Ichiban Ushira no Daimao episode 4

Green-haired ninjas


No Korone moments in this episode, unless you count the “I can drink urine” part, but that was just messed up.  Regardless, this whole episode had smaller plots that connected to a bigger plot, which I found enjoyable.  So after Sai once again blows up a part of the school due to his ridiculous power, he gets sent to a 12-hour isolation-camp-thingy-training, where he’s locked up in a room by himself for 12 hours to meditate.  ‘By himself’ usually means with your observer Korone and your invisible friend Fujiko.  While locked up, Etou formulates a plan to “save” Sai Akuto (meaning make him her slave), but gets foiled by a hyperactive Fujiko in need of a pee.  After he finds a treasure map in the room, Sai Akuto becomes the victim of a crime where people are getting hurt trying to find One Piece.  Just kidding, some sort of treasure that was leaked out to the school by Fujiko.  To prove he’s not the guy behind the whole plot, he must get rid the monster who attacked the people.

’tis an orange carton, but an apple carton


Not much happened, but we’re set up for a lot of action next episode.  The whole Fujiko-needing-to-pee was pretty funny and hectic, especially with Etou misinterpreting from the outside, but other than that, I wasn’t satisfied that much by what happened.  And another green-hair girl?  She didn’t play much of a role, except being a ninja and dropping onto Sai Akuto at random moments.  And speaking of girls, why do Seena’s clothes always rip off when she’s with Sai Akuto?  Seriously.

I’m going to be the PIRATE KING!


3 Responses to “Ichiban Ushira no Daimao episode 4”

  1. 26 April 2010 at 12:48 am

    Fun episode I have to agree the whole needing to pee scene was great, but I figured she would just blast the door down with her magic. Etou seems cool too I do laugh when they always mess up her plans somehow.

  2. 28 April 2010 at 7:17 am

    Yes yes this is true, Etou will stand back up and shake fist in air “ill get you next time!!”

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