Durarara 16: Zombieland, The Excorcist, and Psycho

Summarized the episode with this picture k thx bye

So my theories were all partially right.  Yes, Saika and Haruna are both possessed.  Yes, the knife can spawn scouts/childeren.  Yes, there are more than one Saika but they are just souls.  The knives don’t mean shit.  Only the original does.  There.  But since I am quite sure all of us know how this damn thing works, what the fuck is going to happen!?!?!

Possessed zombies yo

My Theories (once again)

Before I go into my theories.  You should start theorizing too.  Makes the viewing more fun.  Besides, this is a good form of discussion.  However, I am upset at how there is no major theme except nothing changes.  Saddest theme ever.


Haruna will get pwned.   The stalker gets killed.  Anri stays posessed.  All the possessed  people die from the mom dying.  Shizuo beats the shit out of them.


Anri kills Haruna’s spirit by cutting the souls apart.  The others get cured by Anri.  Shizuo also gets possessed.  Celty can also cure the people.


Anri owns Haruna but goes crazy.  Celty cures her, but Shizuo gets possessed.  Shizuo gets pwned by Celty.

Yeah nice short theories.  Don’t want to be too specific or it will be too hard to be right.


Pikachu (thoughts)

I think that the chart is now useless.  So that is why I stopped using it.   Also, I wonder what Izaya is going to about this situation.  Mikado and Kida?  So many more character that can join the fray.  Who will die?  Who will live?  I don’t know.  What do you think Lelouch?

3 Responses to “Durarara 16: Zombieland, The Excorcist, and Psycho”

  1. 5 May 2010 at 3:06 am

    Very nice ideas and theories, I can see any of those happening mostly the one about Anri using her sword to free Haruna from being possessed, or Anri going to help free the others? or killing them makes more sense as well. Your idea of Shizuo being possessed sounds good to a epic battle between him and Celty or Simon stepping into fight him, Simon seems very strong too. I had a thought that Anri would take over after beating Haruna and call her zombies off? or use them for a war lol..

    • 2 Poro
      5 May 2010 at 5:50 am

      thank you and also the whole call off the zombies theory works, but I was wonder where the hell all the spirits that possess people go? I think they will get killed. Easy for Narita and the producers to explain.

  2. 3 azure2526
    5 May 2010 at 3:35 pm

    And everyone forgot about the yellow scarves and Celty’s head…

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