B Gata H Kei episode five

Didn’t we learn anything from Yamada last episode..?

We start off the episode with Yamada evolving into… YAMADA II.  Epic.  Just kidding, but it was still a bit funny as we watch Yamada plotting how to get Kosuda within her grasps.  But first thing’s first – Valentine’s Day is approaching and Yamada has to make chocolate for… well, we-know-who.  Coming from a girl who first thought that guys had to give chocolates to the girls, I’m not surprised to see that she fails and struggles to make chocolate, and when she finally does after a sleepless night, it turns out to look… dangerous.   In the end, she finally gives it to him by dropping it off anonymously in his mailbox, which he eats.  The second half of the episode was just Yamada going around the day without her panties on, seeing if that could further the relationship.  When it seems that all has failed, we get our friend Mr. Breeze blowing through a window and pushing up her skirt right in front of… yep, you guessed it: Kosuda.  Kosuda ends up going home with… lots of tissues (but decides to jog) and Yamada is in her bed doing what she always does.  Sulking… not masturbating, people.

All in all, the chocolate cakes looked deliciously epic.  I think that there were eight cakes and it’s a pity that she couldn’t force herself to give the cakes to Kosuda.  Yamada, on the other hand, has her looks to thank and her bad cooking skills to pity.  Still, I respect Kosuda more after he was able to eat all the chocolate that made the fish in his tank go haywire, and especially how he was able to just go on a jog instead of using all those tissues.  Funny thing how this series is written by a middle-aged woman with kids… shows how perverted some people really are.  All in all, not much happens in terms of relationship, but a lot of good comic plot that’s sure to make you laugh and wait for next week’s episode.


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