Durarara 15: Spoiler Alert

Episode 15 follows the reporter we see from previous episodes. Mika Haruna’s (did I get it right) father.  He visits one main character to another until he gets turned into a freakish mindless zombie who just won’t die.  Little too late to give a spoiler alert, but I think that it is pretty self explanatory to watch anime before you read someone’s take.  If you just wanted a gist of it like “it was good.”, then I suggest you go read RC instead.

Raise your hand if you think she is creepy!

The Slasher incident is bringing up a lot of theories as usually.  Unlike the Celty-Mika Harima incident,  I shall simply list all the possible truths that I can think of.  With the occasional commercial break.

The two parts of the same blade theory.

Simple theory.  Anri and this Haruna girl (the girl at the top picture) are possessed by different pieces of the blade.  Both are just innocent girls who are possessed by broken pieces of the blade.  The kitchen knife is part of the blade.  Anri has a longer half.

Walker confesses his feelings to Erika. He gets bluntly rejected.

Anri manifestation theory.

Anri is the manifestation of the blade.  She can make a doppelganger sword.  She is the sword and attacks people with it.  To easen the load, she made the doppelganger sword to scout for her and transfer from user to user.  Anri/Sword’s objective: to possess the strongest wielder so that the sword can become invincible.  I know there are holes in this one.  Anri is clearly human (or is she , thus my theory.)

Meanwhile, Namie has become Izaya’s slut and meido

The Two-for-One Deal Theory

Simple, TWO Singsongs/Saika.  I think this is the least likely.  Just because, two special blades makes them both less rare since there are two of the same kind.  Also, Butcher Knife < Katana.  I mean how the @$#$@ did a butcher knife become the next demon blade.  I mean come on.

Hm… <enter generic stalker comment here><enter generic heblophile comment here>


I personally thought that the episode worked but it could have in better.  I mean, it -like most Durarara episodes- was weird and confusing.  When I talk to people and try to convince them to give it a shot.  They were like:


-Nah, it was too confusing.

-I was like WTF!?!?!?

-I am confused.  Who’s the main character?  ZOMG!@$ET#DSF#ewgas! He just threw that pole as if it were a spear!


Public-Service Announcements

Working!! 2 and 3 tomorrow

Senkou no Night Raid 2 and 3 the day after.

Durarara 16 the day after the day after

Working!! and Senkou no Night Raid 4


5 Responses to “Durarara 15: Spoiler Alert”

  1. 29 April 2010 at 1:03 pm

    Shizuo bouncing on Celty’s bike was the best scene of the episode, well that and the reporter dude getting run over…Now that you mention it, if the Slasher got Shizuo infected or whatever it would be quite powerful. Maybe read the mind of the reporter to find the next host!? great thought, I read on other blogs people think the different weapons are fragments of the original sword, seeking out Anri for the final piece or something.

  2. 29 April 2010 at 2:46 pm

    Okay, I guess I’m being too simplistic, but after watching this episode I thought the reporter was the slasher – no? I’m not great with these multi-levels-of-interpretation type animes…

  3. 4 VK
    30 April 2010 at 7:27 pm

    I posted this on Cartdriver earlier, but once again the whole Saika thing is incredibly confusing and hard to explain to just about anyone.
    I think that they explained the first part of it pretty well in episode 16 that came out Thursday, but I could only understand half of what they were saying without subs, so.

  4. 1 May 2010 at 7:51 am

    o/ That girl in the preview sure is scary.
    It’s nice to hear some theories on what’s going on in Drrr!- I love how the plot is getting more and more twisty 😀

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