar or keyboard. I mean Mugi writing a song and getting a solo vocal debut! Now we just have to wait patiently to hear the new song (titled “Honey Sweet Tea Time”)… which will hopefully happen soon though I wouldn’t hold my breath since K-On!! is pretty stingy with performances.

Amidst the nonsensical chaos of Ritsu switching instruments, we did get a couple of moments of real sentimentality. One is when Mio describes why she likes playing the bass so much, and in that description we understand not just her musical role in the band, but her role in the friendship that exists between all five girls. She enjoys supporting them without standing out too much – though she won’t stand to be overwhelmed by them either.

The second is near the end when Ritsu remembers why she’d chosen the drums in the first place. It’s not hard to imagine some hobby or passion of our own (be it music or something else) that falls out of the spotlight for one reason or another. After sitting on the back burner for a while (though hopefully not too long), you can’t help but think about it. Sometimes you see things or hear things that make you want to pick it up again. For someone like Ritsu who’s used to practicing every day, not practicing feels like something is missing; a noticeable void in her daily routine. With a love like that for drums though, it makes me wonder (again) whether or not these girls will continue their music making after they graduate. Will After School Tea Time survive outside of Sakura High?

But we’ll save those questions for later. Right now I’m more concerned with getting to see them perform more now.

And can I just point out that Yui displays the classic ‘buys-a-pet-without-taking-into-consideration-that-it-needs-to-be-taken-care-of’ behaviour? Though I wouldn’t expect any less from my number one Space Cadet. It’s not so much that Yui doesn’t think about these things; it’s that she doesn’t think most of the time, period. …Well except when the situation really calls for it; then she tends to come up with ideas that are not so helpful (like everyone looking back on beat to make Ritsu feel less lonely during performances). Plus turtles are hard work – much more work than they’re worth if you ask me. I got stuck with two of them once and it was such a pain! I loved them… sort of. But they’re not soft or fluffy and difficult to play with. You have to change their water (which can’t be too cold or too warm) and scrub their shells and feed them. And they bite. I guess Mugi saves the day (or at least Ton-chan’s life) by being more knowledgeable and experienced with turtles.

And I reluctantly acknowledge Ton-chan as a proper member of the Light Music Club since Christina’s comment from Episode Two (you’ve contributed to my reviews for two weeks in a row now!) argues that if Yui can be a proper member then Ton-chan can be too, haha. Yui’s so useless. But so cute… (Which applies to Ton-chan now too.)


3 Responses to “k-on!! episode three”

  1. 23 April 2010 at 4:19 pm

    It’s interesting how the girls’ choices of instruments say things about their personalities! I hadn’t really thought about it until reading this post.

    Aww, too bad it’s tough to play with turtles. I guess I’m just partial to fluffy pettable animals _< I want to see some actual performances from the band, too! I hope they don't save them all for the last episodes or something ;A;

    • 2 blindability
      24 April 2010 at 7:59 am

      I think it applies more to Mio and Ritsu exclusively than the others though, since both Yui and Azu-nyan play the guitar and they’re pretty different, haha.

  2. 27 April 2010 at 9:13 am

    I was actually surprised by Mio admitting she didn’t want to be overshadowed by the other girls. Most people I would understand wanting to share in some of the spot light but Mio strikes me as the kind of person who wouldn’t mind being just a side character. XD So that was a pleasant surprise for me.

    And I thought Ritsu would have realized by now that she quite literally in the back. XD But besides the fact that it too her two years to realize her position in the group I thought this episode was pretty accurate. Well not Ritsu being lazy with the guitar but her trying to shine a little more. XD But in the end she realized what was important and that being in the band is what makes her happy.

    I really didn’t know it was that hard to take care of turtles. X_X I guess I happy with cats instead.

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