Angel Beats! episode five

Wow, I actually feel bad for Angel now.

So the episode revolves around the school’s exam period, and today’s mission is “Angel Assault” – aka manipulating Angel’s test results to make her look like an idiot.  The beginning part of the episode was funny, with each member having to distract Angel while Christ switches exam papers. 1st exam –  Hinata tries to point that there are bombers outside… but fails.  We then get a funny slow-mo replay of him flying into the ceiling with some cheesy background, thanks to Yuri’s planted seat propellers.   2nd exam – Takatsu shows off his ripped body, despite the fact that he looks like a nerd.  He also gets sent into the ceiling.  3rd exam – Oyama confesses his love for Angel, and Hinata gets smacked into the ceiling again.  So after everything passes by, we find out several important things: Angel’s name is Kanade Tachibana, Yuri doesn’t like fighting, and Otonashi’s good at making up really stupid stories.

Towards the end of the episode, we learn that Angel’s been stripped of her Student Council Presidency, and GirlDeMo gives another concert with their new songs and their new singer.  We get another sequence like that in the first episode, but Yui is actually a decent singer.  Angel this time, however, doesn’t try to stop Operation Tornado and simply gets a meal ticket of spicy mapo tofu.  When Otonashi gets her ticket, he begins to wonder if it’s really worth it, since he feels sad and sorry for Angel eating alone and her Presidency taken away from her.

Good thing I left the television on, or otherwise I would have never seen the scene after the [ED], where a bunch of guys in uniforms take the SSS to the detention room with a new president who almost looks like some other anime character that I can’t seem to remember.  No surprise that I can relate him to another anime.

In short, the episode was a mix of hilariously funny material, and thoughtful inside-things that made you think how everything would turn out.  Angel in my opinion seems to be a some demi-deity, but at the same time seems to be a normal girl.  The episode does well in not repeating different people’s past lives and change its focus on a different character.  Angel, in particular, will be an interesting story and I expect to see the SSS members help Kanade Tachibana to regain her title from Naoi (the new council president).  I think it has to be Otonashi who will reach out to help Angel, but Yuri will be supportive.  Speaking of which, is she getting jealous of how Otonashi reacts with Kanade?  We’ll see.  Other than that, we get the original opening with Yui replacing Iwasawa and Takatsu showing off his… body… in the ending sequence.


3 Responses to “Angel Beats! episode five”

  1. 1 Salamandra
    1 May 2010 at 10:58 pm

    I’d suspected she wasn’t really bad before, since everything she did (apart from attacking Otonashi in the first few minutes) was in self-defense, although she never really showed emotion like in this episode.

    ❤ Kanade now.

    • 2 SPIRAL
      4 May 2010 at 9:55 pm

      Maybe Yuri is taking the whole war against Angel too far. Apart from Angel being indestructible, is she not only just doing her job? Sometimes, I wish Yuri realizes that Angel has a life too, and crossing the lines between personal life and a personal grudge is something she should be careful about.

      • 5 May 2010 at 11:30 am

        I agree with you guys. I felt really bad for her at the end. Could there be a reason for her not showing any emotion? Like something happened before she died that she lost sense of emotion. (if she is just a human like Yuri and others)

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