One Piece 582: Luffy and Ace

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What happened..?

After going a few months in epic-ness surround the whole pirate vs. Marinefold war, we finally come to one of the conclusion chapters.  Two weeks have passed, and it seems that Ivanakov has finally decide to part with Luffy, leaving him in the care of mighty Jimbei, Law, and love-obsessed Boa Hancock.  Jimbei lets Luffy wake up on his own, and when he does, he goes on a rampage destroying the landscape after he realizes that Portgas is dead.  Not to mention he cries a lot as he finds out that he wasn’t able to save his own brother.  The chapter finished on a flashback, where Luffy meets Portgas for the first time when they’re 7 and 10 years old, respectively.

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Despite the summary, don’t be fooled because the chapter was actually pretty damn dull.  Yes, despite Luffy ripping things apart, the chapter was an incredible let-down after the last few chapters.  Oda is probably taking a break from the plot and using the time of Luffy’s flashback to re-evaluate how he’s going to bring the other characters back, if they ever do.  And it certainly doesn’t help that Oda doesn’t explain what happened at the end of the previous chapter when Doflamingo kills Gecko Moria.

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Luffy’s foster mom also makes an appearance.


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