k-on!! episode four

I know K-On is essentially a show about girls being girls, but for the lack of a better term, this episode is nothing more (and nothing less) than girls being girls.

Despite how silly the girls were this episode (and at times, they were irritatingly silly) I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic, knowing I’d done some of those things too at one point in my life. Pillow fight: check. Late night girl talk: check. Non-stop snacking: check.

Before this episode, I kind of forgot that there are times when K-On is about nothing other than these central girls being together and the friendship they share. In similar fashion, I sometimes forget that Yui is the main character (though they’re really all main characters of the show) but was quickly reminded with her late night thought about how much fun she’s had with her friends and how she wants to continue being with them and playing music together with them. Other than that one solitary, single moment, Yui was her usual Space Cadet self, acting child-like and contributing nothing to episode. Now don’t get me wrong: I like Yui (I feel like I’ve said this before, haha) but there are absolutely times when I just want to hit her with something.

Mugi, on the other hand, is shining more brightly in this season than the last and is growing to become my favourite character. She’s silly yet reserved; helpful yet mischievous. You never know quite what she’s thinking or how she’ll act in any situation. There are times when Mio would’ve really appreciated her mature, level-headed support but instead she’s found hijinksing it with Ritsu and Yui. And did we all see how smart and knowledgeable Mugi is!? Unlike Yui, she’s got some substance behind that fluffy exterior and air headedness. I knew she was going to start a pillow fight when she went to the closet to check the pillows though; I get the feeling that may have been her first pillow fight ever which makes me think that, in some ways, Mugi’s gained the most from befriending the others. After all, she found the Light Music Club by accident while looking for the choir, and had she not met Mio and Ritsu (and subsequently Yui) then, she may not have gotten to know them otherwise.

We also learn that not all smart people are good with directions as demonstrated by Nodoka.

This was really one of those episodes where stuff happens but it’s not something you can really write about. There were many moments that made me smile either for the girls or because it reminded me of my own memories. For an episode where nothing important happens, it felt so full and refreshing. There was just so much to relate to and so much to enjoy while watching these girls together. It might be super cheesy to say, but friendship is really the heart and soul of K-On, served with a side of catchy music (which we’re still waiting patiently for this season).

On a completely different note, I’m including an image/scan I found on animepaper. I figure anyone reading reviews on K-On will enjoy this:

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  1. 29 April 2010 at 6:09 pm

    Thanks for the pic. There are very few of all 5 HTT members around!

  2. 21 May 2010 at 8:57 pm

    i think so mio is too cute here

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