Working!! 2 and 3: WATCH IT! it is the best way to puke blood

WHY!! A-1 WHY!!!

When I first read the Working!! 4 komas, I ♥ it.  I mean the characters were lovable.  The jokes were short and sweet.  Not too long and funny.  But when it was turned to anime form.  It was McDonald’s deciding to turn their french fries into a mashed potato with mustard and replacing the BigMac with chicken bread and whipped cream filling.  I can pick out some of the good stuff like the whipped cream or take the mustard off the mashed potato and add salt and butter.  But what good is that.  You want to eat the whole thing and enjoy it.  The whole delicious flavors mixed together.  Enough with the food metaphor, I digress.

when trying to make a plot for a 4-koma manga, realize that it is impossible

when having any mental issues that inhibit you from adapting to society, plz see ur psychologist

When trying to kill someone, plz realize that you will have consequences

When someone is punching the wall and cracking it, plz note that you might be in danger too

the only picture I WON'T comment on

plz notify the ratty pathetic restaurant manager if you have scene a whore looking similar to the oni and fat lady. Thank you, a public service announcement from the WTF society

That’s it for today.  Tomorrow will be Durarara and Senkou no Night Raid.

5 Responses to “Working!! 2 and 3: WATCH IT! it is the best way to puke blood”

  1. 1 May 2010 at 12:33 pm

    I love this entry! I enjoy brutal honesty and I also love paint pictures. It is the best thing I have seen all day.

  2. 2 me
    1 May 2010 at 5:13 pm

    Truth was spoken.

  3. 3 Poro
    1 May 2010 at 10:45 pm

    thank you.

    I try to speak the truth. But more importantly my opinion ;).

  4. 4 Lem
    1 May 2010 at 11:51 pm

    Actually, it’s rather delicious. Kind of like the time I ate a cheeseburger with strawberry jam and horseradish mustard, they were both rather delicious. Hehe, I rather liked watching the episodes in my opinion. But everyone has their own taste I suppose. Though my friends said I should have my taste buds checked, not sure why though.

    Oh well, everyone thinks what they think after all.

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